12.1 vertical screen android car

12.1 vertical screen android car multimedia player GPS best

Feature 12.1 vertical screen android car

Built-in GPS 12.1 vertical screen android car
Support 70+ language
Supprot Voice Control
Support Wi-Fi, 3G / 4G internet

cloth speed 12.1 vertical screen android car
cloth speed 12.1 vertical screen android car

Support HD movie and radio tuner
Support Original Steering Wheel Control
Work with front camera and reverse camera
Support OBD: Diagnose your car status anytime


Support mirror link: Any content from Android or IOS smartphone can be mirrored onto this unit screen
Support TPMS(Need to buy the TPMS separately): Can display the temperature and tire pressure with high accuracy to monitor the 4 tires on the screen for safe driving.

Built in Carplay and DSP, 12.1 inch IPS Touch Screen, PX6 CPU:
1.Android 10.0 System, 1G RAM + 16G ROM;
2.Android 10.0 System, 2G RAM + 32G ROM;
3.Android 10.0 System, 4G RAM + 64G ROM
4.Android 10.0 System, 6G RAM + 128G ROM

Build-in DSP
1.Build in DSP can improve audio enhance sound quality,support 3D surround sound as a chip build in this unit.
2.With the build digital siganal professor(dsp) ,you can enjoy high fidelity sound quality with our car stereo,highter then the quality of the peer car level,the ultimate choice of enthusiassts.


  1. Our product 12.1 vertical screen android car is compatible for air conditioning(no matter automatic air conditioning or manual air conditioning). After installation, you can operate the air conditioning on the screen;
  2. Support reverse camera and 360 degree camera;
  3. Support SYNC2 and SYNC3;
Details 12.1 vertical screen android car
Details 12.1 vertical screen android car

Overview setup vertical screen android

There is no doubt that replacing your default OEM car radio with a vertical Tesla style screen multimedia unit opens up a whole new world and new features to your old car. Most vehicle manufactures add the most basic features to cars and given that fact that most Ugandans are driving cars made in the early 2000s or older doesn’t help the situation.

The advent of modern open-source Operating systems like Android has opened up doors for old vehicles to support features that their users would only dream of. Thanks to Telsa that has popularized its large screen displays in their cars — companies mainly in China are making it possible for car owners to swap out their radio units with this Tesla Style multimedia system.

It is 12.1 vertical screen android car basically a Tablet running Android in your car and it brings a different atheistic to the interior. The systems often come with a huge capacitive touch screen with the most expensive having a maximum resolution of 1920*1080 pixels (the cheaper ones have less resolution), 2 or 4 GB of RAM (the higher the better), 32 or 64 GB ROM, Quad-core or Hexa-core chips, FM Transmitter, Built-In Speaker/Microphone, Support Steering Wheel Control for some cars, etc.

Feature 12.1 vertical screen android car
Feature 12.1 vertical screen android car

That is not all, you can further pimp up your experience with more hardware monitored by the Telsa style unit on your vehicle to bring more functionality including;

Support for DVR Function: 12.1 vertical screen android car You can Digital Video Recording (DVR) for the front, which will let you record your journey more safely if that is your kind of thing. You can also add an external Digital Audio Broadcasting device (this won’t help much in Uganda). The most mesmerizing is the support for TV on the go. A user will need to purchase a separate DVB-T2/ISDB-T, or DVB-T2/ISDB-T box and connector, for you to enjoy free to air TV channels.

The Tesla Style radio units also have support for the rear-view camera, to help you when you reversing the car by displaying the reversing track as well to assist a user’s parking experience. As if that not enough, you can get an onboard diagnosis (OBD) device to help you diagnose your car at any time and help clear out simple software faults.

To detect car tire pressure at any time and ensure one is driving safety a TPMS tire-pressure monitoring system will have to be installed on your tires and will communicate with the unit to give the status of your tires. Did I forget GPS car tracking? The features are endless.

Overview 12.1 vertical screen android car
Overview 12.1 vertical screen android car

At the core, this Tesla Style Unit is an Android device in your car — so you can install apps to your liking. Using Google Maps for Navigation is a breeze on such devices as it could help track traffic-congested areas to be avoided while driving around Kampala. We recommend you get a unit with the latest Android operating system, the ones we have seen have at least Android 8 and above. These come with more features and support from modern apps in the Google PlayStore.

The user interface on most of these units has been changed to support car navigation and easy usability while driving. You can play music from your phone, watch movies, stream Netflix or listen to Spotify or Apple Music with a good internet connection from your phone’s hotspot or a dedicated MiFi.

The User interface on most of these Tesla Style Units adds functionality for real-time monitoring of the vehicle’s performance from speed, GPS position, altitude, Climate (also known as AC), adjust volume, etc. as illustrated in the above image.

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