2018 bmw k1600gtl accessories

2018 bmw k1600gtl accessories motorcycle handlebar

Details 2018 bmw k1600gtl accessories

Made of high-quality aluminum alloy for maximum durability 2018 bmw k1600gtl accessories
High-precision CNC processing technology, more safe and reliable.
Anti-rust, wear-resistant, anti-corrosion and long service life.

2018 bmw k1600gtl accessories best
2018 bmw k1600gtl accessories best

Easy to install and use, saving space.
After installation, the motorcycle looks more stylish and you will have a more comfortable riding experience.
Size: 18mm / 0.7 inch increase


2018 bmw k1600gtl Review

Honda’s all-new Gold Wing Tour and the BMW K 1600 GTL are the fastest and arguably most refined luxury-touring bikes on the road. Both have 6-cylinder engines, aluminum frames, dual-wishbone front ends and single-sided swingarms, but their performance and personalities couldn’t be more different.

Since 2018 bmw k1600gtl accessories our last comparison test of these two high-performance, 6-cylinder luxos in 2012 (the year the BMW was introduced and the Honda was mildly updated), the ranks of V-twin full dressers like Harley-Davidson Ultras and the Kawasaki Voyager have swelled to include the Indian Roadmaster and Yamaha Star Venture. At the rate they’re selling, Americans clearly want traditional V-twin touring bikes. Is there still a place at the table for big six guns like the BMW K 1600 GTL and Honda Gold Wing?

The new Gold Wing Tour has lost 85 pounds and looks and feels more compact overall, yet has gained some bottom-end power, ride quality and electronic sophistication, and hasn’t lost much in the way of comfort.

2018 bmw k1600gtl accessories promotion
2018 bmw k1600gtl accessories promotion

Honda must certainly think so, otherwise it would not have so thoroughly revamped the Gold Wing for 2018, knocking off 85 pounds, broadening the bike’s powerband and giving it a full suite of modern engine, suspension and chassis components like riding modes, an electric windscreen and a dual wishbone front end (Rider, January 2018 and here).

BMW has kept the K 1600 GTL’s momentum going as well, with upgrades to its top-line touring bike for 2017 that include Dynamic Electronic Suspension Adjustment (D-ESA), ABS Pro, Reverse Assist and optional Gear Shift Assist Pro for clutchless up- and downshifts. It also received numerous styling improvements like new mirrors, foot guards and redesigned lower storage compartments.

With the new Gold Wing, Honda expects sales of its flagship motorcycle to climb back to 2006 levels. Could it be the harbinger of a renaissance for luxurious, fully dressed touring bikes that go vroom-vroom instead of potato-potato-potato?

2018 bmw k1600gtl accessories consummate touring machine was updated for 2017 with Reverse Assist, Dynamic ESA, ABS Pro that works in corners and optional Gear Shift Assist Pro. Launched in 2012 alongside a GT sibling without a top trunk, the GTL is about 44 pounds lighter than the Honda and has a sportier personality.

Details 2018 bmw k1600gtl accessories
Details 2018 bmw k1600gtl accessories

Our Magic 8-Ball merely replied, “Ask again later,” so we decided it was best to put these two high-powered butt massagers back-to-back and let you decide if they outshine the spud shooters. I can say that after 850 miles and two long days of flogging the shiny six-bangers in the mountains and deserts of Southern California, in temperatures ranging from 26 to 80 degrees and the dark of night to the high sun of midday, we are reminded just how good it can get in the saddle of a motorcycle.

For this comparison we pitted a $26,700 Gold Wing Tour model with top trunk and manual 6-speed transmission (rather than Honda’s 7-speed DCT automatic) against a BMW K 1600 GTL with the Premium package and optional Navigator GPS, which boosts its base price of $25,595 to $28,844.

Equipped as such the bikes share numerous features like 6-cylinder engines in aluminum frames, single-sided swingarms with shaft final drive and individual interpretations of a Hossack-like dual-wishbone front end, which eliminates fork dive and bump steer, separates the steering from the suspension, reduces friction and allows better suspension and ABS tuning.

The two bikes also have throttle-by-wire, riding modes, cruise control, hill start assist, reverse, electric windscreens, keyless ignition and central locking, Bluetooth-enabled audio systems, heated grips and seats, GPS navigation and centerstands. If that seems like a lot of similarities, well, it is. But they just make the differences between them really stand out.

Size 2018 bmw k1600gtl accessories
Size 2018 bmw k1600gtl accessories

Gold Wing’s cockpit features a fully integrated, Bluetooth-enabled infotainment system with Apple CarPlay. Most vehicle and audio functions are controlled and displayed on the central 7-inch TFT display, but Honda wisely kept separate buttons for quick access to things like the heated grips and seats.

As the all-new machine, the Honda benefits from the latest technology and thoughtful integration. Up front there’s a comprehensive infotainment system with a high-resolution 7-inch TFT display, built-in navigation and Apple CarPlay, so it automatically detects your iPhone and you can run Apple Music and Maps manually or with voice commands, make phone calls and send text messages using Siri and a Bluetooth helmet headset.

Most of the buttons that cluttered up the previous model’s fairing are gone, replaced with an intuitive menu system. Audio from multiple sources pumps through two speakers in front and two in back and/or wireless headsets. Luggage capacity is significantly down from the previous GL1800, though the top trunk will hold two smaller full-face helmets and the styling and integration of the trunk and saddlebags is beautiful and seamless.

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