10.25 android bmw e90

10.25 android bmw e90 radio GPS hot car play

4G Ram+64G Rom Android 10 Car multimedia player for 10.25 android bmw e90 CCC CIC iDrive Radio GPS Car Play

10.25 android bmw e90 deal best
10.25 android bmw e90 deal best

Details 10.25 android bmw e90

All of our Android Car DVD Supports Car Play function. It Supports Voice Control by Siri to make Phone call, Use on line Map Such as Google map, Waze, Autonavi, Airplay,Listen to music Access to message and Audio books on your mobile app direcly


1920X720HD Capacitive Touch Screen
CPU: Roakchip PX6 8 Core 1.6GHZ,Android 10.0
RAM(Memory):4GB DDR3 ,
Inand Flash:64GB
Support 1080P+Support Lossless music
Support Steering Wheel Control(If your car have it)

Bluetooth Phonebook Search From “A to Z”
Capacitive Multi-touch screen
Wifi Built-in, Do not need connect external Wifi Dongle,Can get WLAN
8GB Map Card As Gift(If We do not have the country that you need, would send Empty SD Card as gift)

Review Story BMW Series 3 E90

As the second car I owned in 2010, this 2008 BMW 325i (E90), at that time I was introduced by a friend of the 10.25 android bmw e90 Association in SG at that time, although I had no experience in using or testing. Once a German car but still want to try it once and see if it is true as everyone says that “raising a BMW is raising an addict” or not?

Saying goodbye to the old KIA Cerato and quickly taking his new wife E90 home, the first feeling when moving from a Korean car to a German car is that almost everything is heavy from the door, the cap, the rear trunk is closed. .

The design of this 3-Series line, no matter how much time it takes, it is still beautiful and not outdated, the former owner is also a person who loves 10.25 android bmw e90 and loves cars, so he takes great care, paint even though It is a white car but looks no different from a new car, the Angle Eyes eyes have been upgraded to white (the original yellow color) so going at night even though it is an old car it still attracts all the eyes of the Who idolizes BMW.

10.25 android bmw e90 discount
10.25 android bmw e90 discount

The most surprising thing of a Korean driver like me when getting on a BMW which is said to be a luxury in the world must say completely shocked, the car is not equipped with anything including the screen but several times. Mercedes I see it as standard equipment.

However, after a period of researching and learning more, the brothers in the association can see that the equipment for driving is almost enough without missing anything. It is true that BMW is more about performance than other “luxury” entertainment systems.

The car’s amenities are still sufficient, such as: electric front seats, 6-speaker CD player, AM / FM, Bluetooth connection and steering wheel with audio control and entertainment system. Leather upholstered seats are high-quality and used rarely by the old owner, so at that time the car was only about 5000 km so everything was almost like new and so far I still do not need to refurbish.

Overview 10.25 android bmw e90
Overview 10.25 android bmw e90

Leaving aside the issue of vehicle comfort, if those who love 10.25 android bmw e90, the feeling of driving for the first time is hard to forget. The steering wheel of the car is very heavy to say is the heaviest of all the cars I have ever tested, partly because of the Cerato’s habit of light steering, so the first time it was a bit difficult to get used to it took almost a week from the moment. I took the car back (thought the car had broken steering wheel), but it was the same when I test-drive some other cars of the members of the association, knowing that this is a characteristic of the E90 series.

Later the new 3-Series (F30) new steering wheel lighter but the feeling of driving is not real as this E90 model. The 6-cylinder engine, 215 hp, on the highway, only the feeling of the back seat can always happen if extreme, at speeds above 120 km / h the steering wheel is heavier, making the feedback and the feel from the road surface is almost accurate every second (maybe this is what makes BMW’s brand of driving feel and I’m sure a woman would hardly drive with such a heavy steering wheel).

With a small sedan with a weight of more than 1 and a half tons, the ability to embrace very compact corners is a sure thing, because the old owner has been on 18-inch wheels, so when passing through the slowdown the car will bounce more than usual, soundproof. The engine compartment is good, but on the cobblestone road, it is still not enough to hear ringing in the ears.

Details 10.25 android bmw e90
Details 10.25 android bmw e90

Regarding the fuel consumption rate for the first time, I used the fuel consumption meter 19l / 100 km, I looked at that time, I also lost my soul, but thinking back when I got back, I used to go on the road during rush hour, the traffic jam inched slowly. Then, on the empty roads or suddenly accelerate and then brake to test the speed. After getting used to it, the current fuel consumption for the city (always full load because my house has 5 people) is 15-16 liters / 100 km, while on the road there is only about 9l / 100 km if run evenly.

In general, if anyone in the city commutes to work every day, it’s best to ride a motorbike at rush hour but run an E90 with gas like a big SUV. Whoever feels afraid with the E90 depends, no other company can do it with such a heavy weight and want to save fuel.

By the 5th year of the 10.25 android bmw e90, since the date of production, I only changed the rubber gaskets, rubber for the tripod, but according to the brothers in the association, it is recommended to change the car to operate well, so far I have never had to lie on the road. .

I have equipped a number of other accessories to make the car a personal style such as: front bumper M1, rear bumper M-tech, carbon M Performance grille, spoiler, Eissenmann exhaust, H&R springs, Koni fork Yellow, fender, diffuser … generally if there is an idea that never stops.

Symptoms used: 10.25 android bmw e90 1 time brake failure, wait 3 months for external garage to be faster, replace some dead sensors and run the program again, change the rotyun and adjust the steering wheel once, change the air filter – Filter on time. The most tired thing is to take the car about 3 months, lose the wheel logo twice (but firmly say no to stolen goods).

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