2018 toyota highlander body kit

2018 toyota highlander body kit wiper front & rear wiper blades perfect

2018 toyota highlander body kit

  • Custom Fit, a direct replacement of the old ones.
  • 1 Million Times of Wiping.Temperature Tolerance: +158F to -40F (+70C to -40C)
  • Tension memory applies even pressure along the entire blade lengt
  • Specially blended rubber delivers the ultimate smooth, clean, chatter-free wipe
  • Aerodynamic design significantly reduces drag, noise and wind lift
  • Prevents ice and snow build-up from the exposure of metal/plastic components
  • Instruction: This item doesn’t come with manual installation
Details 2018 toyota highlander body kit
Details 2018 toyota highlander body kit

2018 Toyota Highlander review: a safe option

With the newly upgraded version, the 2018 toyota highlander body kit claims to be a feverish car because of its strength, luxury and spaciousness that no SUV can have.

Family car buyers generally favor three-row multi-purpose crossovers these days, and the 2018 toyota highlander body kit is very popular in this segment, even if it’s a long-standing model. The 2018 toyota highlander body kit is still very popular with consumers for many positive reasons. First, it benefits from Toyota’s reputation as an industry leader – a commitment to the customer that the car will provide an extremely pleasant experience.

Second, 2018 toyota highlander body kit has equipped the new Highlander with a range of safety enhancements to prevent crashes – which can cost thousands of dollars on other models. Although in the market for a long time, the name Highlander is still not outdated.

Setup 2018 toyota highlander body kit
Setup 2018 toyota highlander body kit

The 2018 toyota highlander body kit base price is $ 31,030 – a level very competitive with other popular three-row multi-purpose crossovers. However, no competitor is equipped with advanced safety features like the Highlander. Known as ‘Toyota Safety Sense P’ (TSS-P), these technologies often cost up to a few thousand dollars on other crossovers and are usually limited to the pricier versions.

The model tested here is the mid-range XLE AWD Highlander that starts at $ 38,920 with front-wheel drive and $ 40,380 with all-wheel drive. The only additional option available on the car is an infotainment system with a Blu-ray DVD player in the rear seats.

The cost of the car is $ 960, bringing the total cost to $ 43,184. This price is still on par with other competitors, including Toyota with more luxurious versions, can push the price up to 50 thousand dollars.


The last time Toyota redesigned the Highlander was four years ago. The longevity of this model, combined with the fact that so many Highlanders have been sold, means that the Highlander’s appearance has become extremely familiar. This model was updated once in 2016 and although its design is not outdated, it is not too prominent.


Highlander’s interior is purely about versatility, not aesthetics. The model tested here has brown-tone doors, but the embroidered thread on the seats is not in the same color. Also, the clock displayed on the front looks a bit outdated. These details indicate that the aesthetic aspect of the Highlander’s interior is not highly appreciated.

The interior of the car is very suitable for everyday use with details such as a large cup holder, lots of Australian gates and a large storage basket in the middle of the car. The storage tray located on the front passenger side is very convenient for storing small items.

Comfort is never an issue for the 2018 toyota highlander body kit if you are seated in the front two rows. The driver’s seat is also so smooth, that the driver can sit in the car for 12 hours for two days without exhausting. However, the Highlander’s third row is among the smallest in the segment and can hardly even accommodate minors, let alone adults. This makes the Highlander a third-row model that is rarely used, similar to the Hyundai Santa Fe and Kia Sorento.

View guide 2018 toyota highlander body kit
View guide 2018 toyota highlander body kit


This is probably the weakest side of the Highlander. The car’s infotainment system is outdated with limited power and outdated graphics compared to newer systems currently on the market. It’s astonishing that a 2018 model doesn’t support CarPlay and Android Auto (which is, in fact, most Toyota models). After all, the Highlander has very little new or exciting technology.

This model has an entertainment system in the back seat that can read Blu-ray discs, however, in today’s smartphone and tablet era, this feature is no longer too useful. Although there are five USB ports on the car, no ports are located in the third row.

A rare interesting technology that Toyota brings to the car is Easy Speak, which amplifies the voices of the front occupants through the speaker system so that the rear occupants can hear more clearly. However, this technology is only available in the most advanced versions.

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