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1000ss bmw stickers stripe fender reflective line

Details 1000ss bmw stickers

High-quality materials: 1000ss bmw Made of high-quality materials, safe, environmentally friendly and durable.
Reflective effect: When there is light shining at night, it will reflect light, it is dazzling and can play a warning role.

Simple installation: viscous rubber surface, more firm and more convenient to use.
A variety of colors: a variety of colors are available to meet your different needs.

1000ss bmw sticker
1000ss bmw sticker

Scope of application: Applicable to fender stickers such as motorcycles and racing cars.

Reflective stickers, which reflect light when the light is shining at night, which is very dazzling and can serve as a warning.
Widely used in fender stickers such as motorcycles and racing cars.


BMW S1000RR car review

The third-generation BMW S1000RR bids farewell to the old-generation’s aggressive design. 10 years marked the introduction of the BMW superbike model, the design of the car changed and full of technology. S1000RR returned to Vietnam as a genuine import from Germany.

The car is built on a new aluminum frame structure. Aluminum 1000ss bmw is also used in the rear swingarm. Vehicle weight is reduced by about 15 kg compared to the old generation, reaching 193.5 kg. Dimensions long, wide, and high are 2,073 mm, 848 mm and 1,151 mm respectively, wheelbase at 1,441 mm.

The once-iconic “squinting” headlights on the old generation S1000RR are gone. This is the point that many BMW fans feel regretful. The car becomes more “gentle” with projector lights with LED daytime navigation strips that can be found on many other cars. On the third generation, the BMW S1000RR’s speedometer is also renewed with a 6.5-inch TFT color display.

Setup 1000ss bmw
Setup 1000ss bmw

The vehicle 1000ss bmw has the function of automatically turning off the engine when putting off the bumper, the intelligent connection system BMW Motorrad Connectivity between the car and the phone. The S1000RR equips disc brakes for both wheels with ABS technology. When operating at high speeds, the Race ABS function activates with faster and more precise handling.

Front wheel size 120/70, rear wheel 190/55, rim are 17 inches. Fuel tank on the S1000RR 16.5 liter capacity with fuel consumption of about 6.4 liters / 100 km. Layered saddle with M-Performance badge on the S1000RR M Performance. Seat height 824 mm. The rear of the S1000RR is designed with a muscular LED tail light. The rear sub-frame is shaped like a lattice steel tube.

The new 1000ss bmw rear suspension is called Full Floater Pro, which helps to better grip the road. Customers can choose from an optional DDC semi-active electronic suspension with better damping internal oil valves and more precise vehicle control.

Engine mounted on the 1000ss bmw type 4-cylinder, 16 valve, liquid-cooled, 999 cc capacity, capacity 207 hp at 13,500 rpm, maximum torque 113 Nm at 11,300 rpm. Titanium material is used for the new engine to reduce 3.5 kg compared to the old model.

The vehicle has the new BMW ShiftCam variable valve technology, the first application on the R series of motorcycles fitted with its Boxer Twin engine. On the new BMW S1000RR is a series of accompanying technologies such as cruise control, automatic throttle, fast gearshift, anti-slip system, six-axis sensor, anti-loading head, tilt angle sensor, emergency brake assist, assist to begin across hill.

Overview 1000ss bmw
Overview 1000ss bmw

BMW S1000RR 2019 review: An exciting Superbike in the segment

1000ss bmw was launched at the end of last year and received the attention of the PKL community around the world. Currently, there are a few riders who had a chance to experience the 2019 BMW S1000RR early. Indeed, the new generation ‘Shark’ has brought about performance – with many advantages that are considered to be better than the previous generation, so let’s take a look from the following riders. below when you experience this new 2019 S1000RR model.

The 1000ss bmw is considered one of the most successful models of BMW Motorard in the motorcycle industry since its launch in 2010, bringing the user-friendliness and excitement to the user by technology and top strength. After the first version, the BMW S1000RR was refurbished in 2015 and redesigned in early 2019. After nearly 8 years on the market without a breakthrough, the initial interest in the S1000RR is fading.

Details 1000ss bmw
Details 1000ss bmw

Understanding that, BMW Motorrad has completely changed the appearance and inner strength of this cult Superbike. By launching the latest generation at the end of 2018 last year with the highlight of the BMW S1000RR 2019 is designed to become more flexible, lighter, easier to control … when compared to the previous generation.

From the riders’ experience, it has been concluded that: On the side of the steering wheel, the 2019 BMW S1000RR feels more comfortable than the previous generation, but maintains the inherent sporty sitting posture of the model. this car.

The fuel tank is narrower and slightly higher, allowing the operator to clamp his foot against the side of the fuel tank in the best position. And the most outstanding point is that the car is quite light in weight, almost feeling like it is controlling Sportbike in the 600cc segment. If we compare the weight with the previous versions, it will immediately feel that this 2019 generation feels significantly lighter when it weighs only 197 kg (11 kg lighter than the old version).

The high-performance M-Performance version is only 193.5 kg lighter than the old generation to 14.5 kg, an extremely impressive figure. The exhaust part of this S1000RR 2019 is also claimed to be lighter than the BMW G310R model. With a lighter weight thanks to the aforementioned factors, the 2019 S1000RR has more flexibility in cornering, making it easier to turn from left to right and vice versa, somewhat reducing the wear and tear of rear tire.

The equipment on the 1000ss bmw also makes the car more complete than the old generation, with the use of a new electric suspension from the Marzocchi brand with a diameter of 45mm (instead of Sachs) allowing good and stable performance. more determined. In addition, the new brake system also works much more smoothly and effectively.

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