10.4 vertical screen ford focus

10.4 vertical screen ford focus best screen car Gps multimedia

Details 10.4 vertical screen ford focus

​Install tools and protective film as gifts 10.4 vertical screen ford focus
Above video is for android 4G 64G operation.

Item CPU 10.4 vertical screen ford focus
Item CPU 10.4 vertical screen ford focus

WIFI player
CPU:8227L MTK AC8227L
1.5GHz Cortex A7 quad-core
android 10.0 System,can download many kinds of APP.
2G RAM+16G ROM ,read music or video in fast.
Built in wifi module ,MT6625, support 2.4GHz and 5GHz, dual-channel
get better WIFI single and browse faster .


TS 4G player
CPU: SL9853 Intel IA ,8 core CORE, 1.872 GHz
android 10.0 system
DDR4 4GB , 4G RAM+64G ROM , big RAM which support good video viewing

Support global 4G lte with sim card slot ,also built in wifi .
support Bluetooth 4.2 and Network-share through BT,with external MIC

Support 4K(3840*2160 Pixel)HD video display
Build in carplay mold in the mainboard , which can support voice control via phone siri.

Mirroring function: support android phone and iphone , apple.
[email protected] auto available .( optional)
App installation: support download,install ,manger app from app store 10.4 vertical screen ford focus

DVR/USB ADAS DVR: High speed 1080P/720P recording, Operated by touch screen of unit.
support ADAS system(lane departure warning,front collision warning,stop&go).in our set meal , what we offer is ADAS DVR.
OBD 2:support

Function 10.4 vertical screen ford focus
Function 10.4 vertical screen ford focus

TPMS: support with built-in and external testers.
radio/RDS: support Radio.but without RDS function
DAB: support ,but need module to connect before shipment. please connect seller if you need DAB.

Steering wheel control : oringinal steering wheel control supported
Wallpaper /Logo : support .
google store /Youtube : support ,if you buy 4G version, then you can 4G internet to browse the youtube very fast.
language: more than 50 kinds of country language.
Audio: built in 10 band EQ adjustment.

Evaluate the Ford Focus Ecoboost after 3 months and 10,000 km

Car exterior:

  • Out of the 3 cars I’ve seen, maybe it makes me feel the best, not as blissful as the Altis, not as soft as the Mazda3, the Focus is both luxurious and sturdy, the red is even more prominent, so I Focus dots now.
  • At first I was going to buy a sedan, but the Hatchback was too beautiful, 17 ”wheels, LED rear lights, bi-xenon headlights with a glance, and a sporty bodykit too suitable for the label.
  • The steering wheel is designed like an Aston Martin, both luxurious and sporty, the first day of buying a car, everyone in the neighborhood complimented it. By the way, this grille has a lid that automatically opens and closes to get the wind, guys.
  • The body is solid and hard to the touch, unlike Japanese cars that look fragile.
Details 10.4 vertical screen ford focus
Details 10.4 vertical screen ford focus

Inside the vehicle:
Space: 10.4 vertical screen ford focus a bit tight, but I often go alone, so I don’t find it inconvenient, if you go crowded, it can feel a bit mysterious, but calculated still sitting well, some things are not as comfortable as Altis. The Mazda3, sitting in the feeling is even cramped than the Focus.

Seat: sport – hugging back – sporty combination of leather and felt. Sadly, there is no electric adjustment like the sedan.

Air-conditioner: automatic with 2 zones – cool, fast cooling, the rear seats have no wind doors, but sitting is also very cool because the wind is quite strong, so far I have nearly 10,000 km of air-conditioner is still fine.

Steering wheel: 3-spoke design is more beautiful than previous generation, integrating many buttons, but too many buttons, it’s a bit confusing, at first I was not used to pressing the wrong function.

Dashboard: The design is too angular, so it takes up a lot of space in the car, thus making the interior a bit tight. In return, the middle is too beautiful with a large 8-inch screen, quality Sony sound system with subwoofer placed on the dashboard.

Hand brake: still a normal pull, if replaced with an electric pedal or button, it is more perfect.

Interior lights: quite sparkling, when the lights are turned on, the light is white, when the lights are off, there are red Ambient Light lights at the feet, and in the door openings.

Compare install 10.4 vertical screen ford focus
Compare install 10.4 vertical screen ford focus

Rear seat: sufficient space, with armrests, but the back of the seat seems a bit standing.

Power outlet: I don’t know why the car turns off, but this power outlet still has electricity, making me use the dash cam every time I get off the car to unplug.

Luggage compartment: not as wide as the sedan, but enough for 4 people to go away.

Technology – vehicle comfort:
Sunroof: for fun, I opened it exactly once when I checked the car before taking it home.

Cruise Control – Limit Speed: Cruise Control is normal, I did not discuss it, but the speed limit feature (LIM button on the steering wheel) is worth it, setting a speed limit, then pedal pedal will also be will not exceed that speed

Automatic headlights – automatic rain wiper: this is okay but good.

10.4 vertical screen ford focus entertainment system: this is also a plus with a large screen – 8-inch touch, with 2 external USB ports and in the middle armrest, bluetooh connectivity, compass, voice control (I have no English skills so I don’t use it), unfortunately there is no GPS map. This detail, I appreciate the Mazda3 more, with a more convenient rotary button system below, and more like German cars.

Automatic parking support: I have tried it a few times, backing up the barn or parallel parking on Saigon Street works well. But I try it, not use it because it seems that I drive by myself faster and more relieved.

Automatic brake: This, the car will automatically brake when facing obstacles ahead, really safe but it also makes me lose my soul a few times because it is too sensitive, before I reach the motorcycle in front, it has checked the brake So I turn this feature off.

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