10.25 inch android radio audi a5

10.25 inch android radio audi a5 GPS perfect navigation

Details 10.25 inch android radio audi a5

Android Operating System (Stable), 10.25 inch android radio audi a5 with MTK 8Core, 4XA73 2.0GHz +4XA53 2.0 CPU 2.6G DDR
3 x USB , 1x SD; SD Max support 32GB ,USB Max support 64GB
Built-in high sensitivity GPS receiver

Aplication 10.25 inch android radio audi a5
Aplication 10.25 inch android radio audi a5

Bulit-in WIFI & support 3G UMTS USB Internet Stick
Support Video Format: 1080P H264 MP4 AVI RMVB FLV MKV
Support Audio Format: MP3 WMA FLAC APE AAC.
Support Phonelink Function: AirPlay(iPhone), Miracast(Android)
Support DVR Function: USB 2.0 & AV/CVBS

Built-in RCA Video IN for Rear Camera
Compatible with/Without Optic fiber.
Compatible with/Without Original Navigation
Built-in Bluetooth and Support Original Radio Bluetooth.
Support Original Backup camera & Parking trajectory/Radar.
GPS Sound from Front-left Speaker when using original radio
Support AUX Switch automatically


Review Audi A5 – luxury sports car

With its stylish, 10.25 inch android radio audi a5 sporty and modern style, the Audi A5 really conquers young customers. Those who love the thrill of driving behind the wheel and anyone will be drawn to it at first sight.

Audi is a car company that always focuses on design and always strives to bring new models of cars.

Audi A5 sportback is no exception. Audi first introduced the A5 version to the automobile market in 2007 with three versions of the 2-door coupe, cabriolet (convertible) and the 5-door Sportback.

Sometimes a brief blink of an eye is enough to stir passion, like the first glimpse before the Audi A5 Sportback. A coupe designed in a completely new style. With inherent features will bring you special experiences from the very first moment.

Overview 10.25 inch android radio audi a5
Overview 10.25 inch android radio audi a5

10.25 inch android radio audi a5 is built to compete directly with Mercedes C-Class, BMW 3-Series. Audi A6 assumes the task of competing with two rivals Mercedes E-Class, BMW 5-Series. Responsibility of the Audi A5 seems lighter in its segment.

Despite being a completely new model, the A5 still inherits the distinctive designs from the brothers from the Audi family. As a whole, the Audi A5 has a hint of the A4 sedan. It is this loyalty in the “simple but refined” design that makes the A5 not really leave its own mark but easily mistaken for other members of the Audi family.

The Audi A5 has a hint of the A4 sedan.
The new 2017 Audi A5 Sportback is a 4-door version of the A5 series sharing the same platform as the recently launched Audi A5 Coupe.

Details 10.25 inch android radio audi a5
Details 10.25 inch android radio audi a5

According to car experts, the exterior of the A5 Sportback has many similarities with the A5 Coupe. The new design is more sporty than before.

Audi A5 sportback owns overall dimensions of 4,712×1,854 corresponding to a length and width and a wheelbase of 2,810 mm. This size of A5 is slightly higher than A4 sedan 8 mm and 26 mm respectively.

The wheelbase is long, the front end is short, while the overall front is long, and the ceiling slopes toward the rear.

In the 2017 Audi A5 Sportback version, the front end has a new design with a characteristic large hexagonal grille. Large contrast with the Audi logo in the middle and the two bottom air intakes.

The front bumper and two side air intakes with integrated lights are lowered compared to the previous version. The 2017 Audi A5 Sportback engine also has many outstanding improvements with the goal of bringing the best driving experience to consumers.

The rear end of the car is finished by a curved luggage compartment lid that acts as a spoiler.
The front of the car looks quite square and sharp with a characteristic large grille and a full round bonnet, xenon plus headlights with sharp LED daytime running lights.

Seat chair 10.25 inch android radio audi a5
Seat chair 10.25 inch android radio audi a5

The impressive innovation of the sportback model is the hood design that extends the long tail momentum to the back. Sporty 19-inch wheels with subtle five-pointed flair, boasting a ton of power each time; tail lights cluster embossed details of the surrounding LED strip.

The rear design emphasizes the horizontal, the rear end is finished by the curved lid of the luggage compartment, acting as a spoiler.

From the hood, which is smoothly shaped from front to back, the whole design exudes the classic style of 2-door models. Extremely sharp lines create impressive styling features of the car.

The flat hood stretches elegantly through the frameless doors and sporty ribs highlighting the large wheels. The shorter tail section and longer wheelbase add dynamism to the car.

The 10.25 inch android radio audi a5 Sportback’s elegant and powerful roofline is perfectly rounded with a smooth, prominent rear body. The redesigned rear light system features a distinctive appeal with the visual link between the side and side ribs of the bumper.

The horizontal ribs of the rear bumper exude a definitive robustness in the design; The diffuser has a contrasting color scheme that adds even more power to the car.

According to Audi, the weight of the 10.25 inch android radio audi a5 is the lightest in the segment.
Front fog lights are exemplary design, with shiny black glass frame. Xenon headlights with integrated LED daytime running lights. The new design of the single radiator frame, with its finely sculpted structure gives the car a confident look, while the elegant lines of the bonnet make the car more elegant and sporty.

According to Audi, the weight of the 2017 A5 Sportback is the lightest in the segment. Thanks to the use of the MLB Evo platform, the car lost 85 kg, only 1,470 kg, despite the larger size.

With 15 fashion paint color options, customers can choose the color they like the most. In which, the main colors are white, red and black; In addition, there are metallic and nacre effects. In particular, the S line sports exterior package is available separately in Daytona Gray and Misano Red colors.

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