2014 audi s4 rear diffuser

2014 audi s4 rear diffuser best rear bumper diffuser lip

Feature 2014 audi s4 rear diffuser

Applicable Models: 2014 audi s4 rear diffuser sline(A4 general model can’t use it)
Installation Situation:Screw(Consistent With The Original Size)
Product Name:Fashion Rear Bumper Lip Spoiler

2014 audi s4 rear diffuser best
2014 audi s4 rear diffuser best

Product Packing Size(CM):1483816
Product Material:PP
Product Colour: Grey
Place Of Origin:Jiangsu, China
Product Gross Weight:6kg


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Size 2014 audi s4 rear diffuser
Size 2014 audi s4 rear diffuser

The Drive 2014 audi s4

The 2014 audi s4 rear diffuser brilliant engine imbues the car with brisk acceleration. In fact when all 333 ponies are pounding the pavement it can accelerate from zero to 60 miles an hour in just 4.9 seconds, a figure that’s identical with either transmission.

The engine responds with vigor in practically every situation. Bury the accelerator in the carpet’s pile at 25 miles an hour in sixth gear and the supercharged-six will pull you right along. It’s even more vigorous at highway speed. Downshifting is not often required for passing slower-moving vehicles, just roll on the throttle and the S4 responds.

But there’s more to the way this vehicle behaves than just rapid straight-line speed; the S4 is perfectly balanced like a senior citizen’s checking account. It’s a true driver’s car; it’s the whole package, the quintessential sports sedan. The S4’s steering is beautifully weighted, the brake pedal wonderfully responsive and its body control so refined. The whole car is just a masterpiece of automotive engineering. Believe it or not, I enjoyed this sedan more – far more in fact – than the massively fast RS 7 I evaluated a week prior, that’s how good it is.

Audi’s Drive Select system allows you to adjust various vehicle attributes to suit your taste. You can tweak the S4’s steering feel, throttle input and other variables.

Overview 2014 audi s4 rear diffuser
Overview 2014 audi s4 rear diffuser

Also, with a slick gearbox, forgiving clutch and ample low-RPM torque the S4 is a piece of cake to drive smoothly. Perfectly executed shifts are a snap. This would be a great car to learn the three-pedal dance in.

Can You Afford It?

An option-less S4 dressed in premium plus trim, the most affordable version of this car, can be had for $48,995 including $895 for shipping and handling. Our fairly basic test model stickered for a totally reasonable out-the-door price of $54,945. Extras included Misano Red pearl effect paint ($500), Audi’s MMI Navigation plus package ($3,050), the Black Optic package ($1,300) and the available sports differential ($1,100).

The 2014 audi s4 rear diffuser base price is within spitting distance of a bare-bones BMW 335i xDrive. The Bimmer is about $645 cheaper than its rival from Ingolstadt, though we happen to think the S4 is considerably more attractive and quite possible a better driver’s car

The 2014 Audi S4 is a wonderfully balanced sports sedan. It’s luxurious, speedy and more fun to drive than should be legally allowed. In fact, with a slick six-speed manual, smooth-running supercharged engine and quattro all-wheel drive it just may be the perfect all-around car.

Vehicle overview

Stylish and competent, with a swank and neatly laid-out interior, the 2014 Audi S4 is a very nice compact luxury sedan with room for four adults, respectable trunk capacity and lots of available high-end features. But it’s also a bona fide sport sedan thanks to a zesty, 333-horsepower supercharged V6 that makes it about a second-and-a-half quicker to 60 mph than the A4 sedan on which it’s based.

Standard all-wheel drive helps ensure all that power gets to the ground and makes the S4 an appealing option for driving enthusiasts living in wet or snowy climates. At first glance, though, you could mistake this car for an A4, because its exterior styling upgrades are so subtle.

Interior Magic 2014 audi s4 rear diffuser
Interior Magic 2014 audi s4 rear diffuser

But those in the know will spot the S4 sedan’s unique wheels, brushed metallic mirror caps, extended body sills and lowered suspension. If they bother to look inside, they’ll see sport seats and a flat-bottom steering wheel as well. The result is an understated sport sedan that doesn’t advertise your penchant for driving fast.

Of course, the S4’s numerous upgrades do not come for free. In base trim, it’s competitive with the BMW 335i, which offers similar speed and handling capabilities. If you overdo it with the options, the price begins to creep into the territory of the far more powerful and extroverted Cadillac CTS-V and Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG sedans (though when typically equipped, those cars still tend to be quite a bit more expensive).

Ultimately, few cars can match the 2014 Audi S4’s balance of luxury, performance and restrained style, and if you’re shopping for a premium-brand sport sedan, it’s definitely worth a look.

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