12.1 android radio ford explorer

12.1 android radio ford explorer best multimedia player

Details 12.1 android radio ford explorer

Built-in GPS navigation-IGO,support 3D digital navigation maps 12.1 android radio ford explorer
CPU :Quad-Core ARMv7 Processor(VFPv3,NEON)
Screen : High Definition Digital Capacitive Screen
Resolution: 768*1024

Component 12.1 android radio ford explorer
Component 12.1 android radio ford explorer

Support Amplifier FR/FL/RR/RL 4-Channel Subwoofer Audio Output
Bluetooth:Free-hands,BT Music
Mircophone Built in/Wifi Built in


Video Formats: Support MPEG-1/2/4,H264,RMVB,DivXhellipall Android videos, network mediaplaying, 1080P video

Audio Formats: Support MP3,WMA,WAV,AC3,OGG,FLAC etc,and network audio playing.
Picture Formats: Support JPEG, BMP, PNG,TIFF etc.

Review Ford Fusion Android Car Radio

Having purchased my 2014 Ford Fusion , I quickly realized that the crappy stock Ford Sync (powered by Microsoft== “Microcrap“) was not going to cut it. The stock radio Ford Sync leaves a lot to be desired, overzealous use of buttons, dated voice recognition via Sync, dated confusing sync button interface, and lack of gps navigation , made me pine for a more modern car radio.

My long 12.1 android radio ford explorer one-hour commit has me regularly listening podcasts and even occasionally AM talk. While I did stream the podcasts via Bluetooth to the old sync radio , It’s actually easier to hop in the car and just fire up the radio podcast app, that I can download the podcasts while I’m on WIFI. Plus a whole bunch of vehicle informatics makes this system a really nice to have radio.

Details 12.1 android radio ford explorer
Details 12.1 android radio ford explorer

This is my 3rd used car during the last 7 years, and it’s the third one I decided to replace the stock radio for a more modern radio and navigation system . The reason I choose Chinese Android Navigation system is simply the best bang for the buck.

For the sake of completeness, I could have elected to upgrade my factory stock Sync system to the latest Ford MySync 3 , My Sync 3 became available with 2016 and newer models year cars , and while the Sync name is the the same, behind the cover there’s no relation to prior outdated crappy Microsoft system, its a entirely new infotainment system built from the ground up .

Ford Sync 3 is actually a very capable , modern fast infotainment system (running the QNX operating system), supporting both Apply Car Play and Android Auto, of course it comes at a price, as an after-purchase factory conversion kits cost about $2100 with native navigation, less without. So for about a fifth of the price (~$400) I decided to get a very capable Android infotainment system, with virtually identical feature set.

Equip 12.1 android radio ford explorer
Equip 12.1 android radio ford explorer

Basically all the 12.1 android radio ford explorer Chinese Android units share a common theme. They are basically an Android tablet mated to a specific radio tuner with a series of custom radio/bluetooth apps, plus all the integrated wiring to connect into you’re vehicles audio and dash systems and also understand your’re vehicles CANbus network properly.

While they may be Android radios the software that talks to the radio hardware (tuner, amp) is controlled by a factory MCU firmware, that means you can only use the provided software for the tuner, Bluetooth phone and vehicle diagnostics, there are no substitutes in the Android play store, since this software is directly tied to the hardware inside your unit.

This is 12.1 android radio ford explorer why it’s difficult /impossible to upgrade to newer versions of Android on these radios (No Upgrade path), because the MCU firmware (that talks to the radio tuner and canbus ) is proprietary and likely not flexible or available for developers to patch and update it to match capabilities of new Android versions.

Even if it were possible there may be too small of a market to get many developers interested, So buyer beware, whatever version of Android comes with these radios is likely the version that will ALWAYS be on these radios, so always try to buy the latest version of Android offered.

Ford Fusion Android radio Features and performance

What can a $400 buy you? how about an aftermarket Android 6.0 car stereo with GPS Navigation (Waze, Android Auto, Google Maps, iGO) , Bluetooth , Torque, TPMS, Dash Cam and rear view cameras,plus all the android apps your heart desires. With this unit you get complete off-line navigation system, modern Android interface, Bluetooth hands-free , a slew of infotainment options and the ability to integrate dash-cams, backup cameras, TPMS and ODBII engine monitor.

Screen 12.1 android radio ford explorer
Screen 12.1 android radio ford explorer

I’ll give you a brief overview of the basic functionality. The unit has a 8″ capacitive multi-touch screen (1200px x 600px resolution) 1080p compatible, and is flanked by hardware buttons below the screen. The buttons are pretty well laid out and control the four most important components of the radio and are easily accessible. The buttons are Home (home screen), Nav (Gps) , Band (Radio) and EJECT(Disc), plus Volume and Tuner knob controls.

The unit uses a customized version of TwLauncher with three large widgets, and six smaller icons below the widgets in a series of screens (swipe left to see more). It’s a pretty basic interface , but gets the job done. Again this is android so you can opt to replace the launcher with any Android launcher or better yet choose a Car Dashboard specific app or even make Android Auto your default launcher.

So you get a lot of options in customizing the default experience. But after trying a few different launchers, the stock launcher is actually my favorite, it’s fast, has good widgets for radio, bluetooth and music and is more flexible than Android auto, plus you can drag around the widgets or icons to suit your preference. But this is the beauty of these Android radios your not stuck with any interface, so I encourage you to try different launchers.

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