Quality 2018 q50 carbon fiber spoiler

2018 q50 carbon fiber spoiler trunk spoiler lid wing

Feature 2018 q50 carbon fiber spoiler

Functions: Create a new iconic look, 2018 q50 carbon fiber spoiler maintain car body’s stability.
Installation: Free glue tape included in the package for easy installation, perfect fitment, no modification
Material: Carbon Fiber

2018 q50 carbon fiber spoiler best
2018 q50 carbon fiber spoiler best

Processing: 3D design, test installation on real cars, fitment 100% guaranteed
Surface finish: Carbon Fiber: Clear 3X3 twill weave carbon, shining surface
Packing: Multilayer protected export carton, shockproof & crashpro.


2018 Infiniti Q50 Review

While Infiniti has been riding a wave of increased sales thanks to the QX30 small crossover and the sultry Q60 coupe, the Q50 sports sedan remains the brand’s core vehicle and biggest seller. Since its launch for the 2014 model year, Infiniti has expanded and advanced the Q50’s lineup with more engine options, improved performance, and upgraded luxury.

For 2018, the Q50 receives a mild mid-cycle refresh, highlighted by slightly tweaked looks, rejiggered trim levels, and further refinement of the steering and the overall driving experience.

The 2018 q50 carbon fiber spoiler kicked off Infiniti’s Q-everything naming convention, and it’s now the first model to usher in a new trim-level nomenclature. What was formerly Base is now Pure, and what was Premium is now Luxe. The Sport trim continues, but there is a new Performance package available as an option that brings upgraded brakes, a firmer suspension, and a quicker steering ratio. The Red Sport 400 performance model stands as its own entity.

2018 q50 carbon fiber spoiler promotion
2018 q50 carbon fiber spoiler promotion

The engine lineup remains the same. The entry point is a 208-hp turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four, mid-level engines include a 300-hp twin-turbo 3.0-liter V-6 and a 360-hp 3.5-liter V-6 hybrid, and the range-topper also uses the boosted 3.0-liter V-6, tuned to 400 horsepower. Every powertrain is linked to a seven-speed automatic transmission, with magnesium paddle shifters available on the 3.0t Sport and the Red Sport 400.

The 2018 q50 carbon fiber spoiler remains one of the better values in the segment, with pricing of each version on par with or below those of their toughest competitors. The 2.0t Pure starts at $35,105, the 2.0t Luxe at $37,455, the 3.0t Luxe at $39,855, the 3.0t Sport at $41,555, the Hybrid Luxe at $51,505, and the Red Sport 400 at $51,905.

All models are rear-wheel drive to start, with all-wheel drive a $2000 option that is available across the board. The aforementioned Performance package has a $1500 price tag, and the new factory performance exhaust costs $589 to $681 (plus installation) depending on whether mufflers are included.

2018 q50 carbon fiber spoiler size
2018 q50 carbon fiber spoiler size

Spot the Difference

The Q50’s revised styling is so subtle that, at first glance, we thought we were gazing upon last year’s version. Up front, the bumper has been slightly reshaped, as has the grille and the daytime-running-light housings. The Luxe and the Pure have softer fascias intended to look more luxurious; the Sport and the Red Sport have edgier visuals that include integrated aero bits at the corners.

At the rear, there’s a new decklid, bumper, and taillights. The trunk swaps its lower chrome strip for a simple crease, the bumper no longer has reflectors, and the taillights adopt a more horizontal shape with LED lamps. The Sport models are further distinguished by black lower-bumper sections and contrasting body-color diffusers bracketed by special exhaust tips.

The 2.0t and 3.0t Luxe models add a new 18-inch wheel design, while the 19-inchers on the Hybrid Luxe and the 3.0t Sport are new as well. The interior gets contrast stitching, a new steering wheel, a new shift lever, upgraded interior lighting, and an available 16-speaker Bose Performance Series audio system.

The only model available for us to drive was a fully optioned Red Sport 400. As one of the smallest luxury automakers in the game, Infiniti’s plan to gain market share largely rests on offering more power for the same or less money, and this car is the headliner. The Red Sport 400, which also packs 350 lb-ft of torque, offers more ponies than the BMW 340i, the Audi S4, and the Mercedes-AMG C43.

Code-named VR30, this powerplant is the successor to the brand’s long-standing VQ series, and it first appeared in the Q50 last year. The engine is the car’s biggest strength and boasts a host of technologies that aid in making it more powerful, more efficient, and more responsive.

2018 q50 carbon fiber spoiler
2018 q50 carbon fiber spoiler

It features an exhaust manifold integrated into the cylinder head, liquid-to-air intercoolers, an electric motor on the valve-timing system, and a direct-injection system that delivers gasoline based on throttle position and engine speed. It also features a turbine speed sensor that allows for higher rpm and more boost—14.7 psi in the Red Sport compared with 9.5 psi in the lower-powered 3.0t Sport.

The result is snappy throttle response and virtually no turbo lag. The Q50 feels powerful because it is, and the rear can be kicked out easily—sometimes surprisingly so—although it’s immediately caught and corrected by the stability-control system. Turn it off, and it’s possible to disintegrate the rear tires in a smoky haze, if that’s your heart’s desire.

A 2016 Q50 Red Sport 400 we tested hustled from zero to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds, and we expect this facelifted version to perform similarly. Throttle tip-in is smooth, and there’s plentiful thrust for slingshotting around traffic. This engine lives up to the badge’s premium aspirations with its quiet and refined demeanor, which was enhanced this year by noise, vibration, and harshness reductions throughout the car.

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