GPS 10.25 android audi a4 b8

10.25 android audi a4 b8 best multimedia player carplay

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Android 9.0 4+64G Car Multimedia Player Android Display Radio GPS Navigation HD Touch Screen MMI 2G MMI 3G

10.25 android audi a4 b8 best
10.25 android audi a4 b8 best

Details 10.25 android audi a4 b8

  • Turn on the engine and check the screen of your car dashboard. (Look at 1st picture)
  • Screen is colorful, so our head unit can fit your car. ( Look at 2nd picture, good example for reference)
  • You can order it directly, when you payment done, we will arrange to ship quickly.

Factory radio screen update into Intelligence Car Multimedia System, only exchange your original car TFT monitor, keep all the factory functions, maintain your original Car Radio and Amplifier function. Only one screen, easy to install,plug and play.

Support original car functions.
Be compatible with original steering wheel control function.
Be compatible with factory Canbus, On-board computer, Car info, etc.
Play lossless audio.
Support Original Radio.

Support factory joystick control.
Support original Parking trajectory/Radar.
Built-in Bluetooth and Support Original Bluetooth.
Support original rear view camera and reverse trajector.

10.25 android audi a4 b8
10.25 android audi a4 b8

Audi A4 Review

There is still only one winner in the battle for supremacy in the compact premium saloon class and that’s BMW, whose 3 Series outsells 10.25 android audi a4 b8 and the Mercedes-Benz’s C-Class. But the A4 has gradually made up ground on the 3 Series, and Audi believes this version codenamed B8, is good enough to take another bite out of BMW’s lead.

This time Audi has the increased firepower with a platform shared the A5 coupé, and whose running gear has been revised to improve the car’s dynamic performance – and there’s now an arsenal of optional features not previously seen on the A4.

These include adjustable settings for steering, throttle and suspension, lane assistance, a blind spot monitor, comfort-cooled front seats, active steering, Bang and Olufsen sound systems and three-zone climate control, as well as other Audi perennials such as quattro all-wheel drive.

This A4 saloon and estate models are also bigger, roomier, more aerodynamic and cleaner.

The engine range’s centre of gravity is the 2.0-litre TDI, nowadays with common-rail injection instead of the VW Group’s old pumpe düse system, plus balancer shafts. It comes in several guises ranging from 134bhp up to 175. There are 1.8 and 2.0-litre TFSI petrol units, with 168 or 208bhp or, shorn of a turbo (but not the ‘T’), 118bhp for the entry 1.8. The feisty 3.0-litre V6 for the S4 makes 328bhp, while 3.0-litre diesel V6s produce either 201 or 237bhp.

Details 10.25 android audi a4 b8
Details 10.25 android audi a4 b8

Higher-spec engines either can or must be had with quattro four-wheel drive, while Multitronic CVT/eight-speed autos go with lower-power diesels of either capacity. Otherwise it’s dual-clutchers or six-speed manuals.

Virtually every component in the 10.25 android audi a4 b8 is new apart from the engines, although passers-by might struggle to notice this given the generic nature of mainstream Audis’ styling.

If you look solely at its silhouette and proportion, you can trace this car’s look directly to the ‘aerodynamic’ Audi 80 of 1986. Such evolutionary styling, and a mechanical confection whose advances in large part lie on the option list, leave this Audi feeling slightly less novel than an all-new platform implies it might.

That said, it seems many buyers like the Audi look of one basic design in different sizes. It also has the back-handed advantage that an A4 won’t date too quickly.

The A4 seems to get more attractive which each generation, as the current generation testifies. It has a shorter front overhang than before, allowing Audi to extend the wheelbase without significant impact on the overall dimensions.

The positioning of the differential and the clutch (or torque converter) has been swapped around, allowing the front axle to be moved forwards so the engine can sit further behind the front wheels.

Interior Review

High standards are expected of Audi here, and in many areas the 10.25 android audi a4 b8 delivers with its substantial, soft-feel, matt-plastic textures, brightwork flourishes and an aura of precision assembly. More than that, this is a roomy interior for a premium compact saloon; there is adequate leg and headroom in the rear and a generous boot that’s extendable via split folding rear seats.

But there are disappointments. The new dashboard design, which gently angles the instrument pack and centre console around the driver, looks curiously dated, and the mock aluminium finisher in certain models fails to butt up snugly at its meeting point with main fascia moulding. Centre-console storage is not ideal either, because the narrow slot to the left of the cupholders is too narrow to properly accommodate a phone, and the console itself is wide enough to rob space for the left leg.

Function 10.25 android audi a4 b8
Function 10.25 android audi a4 b8

But the cabin’s most serious failing is a corollary of the A4’s conversion to right-hand drive. The transmission tunnel’s bulk forces the pedals too far to the right, skewing the driver’s lower body slightly, and uncomfortably, to the offside. Packaging errors like this should not be present in a car of this calibre, particularly when so many right-hand drive A4s are sold globally. Some testers also found the seat cushion’s angle too horizontal, an issue that its manual height adjustment cannot counter.

Oddments storage is good, though, with four generous door bins, a big glovebox, a console cubby, cup-holders all round, netted seat backs and some excellent shopping bag hooks in the self-opening boot, although the optional lidded cubbies under the front seats are near useless.

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