2016 corolla body kit Car Mud Flaps For Toyota Corolla Altis Front Rear Mudguards Fender

2016 corolla body kit Car have function:

The body kit is an additional part of the bodywork. which has many uses including beautifying the car, increasing its sportiness. And acting as a bumper to help protect the body part from scratches due to impact.

2016 corolla body kit
2016 corolla body kit

Body kit for corolla 2016 includes:

  • Body kit front car
  • Body kit tail car
  • Body lip 2 on the side of the car
  • Does not include exhaust tail.
2016 corolla body kit car
2016 corolla body kit car

2016 corolla body kit Increase the sportiness, bunker to make a difference for the car. Designed according to standards, ensuring a hug to every corner. Body kit for corolla 2016 quick assembly, not time consuming.

  • Product material: made from high-grade PP plastic with high hardness, no cracks when used, scratch-resistant, resistant to ultraviolet rays, mild acids, salt, water, …
  • Product size: Compact, perfectly fit to the vehicle, does not obstruct the vehicle’s operation. Ensure maximum protection around the vehicle.
  • The weight of the product: light, neatly around the body, minimizing external impacts on the vehicle.
  • Color of the product: to be rustic, the original color of the product. will be painted according to customer requirements when installing the product.

Product features:

– 2016 Corolla body kit is the device chosen and trusted by customers due to the following outstanding features:

  • Car Body kits for Toyota cars Help protect the car, minimize external impacts to avoid scratching the car
  • The product helps the 2016 Corolla series become more luxurious and classy than ever, much more personality than the current original car
  • From vehicle protection feature to increase newness and durability during vehicle use.
  • As the design is updated with modern trends to help the car seem to be upgraded with superior features, so it is absolutely necessary to customize 2016 corolla body kit car, to equip the car that customers are in possession.
  • Color: Will be painted when the customer decides to assemble the product, so customers can easily choose for themselves the 2016 corolla body kit without worrying about color contrast.
  • The product is completely easy to clean, clean, and not cracked during use
  • Create confidence for customers about the car they own, creating a comfortable, stress-free mentality for the driver.

Advantages of the product:

The 2016 corolla body kit car is always highly appreciated by customers for its advantages:

  • A product is always updated according to the latest designs to ensure the aesthetics of the vehicle.
  • Designed with the size completely suitable for the vehicle, the product will maximize the protective values that the product features bring.
  • Good product material, manufactured according to the standard of good impact resistance, no cracking during use. The product is resistant to ultraviolet rays, resistant to mild acids, oils, salts, … so the product is durable.
  • 2016 corolla body kit completely easy to install or replace new products.
  • Reducing the feeling of stress and fatigue of the driver, creating a comfortable and exhilarating journey .


This body kit will suit many models. Especially 2016 corolla body kit Car.
New Body Kid RS type
Brand: Mapisa
100% brand new in box
Spoiler RS Type with led light
Aerodynamic design
Instant improve styling to your car
We use the exact color codes of Toyota

2016 corolla body kit best
2016 corolla body kit best

Price for 2016 corolla body kit

Not as everyone thinks. The price is relatively cheap and suitable for everyone.
Owning a 2016 corolla body kit car is absolutely right and essential for those who are using this Toyota lineup.
You can see more product details here to know more.


You already know a lot more essential information about the 2016 corolla body kit that we shared above.
Wish you own a perfect and the most beautiful 2016 corolla body kit.


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