GPS 2 din gps dvd android ford ranger

2 din gps dvd android ford ranger GPS navi

Feature 2 din gps dvd android ford ranger

9.0 inch touch screen and 1024 x 600 superior visual enhancement, 2 din gps dvd android ford ranger full RCA video output
Multilanguage: Chinese, English, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, German, French, Turkish , Spanish, Italian, etc ( model more than 70 kinds of language )

Size 2 din gps dvd android ford ranger
Size 2 din gps dvd android ford ranger

Support steering wheel control and canbus system, parking sensor and auto switch aftermarket backup camera. Support online / offline maps, Bluetooth 4.0 for fluent hands-free calling and high-quality streaming music


Super-clear 1080P 2 din gps dvd android ford ranger video enjoyment, wireless screen mirroring ( smartphone entertainment sharing )
Supports voice search, quad-core 1.2GHz frequency
Support DVB-T T2/MPEG2/MPEG4/ISDB-T Box input (TV box isn’t included)

Android 9.0 system, dual channel CAN-bus box provided ( connection between car and stereo )
Support OBD Turque Function. you can connect OBD Dongle(Not included). Combined with vehicle detection software that can read car each sensor date, real-time detection auto state, providing real-time valid reference data for traffic safety.

Screen Android Ford Ranger 2020

Unlimited entertainment when using Sim4G
Use Google smart navigation program
Use intelligent virtual assistant (IA) software
User can set functions such as ipad
Adjust the DSP audio system and other functions
Create perfect and modern beauty for your car

Sound systems are a lot of people interested in Android screens for cars

The Android screens can display the Camera’s images in super-sharp AHD mode. With that mode, it will surely make all customers satisfied, extremely smooth even at night.

With the configurations used by many customers, we should use configurations such as: Ram4G, Rom64G and 8x Chip: 4-channel DSP, can use Android 8 or Android 10.

Screen 2 din gps dvd android ford ranger
Screen 2 din gps dvd android ford ranger

Please note that the specifications and specifications are the same, but many units import products with incorrect chips and poor quality and software makes the screen extremely uncomfortable. easy to damage, the screen glare, very poor sound.

There are 3 products that can be developed in the future: Ownice C960, Teyes CC2 and Bravigo are all standard displays and many technologies accompanying it.

Bravigo displays are selling well in 2019, The display has good configuration and function and the price is also affordable.

The good monitors are always designed quite specially, especially the Teyes CC2 series with automatic cooling fans and extremely intelligent virtual assistant software. Only Teyes CC2 has assistant software that is automatically updated when a 4G sim is available

Installation 2 din gps dvd android ford ranger
Installation 2 din gps dvd android ford ranger

2019 Ford Ranger first drive review

The Ford F-150 full-size 2 din gps dvd android ford ranger pickup truck is the best selling vehicle in the United States, but when it comes to smaller midsize trucks, Ford is behind the curve.

When Ford withdrew its Ranger from the U.S. in 2011, the midsize truck segment was more or less dead. It was stocked with aging vehicles buyers didn’t seem to care about. But over the past few years, new versions of the Chevrolet Colorado (and its GMC Canyon twin), Honda Ridgeline, and Toyota Tacoma have reinvigorated the segment. The ancient Nissan Frontier continues to stubbornly hang around as well, and Jeep will launch its highly anticipated Gladiator in calendar year 2019.

So, for the 2019 model year, the Ford Ranger is back. Buyers have a choice of two body configurations – SuperCab with a 6.0-foot bed, and SuperCrew with a 5.0-foot bed – and three trim levels: XL, XLT, and Lariat. A base rear-wheel drive XL SuperCab starts at $25,395, while a fully loaded four-wheel drive Lariat SuperCrew tops $45,000. Dealers are taking orders now, but deliveries don’t begin until January.

Components 2 din gps dvd android ford ranger
Components 2 din gps dvd android ford ranger

Even after Ford stopped selling the Ranger in the U.S., it continued using the name for trucks sold internationally. The 2019 Ranger is based on the current global-market version, but Ford says it was heavily reengineered for North America.

This [truck] is based off the global Ranger platform, however it is uniquely designed for the North American market, Brian Bell, Ranger marketing manager, said. Major changes include a new frame and suspension setup, and a powertrain specific to the North American market. Exterior styling has also changed somewhat.

Ford and other automakers are making bold styling choices with their larger pickup trucks, but that doesn’t seem to be trickling down to the midsize models. The Ranger has a fairly conservative look, but then again so do most of the other trucks it competes against.

At least the Ranger’s design is functional. Unlike the Toyota Tacoma, the hood slopes down and the front overhang is very short, providing good outward visibility whether off-roading or just navigating a parking lot. In contrast to the Chevrolet Colorado, the front fascia also doesn’t hang down far, making it less likely that bodywork will be caught on obstacles.

The Ranger is available with a four-door SuperCrew cab or a SuperCab, with rear half doors and cramped rear seats that are only suitable for short journeys. As with many other trucks, the four-door cab is only available with a shorter pickup box, so buyers have to choose between cab space and bed space. Ford also won’t offer a traditional two-door cab sans rear seats.

Interior space is about average among current midsize trucks, although the Honda Ridgeline offers substantially more passenger volume. That’s because the Ridgeline is essentially a Honda Pilot crossover with a pickup bed.

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