2 din car radio android hyundai tucson

2 din car radio android hyundai tucson stereo split screen

Feature 2 din car radio android hyundai tucson

T6 has 10 built-in theme styles, 2 din car radio android hyundai tucson and you can switch cool themes for free. You can switch to different styles in different situations without visual fatigue

T9/K10 supports mirroring connection of Android and IOS mobile phones, the screen of the mobile phone is displayed on the radio screen, driving is more convenient and intelligent

Video function 2 din car radio android hyundai tucson
Video function 2 din car radio android hyundai tucson

The default built-in adjustment is 48EQ, and the sound surround can be set at the same time, allowing you to immerse yourself in the wonderful music.

Support split screen display of any 2 applications, combining at will.

Support for external MIC and RCA cable for subwoofer connection is essential for car radios. Here is the RCA cable (support external MIC, support subwoofer) which effectively solves the problem of poor call quality with the built-in microphone of the radio. Please click on the picture to purchase.


Support video and DVR application Of Floating Window, customize the display position, and make your driving experience full of cool colors.

Supports almost all map apps. Before sending your favorite products, we will install the latest offline map of your country for you, and the map will be updated at regular intervals. Of course, you can also choose to use online maps.

New Hyundai Tucson Car Review

The 2 din car radio android hyundai tucson has long been known as a quality 2-row SUV. With the new facelift version this year, Hyundai has made a value-for-money change with a quiet cabin, comfortable interior, “huge” capacity and outstanding safety features.

Especially with the “quality like distilled water” appearance, the new Hyundai Tucson car is predicted to be the car that will storm the market in the near future.

The Hyundai Tucson is an ideal in-segment option, suitable for families and those who are not interested in having an active sports SUV. In the Vietnamese market, Tucson is considered one of the best-selling compact SUVs in many consecutive quarters, behind only the Honda CR-V and Mazda CX-5.

Screen 2app 2 din car radio android hyundai tucson
Screen 2app 2 din car radio android hyundai tucson

With a very attractive starting price, the new 2 din car radio android hyundai tucson possesses a very important competitive advantage and is expected to continue to be a solid choice for many future crossover SUVs.

The new Hyundai Tucson car has a length x width x height of 4,480 x 1,850 x 1,660mm (with roof rails), a wheelbase of 2,670mm, and ground clearance of 172mm.

There is no change in size compared to its predecessor, but it is one of the decisive factors that make the Tucson a car with a comfortable interior space in the “top” category in the segment.

Car front and body

The appearance of the facelift Tucson largely unchanged when Hyundai retains the second-generation Fluidic Sculpture design language based on the philosophy of perfect integration with nature.

The hexagonal grille features sleek horizontal chrome bars that cover most of the front end.

The long narrow headlight cluster with LED daytime running lights has a sharp design, connected to the top edge of the grille and gently stroked down the capo, creating a sharp but no less personality. While the fog lights are embraced by “muscular” ribbeds, creating a strong and striking overall.

Details 2 din car radio android hyundai tucson
Details 2 din car radio android hyundai tucson

Unfortunately, you can only get the LED phase in 3 special versions, while the standard model uses halogen lamps with a blend of angled shade and a yellow bulb in the middle.

Nice chrome door handles. Electric folding / folding rearview mirrors with integrated turn-off lights and drying are standard on all four variants.

5-spoke wheels with 2 complex geometrical designs measuring 17 inches (2.0L standard), 18 inches (2.0L Special or 2.0L Special Diesel) and finally 19 inches (1.6 T- GDi special). Not only diversifying choices for customers but also helps you easily distinguish new versions of Hyundai Tucson.

The rear light is designed with a tube shell with 3D effect placed close to the rear glass while the reflector is magnified similar to the i30 brother, making the Tucson’s rear overall more personal than ever.

The chrome-plated radiation tube is cleverly marked under the large rear bumper. 1.6T-GDi version is equipped with dual exhaust pipes.

Step inside the cockpit, you will see 2 black and beige colors that Hyundai cleverly blends to create a luxurious interior space only found on cars originating from Europe.

Components 2 din car radio android hyundai tucson
Components 2 din car radio android hyundai tucson

The 2 din car radio android hyundai tucson dashboard is a mirror image of the Santa Fe and Kona but looks more modern than the existing setup.

The touch-type 8-inch infotainment screen placed vertically on the two air-conditioned ventilation slots in the center of the taplo creates a feeling of lightness and sophistication. The two sides of the screen are a system of keys and physical controls with clear annotation and intuitive arrangement.

The traditional Hyundai 3-spoke steering wheel with scientifically arranged physical buttons helps the driver to operate quickly in setting up hands-free conversation, increase or decrease the volume or install the automatic gas system. moving. Comes with electric adjustment, heated and soft leather and material with the gear lever.

In all 4 versions, the seats are leather upholstered with 10-way power adjustable driver’s seat, hugging the body and providing a good view in front and around the driver. The extra seats can be electrically adjusted in 8 directions.

Overall, the front seats provide plenty of space and support whether you’re driving around town or on the highway.

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