2012 toyota yaris body kit

2012 toyota yaris body kit bumper rear shovel lip level

2012 toyota yaris body kit

  • Depending on whether you choose a different 2012 toyota yaris body kit package, how the car is affected and changed is different from shape to structure. With a main vehicle build package usually includes the front panel, rear panel, side panels and small toy accessories attached.
  • Manufacturers, when researching the set, are very detailed about the psychology as well as the general tastes of the user for the purpose of components, mainly to decorate and beautify to add more personality to the product.
  • In case you do not have the budget or the budget, set yourself a 2012 toyota yaris body kit bodywork according to your own budget by combining the accessories together.
Details 2012 toyota yaris body kit
Details 2012 toyota yaris body kit

2012 Toyota Yaris review

2012 toyota yaris body kit is a 5-door compact car, born in 1999 and has been sold more than 6 million units in 70 markets. In Vietnam, 2012 toyota yaris body kit has long been quite familiar through imported salons and was officially distributed by Toyota Vietnam (TMV) in March 2011.

Based on the name that has been a bit famous for a long time, TMV confidently prepares to launch a new version of Yaris RS 2012 officially in early August 2012. Compared with the 2011 Yaris – which is loved by women thanks to its compact size, stylish design and ease of use, the 2012 toyota yaris body kit has become more masculine with the sporty RS version and modern technological innovations.

DanhgiaXe will briefly review 2012 toyota yaris body kit and compare with the previous version, while “dissecting” the details of the 2012 Yaris RS, please wait until you are “touching them with your own eyes.”


Different from the “gentle” look of the Yaris E, the 2012 Yaris RS version is almost completely changed in style: stronger, more youthful with the new honeycomb grille, the fog lamp recess is enlarged. , reflective rear bumper and other sports equipment such as chrome exhaust, rear spoiler, TRD 15 “sports wheel …

2012 Yaris RS taillights have taken a step forward (albeit late) with a modern LED ring, the rearview mirror is painted in the same color and integrated with turn signals.

Overview 2012 toyota yaris body kit
Overview 2012 toyota yaris body kit


Toyota Yaris 2012 owns an eye-catching and modern interior space with many simple but convenient details for the user.

Both rows of seats on the 2012 Yaris RS use impressive sports leather seats with ventilation holes and red stitching.

The 2012 Yaris RS version has been stretched to the rear to make the rear seat space and storage space more comfortable than the regular Yaris versions.

In addition, Toyota also equips the Yaris RS with other special interior details such as leather-wrapped steering wheel and gear knob, red thread trim and upper cup holder for the front seats.

View interior 2012 toyota yaris body kit
View interior 2012 toyota yaris body kit

Equipment comfort & safety

In terms of vehicle comfort equipment, Toyota only equips the 2012 Yaris RS at a moderate level. Comes with the car is a 1-disc CD staging, integrated Radio and MP3. One-piece air conditioning system is also enough for a small car like the Yaris.

A noteworthy device on the Yaris RS is the reverse camera and integrated display on the rear mirror. It can be said that this is a very useful equipment that Toyota has brought to users, especially the women who always have difficulty when backing up.

The standard safety equipment on the 2012 Yaris RS includes 2 front-row airbags, ABS anti-lock braking system, anti-theft key and chassis structure to reduce head injury for passengers.

  • While rivals Honda and Hyundai are constantly improving, Toyota’s changes are often more cautious and the special edition Yaris RS 2012 seems to come late than expected. According to Vama, in May 2012, TMV sold 38 units and continued to import 129 units from Thailand.
  • This number does not say the level of love of customers, but known from small, non-genuine salons …, Yaris is still a reliable choice for small, well-off families and women. female passion for the steering wheel. Loyal Toyota customers that were consulted also appreciated the Yaris

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