2018 toyota 4runner body kit

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Feature 2018 toyota 4runner body kit

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2018 toyota 4runner body kit sticker
2018 toyota 4runner body kit sticker

Review 2018 toyota 4runner body kit

The 2018 toyota 4runner body kit is a traditional SUV with a split frame structure and sturdy rear axle similar to a pickup. This is one of the last SUVs designed in this way, offering a powerful ability to make the model an attractive option at first sight.

The 2018 toyota 4runner body kit essentially unchanged from its predecessor except the addition of a number of different optional packages.

In the US market, 2018 toyota 4runner body kit has up to 6 versions for customers to choose from, with converted prices ranging from 780 – 968 million VND. Meanwhile, in Vietnam, Toyota does not genuine distribution of this famous off-road vehicle. Toyota 4Runner returned to Vietnam in the form of a private CBU import with a pretty “acrid” price from about VND 2.6-2.8 billion.

Overview 2018 toyota 4runner body kit
Overview 2018 toyota 4runner body kit

The recent facelift of the Toyota 4Runner bears the design of a Tacoma pickup, another Toyota off-road product. With a boxy design while rivals possessing an angular look and lots of folds, the 4Runner prioritizes function over style. A higher chunk might not be the ideal change for a passenger to enter the cabin.

As for the 2018 model year changes, three new colors are available: Cavalry Blue (TRD Pro exclusive color), Midnight Black Metallic and Super White – previously exclusive to the TRD version but now available for all set of versions.

The new Wilderness package adds an extra bar to the luggage frame on the roof and also some minor upgrades to the interior compartment. In addition, the TRD Enhancement Package, which is only for TRD Off-road and TRD Off-road Premium, adds 17-inch smooth gray wheels and an engraved aluminum front registration plate.

At the front, the rugged tilting headlights and optional black mesh-shaped steering wheel bring a more modern look to the 2018 Toyota 4Runner. In addition, the scroll-style rear window is classic equipment of the Toyota 4Runner. 4Runner that is not found in many models today. This is an equipment that helps to ventilate the cabin, like a real convertible, especially comfortable in hot summer days.

Interior 2018 toyota 4runner body kit

The interior of the Toyota 4Runner 2018 can hardly be called a modern, modern with the gearshift lever that must appear from the last years of the last millennium. Plastic is the main material in the interior compartment, making it feel like it’s in another era – according to experts who evaluate the Toyota 4Runner 2018.

Regardless of the material and style, the 4Runner stands out for its comfort and spaciousness. The 2018 life has a small upgrade to the interior compartment, that is, passengers choose the Wilderness package for the SR5, SR5 Premium, TRD Off-road and TRD Off-road Premium versions that will be equipped with a floor mats for all weather. luggage compartment lining.

The tablo board and the instrument cluster are reasonably designed. The gearshift lever is easy to use. However, the Entune navigation screen is a bit small. The off-road dashboard at the top is a good piece of space.

A heated steering wheel is not available on the 4Runner despite a relatively high starting price.

2018 toyota 4runner body kit setup
2018 toyota 4runner body kit setup

Luggage compartment 2018 toyota 4runner body kit

  • The luggage compartment of the Toyota 4Runner 2018 is no different from its predecessor: still spacious, flexible and still too high above the ground. Nearly 1415 liters of luggage compartment capacity behind the second row and a total of 2491 liters is more than enough for most owners in most different luggage situations.
  • When adding the optional three rows of seats, this figure drops to only 254 liters – almost unusable. Those planning to use a 7-seater for regular long trips should consider the Dodge Durango. The 4Runner’s luggage compartment floor is nearly 91cm above the ground, so loading techniques are very important: use support feet.

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