Overview 10000uf 63v capacitor audio

10000uf 63v capacitor audio electronic component

Details 10000uf 63v capacitor audio

Stable voltage, sufficient capacity, long service life 10000uf 63v capacitor audio.
Stable capacity, high temperature and humidity resistance.
The specifications of this item is marked on the surface of capacitor.

This is a great choice for electronic professionals or enthusiasts.
Widely used in isolating DC, coupling, bypassing, filtering, tuning loops, energy conversion, control circuits and so on.

10000uf 63v capacitor audio best
10000uf 63v capacitor audio best

Quantity: 4pcs
Capacitor: 10000uF
Rated Voltage: 63V
Height: 5cm/1.97in
Diameter: 3cm/1.18in
Weight: Approx. 177g


Overview capacitor audio

Please read all of this information carefully before you start using this capacitor test because it contains important information for you. Bookmark this webpage. You may need to read it again. If you have any further questions, send me an e-mail.

This webpage has been prescribed for you only. If 10000uf 63v capacitor audio passed on to others, it may harm them, even if their systems are the same as yours. If you get any side effects, go have a drink with a friend or relative

The subjective results of this test are meant to give you a general idea of the audible differences between capacitors when used in passive loudspeaker crossovers. The capacitors are tested in many different loudspeakers, varying from the ones I happen to be building at the time, to the many other speakers I have.

I use solid-state and tube amplification, analogue and digital source equipment and several different interlinks and speaker-cables during the process of evaluation that takes several months of extensive listening. 10000uf 63v capacitor audio Testing is done by listening to various good quality recordings on CD, hi-res streaming audio and everyday high bite-rate internet radio.

10000uf 63v capacitor audio promotion
10000uf 63v capacitor audio promotion

The evaluation consists of listening to capacitors over a longer period of time, this way I get a good idea of what each capacitor does and doesn’t do in day to day use. I also do direct A-B comparsions with previously tested capacitors to determine the relative differences. Over time it is possible that I re-evaluate my previous conclusions.

Just for fun, I give each participant a rating on a scale from 0 to 20. This scale is based purely on sound quality, the price has been left out of consideration. A higher rating does not automatically mean that one capacitor is better than another!

A hi-fi system 10000uf 63v capacitor audio is a very complex sum of many variables, a capacitor is only one small part of that total, so depending on implementation results may vary. Also note that on this scale from zero to twenty the large majority of the capacitors is situated around the middle (10 points; + /- 3 points) – keep that in mind when choosing suitable contenders.

10000uf 63v capacitor audio
10000uf 63v capacitor audio

In the end it is all about the right combination! This means that it is very well possible that, for example, in a certain system a capacitor rated 8 points can sound “better” than a capacitor rated 11 points. Please read the full Capacitor Test for more information about each specific capacitor. I have compiled a pdf-list of the ratings that can be downloaded by clicking on the image below.

The higher the quality of a hi-fi-system the more obvious the differences between various capacitors can be. A higher rating does not automatically mean “better”, it is related to the implementation which capacitor will ultimately sound best in a given system.

So just replacing everything with “the best” capacitor you can find usually doesn’t lead to optimum results. Using different caps in different places throughout the crossover can help you achieve the sonic character you are after. It’s just like cooking, a bit of pepper here, a pinch a salt there, etc. Try to obtain the blend of sound that matches your hi-fi system, personal taste and budget the best.

Many of you have asked: 10000uf 63v capacitor audio are expensive / exotic capacitors worth the money? Well, only you can answer that question. Maybe I can clarify what I mean if I use the analogy of the car. I own a basic model Honda Jazz (Fit); my neighbour owns a BMW M3 Coupé fitted with many optional extra’s.

Here in The Netherlands the BMW costs around seven times the price of the Honda. Both will get you from A to B. Would I ever buy a BMW M3 if I had such money to spend on a car? No. For me it’s not worth it, I would never spend so much money on a car.

Details 10000uf 63v capacitor audio
Details 10000uf 63v capacitor audio

In the past capacitors were just capacitors and sound quality was determined by the dialectric material with polypropylene considered by many as “the best” seeing as this type of capacitor had the lowest losses. But technology of the 21st century has brought us new measuring techniques and insights and there seems to be more to it.

We can now measure things that were not possible a few years ago. In a nut-shell: microphony is the keyword – the mechanical resonance, a key feature of audio capacitors. This is a physical deformation of the capacitor plates which occurs as a result of the audio signal passing through the component, in some ways like how an electrostatic speaker works.

This resonance 10000uf 63v capacitor audio is dependent on the size, shape, materials and manufacturing parameters of the capacitors. This effect has been known about for years as it plays a part in the impulse strength of capacitors. However, the effect has never been considered to be significant enough to affect a hi-fi system’s audio reproduction due to the low energy involved.

For more indepth information read the Clarity Cap white paper on mechanical resonances inside capacitors. Another interesting article was written by Martin Colloms back in 1985 in which he tested several capacitors on their sonic differences. Also look at the equivalent circuit diagram of a capacitor at the top of this page, this also explains a lot. A capacitor is more than just capacitance C.

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