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16 hole ocarina tubes smoked burn AC tone plant

Feature 16 hole ocarina

Name: Three-pipe 16 hole ocarina
Tonality: Alto C key/AC three-pipe ocarina
Color: retro/smoked
Sound range: 22 degrees
Accessories: Fingering, Lanyard, Protective Case
Size: 16.5148CM (There are some errors in the measurement, the actual size shall prevail)
Weight: about 0.34kg
Size: 17x14x8cm
Mouth Width: 5cm
Hole: 16 Holes

16 hole ocarina best
16 hole ocarina best

Package List:
1 x Ocarina
1 x Bag


Choosing Your First Ocarina

I think I should start off on this section by sayin, I don’t own and of the Ocarinas by songbird ocarina, but have heard awesome reviews. All I own are STL Ocarinas..

And is Songbird ocarina.. They have the BEST 16 hole ocarina exact replicas you can buy. They have fairly large selection as well, but are a teensy tiny bit more pricy, but don’t let that throw you off, they’re worth it..

So, in the two pictures are 6 hole replicas of the ocarina of time, the two holes on the top left of the ocarina are real, but to two below are fake, and the three on the bottom right are real. One is plastic and the other is ceramic.. And next, telling you about the Ocarinas these sites have to offer..

16 hole ocarina price cheap
16 hole ocarina price cheap

I’m making this ible on a phone so I’m sorry if the pictures don’t end up in the right order.. First is the the 12 hole… There are a lot of versions of the same ocarina on stl.. The Hobbit and Zelda “replica” are both the same in shape, but are different on the outside. They’re the first two pictured.. Both sound and feel great. The Hobbit is 60$ and I think the Zelda is the same..

Next is the Zelda plastic double.. It is a double ocarina made of sturdy plastic, it requires a little bit more breath, but it IS plastic..it costs 40 dollars.. (There is also a ceramic version)

Next is 16 hole ocarina something really nifty.. The teacarina! It’s a cup AND an ocarina! How cool is that! It is four holed, has a nice mellow sound, and doubles as a cup! There are 4 or 5 colors.. It’s 20 bucks.

And last is the 6 holed pendant. It’s about 1 1/2 inches long.. It’s a soprano and very handy for playing a quick tune and is also fun to show off. It is also 20 bucks.)

I don’t have pictures but, STL has a nice variety of The Lord of the Rings Ocarinas. So that’s cool.

16 hole ocarina
16 hole ocarina

So I think that’s it for STL. I only featured the best sellers of their site, if you liked any, head over the Stlocarina.com and check em out.

Now on to professional instruments…. The 12 hole Zelda ocarina is also 108$.. It is made to be more of an actual instrument, it has an octave and a half range. It has a beautiful light blue glaze and a nice chirpy sound like the ocarina in the game..

Next is the Zelda double. It is 120$ but has a range of two octaves. It has the same chirpy, bright sound as the 12 hole..

And last is the popular dragon tooth ocarina. It’s price is either 99.95$ or 130$ depending on what color you get.. It comes in nice variety of colors. So I’ve heard, the only downside to the Dragon tooth, is that the thumb holes on the bottom are switched, making it a little more confusing to start off with.

That’s it for songbird! Head over the songbird ocarina and check out their website! Next I’m going to show you my whole ocarina collection

I thought to finish off this instructable I would share a picture of my entire ocarina collection! Once you get one ocarina, you somehow end up with a whole collection! I hope my ible help you find the right ocarina. If you happen to buy an ocarina, please post a pic in the comments!.

Details 16 hole ocarina
Details 16 hole ocarina

The Double Ocarina of Time in C

Once a Zelda player has mastered the scales of pitch, the rhythm of time and the performance of pleasure, it is time to move up to a more advanced level.

The greatest, most challenging instrument known….The Double Ocarina of Time. This limited edition ocarina has not 12, but 18 holes, thus enabling the player to advance up not one, but two octaves chromatically in the key of C. Glazed in Zelda Blue and embellished with a platinum triforce ring, it’s packed securely in a custom black velvet case.

If you want to bring your Zelda playing to the next level, need we say more?

Songbook includes:

Zelda’s Theme, Kakariko Village, Town and House, Flute Boy Song, LoZ Game Over, Song of Time, Ballad of the Windfish, Mabe Village, Prelude of Light, Bolero of Fire, Serenade of Water, Song of Storms, Kokiri Forest, Zelda’s Lullaby, Requiem of Spirit, Dragon Roost Island, Aryll’s Theme, Flute Song (aka Ocarina of Wind), Grandma’s Theme, Shop Theme, Get New Item, Lost Woods, Shooting Gallery, Ballad of the Goddess, Lon Lon Ranch, MIdna’s Desperate Hour, Song of Healing, Bremen March.

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