Details 2 din gps android hyundai creta

2 din gps android hyundai creta GPS navigation

Feature 2 din gps android hyundai creta

ARM 12NM Octa-Core 2 din gps android hyundai creta
64 bit CPU | up to 1.8GHz
Dual-Core ARM Cortex A75
Hexa-Core ARM Cortex A55

2 din gps android hyundai creta
2 din gps android hyundai creta

Rohm 32107 is a powerful DSP chip that allows you have more power to control over the sound of various frequencies.You can control the timing of when the car’s four speakers play sounds.This surround feeling gives you more advanced auditory enjoyment.

2.5D,prevent scraping,QLED screen for all viewing angles very clear.
Connect by usb slot,sharing iphone/Andriod phone full function to radio,such as voice commands to make phone calls,listen music,watching movies,read or send messags.
Compatible with IOS 10.1-IOS 14; Android phones 7.0-8.1.


Bluetooth 5.1

1.Built-in bluetooth for hand free calling.
2.Phonebook fuction(avaliable for mobile support Bluetooth contacts output).
3.Can connect your phone and our OBD dongle simultaneously.
4.A2DP Bluetooth music(available for mobile support Bluetooth audio output).
5.Can not support:file transfer,internet sharing.

Silicon crystal microphone

  1. silicon 2 din gps android hyundai creta crystal mic for bluetooth hand-free calling better sound quality.
  2. radio built-in silicon crystal mic and external 3 meters long silicon crystal mic.

Cool 3D Navigation (GPS+Glonass Dual Satellite)

  1. Built-in GPS+GLONASS dual satellite positioning system, more accurate positioning, stronger GPS signal.
  2. map can be run the background to achieve music navigation functions
  3. support GPS dual-zone function,passengers can continue to play multimedia while drive navigating.
  4. Support maps:google/here/sygic/tomtom/waze/igo…
  5. Pre-install off-line map inside radio flash,if we do not have your country map,we will leave message to let you know.

Screen Mirror Link

Using Easy-Connect APP,via USB charging cable and Bluetooth,you can mirror the android phone display such as main menu,photos/videos,Online navi maps.also you can control the Android Phone on this unit.can support the most Android Phone.

For Iphone,use wifi connection,you can mirror the unit,but can not control.

Feature 2 din gps android hyundai creta
Feature 2 din gps android hyundai creta

Hyundai Creta SX+ Long-Term User Review

2 din gps android hyundai creta has been the most selling compact-SUV of its segment and that continues with the new generation as well. While the previous-gen Creta was available with two engine options, the 1.6-litre diesel was the obvious choice for someone who is looking for power and efficiency. Today we share the long-term user review of the 2016 Hyundai Creta. The car has over 1,10,000 km on the ODO and is still going solid.

The car has been fairly reliable and the build is impressive too. The car runs on all types of roads and even on unpaved roads but till date, there are no rattles or squeaks felt inside the cabin. It can be an unpopular opinion but this generation of Creta feels more macho and soothing to the eyes when compared to the new one. The tall hood and a grille which actually fits in the frame gives it the SUV proportions. Overall, the old Creta looks fantastic and that was one of many reasons for its massive success.

Coming to the engine option which is a 1.6-litre CRDi diesel engine with 126bhp and 260 Nm of torque. Long praise short, the engine is an absolute gem and despite over a lakh km readout on the ODO, the turbo spool is as impressive as new.

Overview 2 din gps android hyundai creta
Overview 2 din gps android hyundai creta

There is some amount of turbo lag inside the city but the engine pulls just after 2000 rpm. The turbo whistle is audible and is very soothing to the ears. The transmission, which in question is a 6-speed manual, is very slick and slots perfectly. The clutch is lite and the car got a clutch replacement at 70,000 km which is very viable.

The fuel economy is something we have no idea of, as the first model of the Creta didn’t have any sort of range indications or average fuel economy readouts. That’s a glaring omission which is further worsened by the absence of Android Auto, Apple Car Play, electrochromic IRVM, cruise control, telescopic steering and more. The first lot of the Creta had not many impressive features and Hyundai worked on that later on with the facelift.

Promotion 2 din gps android hyundai creta
Promotion 2 din gps android hyundai creta

Coming to space and comfort, the space is generous but the ride quality is not supple. The car moves a lot and there is a constant side to side movement if you hit a speed breaker with a wrong angle, to begin with. High-speed manners are good but the car wobbles on undulations and the steering lacks the weight at higher speeds and that takes away the confidence.

In turn, the steering is super light inside the city and the long travel of the suspension doesn’t bottom out easily. The rear seat space is generous and the under-thigh support is great too. Although we do get rear AC vents, the AC fails to impress in the scorching heat of Northern India.

The service costs of the old Creta are surprisingly low and you get a bill in hand of around 5000-6000 for regular servicing. Even after 4 years and 1,10,000 km on the ODO, no major part has been changed except for the clutch plate which we mentioned earlier. Wrapping it up, the car has been a delight to own and the experience has been very good. Going for a used one is recommended given the shocking reliability this car has.

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