2015 bmw s1000r specs

2015 bmw s1000r specs radiator cover grill

Feature 2015 bmw s1000r specs

The Frame is Made of Seamless Steel 2015 bmw s1000r specs(Solid Construction)
The Grille is Made of Pressed Aluminum (Light Weight and Good Heat Dissipation)
It Improves the Look of Motorcycle and Protects the Radiator from Road Debris, Mud and Dust

Details 2015 bmw s1000r specs
Details 2015 bmw s1000r specs

Weight and Size: Around 400g (0.88lbs), Net Thickness:1.2mm (0.047inch), Frame Thickness:1.5mm
Surface Finish: Durable Powder Coating in Black
Condition: 100% Brand New

2015 BMW S1000R Review

A roadster, reduced to the essentials: maximum performance. 160 bhp/118 kW, 112 Nm torque and a power-to-weight ratio of 1.29 kilograms per bhp – and the competition disappears in the rear mirror. Like its superbike predecessor, the S1000R sets the benchmark in its segment.

The high-performance 4-cylinder in-line engine derives from the RR but has now been further optimised. The result: extremely linear torque delivery for constant forward propulsion across the entire engine speed range. The engine of the 2015 bmw s1000r specs has an output of 160 PS/118 kW at 11,000 rpm, while a maximum of 112 Nm torque at 9,250 rpm puts a smile on the rider’s face at every twist of the throttle.

The genes of the S1000R are striking at first sight: aggressive tail-up/nose-down design, distinctive split face and the characteristic gills. And the “R” shows much less of its sharp-edged, muscular skin. Some people call it naked – we just call it focused on the essentials.

Promotion 2015 bmw s1000r specs
Promotion 2015 bmw s1000r specs

The S1000R can be reined in and unleashed at the press of a button as standard. The “Rain” mode provides a gentle throttle response, with ABS and ASC adapted to wet road surfaces. Meanwhile “Road” optimises throttle response, ABS and ASC for dry asphalt. The Pro modes are available as an optional extra for those chasing the threshold range: “Dynamic” and “Dynamic Pro” get the “R” into shape for the limits.

Keep the power under control. That’s why the S1000R is fitted with Race ABS and ASC (automatic stability control) as standard. This duo ensures excellent acceleration and deceleration figures at threshold level. They can be activated and deactivated during travel, making for uninterrupted riding fun.

Two packages are available for the S1000R 2015 bmw s1000r specs, each of which sensibly groups the various options: The “Sport” package includes the Pro modes (Rain, Road + Dynamic, Dynamic Pro), DTC, shift assistant and cruise control. The “Dynamic” package comprises the electronic suspension DDC and an engine spoiler in body colour. There will also be an extensive range of HP parts for the S 1000 R aimed at ambitious riders.

2015 bmw s1000r specs deal best
2015 bmw s1000r specs deal best

The S 1000 R is powered by the legendary high-performance 4-cylinder in-line engine from the S 1000 RR. But it has been optimized for use in the roadster.
• 7 lb/ft more than the S 1000 RR in the low to mid rpm range
• Extremely linear power delivery across the entire engine speed range
• Maximum torque of 83 lb/ft at 9,250 rpm
• Peak output of 160 bhp/118 kW at 11,000 rpm

The S 1000 R is fitted with Race ABS and ASC (automatic stability control) as standard.
• Part integral Race ABS as standard for optimum deceleration.
• Clear feedback in the hand lever to detect threshold range
• Can be deactivated while riding
• Ultra-light system, virtually maintenance-free
• ASC ensures optimum acceleration on all road surfaces
• Both systems are perfectly interconnected and their regulation response is very simple to adapt via the standard riding modes Road/Rain

The S 1000 R is the only roadster to feature a highly active electronic suspension which is able to adapt to riding conditions within milliseconds, thereby enabling maximum agility and dynamic performance.

2015 bmw s1000r specs cheap
2015 bmw s1000r specs cheap

• DTC is an assistance system with banking sensor which supports maximum possible throttle response and prevents rear wheel spin when there is reduced friction on the road surface. Maximum traction and agility as well as an additional safety bonus
• DDC: Dynamic Damping Control directly from the BMW HP4. Here the suspension adapts electronically within milliseconds to the surface and situation on the road.
• Characteristics and damping properties change from “pleasant” to “tight” depending on the riding modes selected, riding situation and road surface. The suspension supports the rider without the latter having to make any mechanical adjustments to the damper compression and rebound stage

The riding modes available for the S 1000 R perfectly interconnect the individual systems of throttle response, ABS control response, traction control (ASC or DTC) and suspension (DDC or load state) for a dynamic but safe ride on varying road surfaces and in different weather conditions.

As standard:
• Rain mode for a gentle throttle response and sensitive ASC/ABS control response on wet road surfaces
• Road mode for optimum throttle response and optimum ASC/ABS control response for excellent acceleration and deceleration on dry roads
• The riding modes are simple to select by pressing a button and confirmed by closing the throttle and are shown on the display screen

Pro riding 2015 bmw s1000r specs modes available as an option for riders with sporty ambitions:

Dynamic mode for optimum throttle response on dry roads with reduced lift detection function in the front and rear wheel when braking. DTC (Dynamic Traction Control) enables more dynamic traction control when leaned in over turns.

Dynamic Pro mode is designed for very ambitious sports riders and can only be activated by means of a coded plug. DTC enables optimum acceleration with sports tires on a dry surface. The ABS allows brake drifts using the footbrake but without having to dispense with ABS functions at the front wheel. The front and rear wheel lift detection function is deactivated.

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