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2018 toyota tundra body kit

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Body kit for toyota tundra
Body kit for toyota tundra

Toyota tundra 2018 Review

Compared to the rival Ford F-150, 2018 toyota tundra body kit is not as much imported by private enterprises to Vietnam. This model is often brought in by private showrooms with the highest variant being the 1794 Edition 4×4.

The 2017 version, however, to the 2018 generation with many upgrades as well as the difficulty in the method of importing the car back to the country will certainly cause the price to increase sharply.

The 2018 toyota tundra body kit 1794 Edition is classified in the same segment as the Ford F-150 Platinum. Like the opponent, the design of the Toyota Tundra 1794 is pitiful but still exudes a luxurious and sophisticated look thanks to the shiny chrome metal details in the grille cluster. On the 2018 version, the 3 middle spokes are made of dual form, with the Toyota logo attached in the middle. Headlights, navigation lights, and fog lights use LED technology instead of the previous halogen.

The wheels are 20 inch different designs compared to the other versions with 275/55 tires. Fixed up and down steps with a new design. At the rear, Tundra 1794 is equipped with power outlet, towing device, reverse camera, Tundra logo quite large. Unfortunately, the 2018 toyota tundra body kit is not equipped with a top-and-down rear hatch like the Ford F-150 Platinum. The car’s lid helps to open and close very gently.

Toyota tundra 2018 new
Toyota tundra 2018 new

The Toyota Tundra 2018 has a TRD sport version and new safety equipment

Toyota brought to the Chicago Auto Show 2017 the Tundra 2018 full-size pickup with significant improvements, added accessories and safety equipment.

The most notable piece of information for this 2018 model is that Toyota has added the TRD Sport model to its large Tundra pickup line. Outside, the TRD Sport is different in that the rear-view mirrors and the hood on the bonnet are painted in a special color scheme, along with 20-inch silver alloy wheels, smoke-colored trim around the lights. LED front lighting, TRD Sport logo and 5 different exterior paint colors. Inside the car, the gear knob and the floor mats carry the TRD logo.

The TRD Sport special sport package for Tundra 2018 involves not only the design items, but also the Bilstein suspension and the TRD front and rear balance bars developed.

Driving 2018 toyota tundra body kit
Driving 2018 toyota tundra body kit
  1. The remaining versions (not equipped with the TRD package) are only slightly improved. The top versions Limited and 1794 Edition will get a new grille. LED lights, daytime running lights and fog lights will be found on Limited, Platinum and 1794 models. Basic SR and SR5 versions feature halogen and LED daytime running lights.
  2. With regards to safety equipment, all 2018 Tundra models will come equipped with the Safety Sense-P safety package. This package includes a pre-collision warning system, lane departure warning system, automatic high beam system and active speed control system.
  3. The drivetrain was almost unchanged. That means the Tundra will still be powered by a 5.7L V8 with 381 hp and a smaller 4.6L V8 with 310 hp.

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