Overview 2018 toyota yaris body kit

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Features 2018 toyota yaris body kit

  • Direct Fit.
  • Easy install and durable use.
  • Great quality and great Fitment.
  • Correct Connector No cutting or splicing.
  • Strict quality control standards to Build and test.
  • Will Dramatically Improve The Sporty Appearance For Your Car.
2018 toyota yaris body kit
2018 toyota yaris body kit

Overview 2018 toyota yaris body kit

The 2018 toyota yaris body kit hatchback is ideal for a family car with a compact size, easy to park, and very affordable price. But at that price, you have to be limited in interior, as well as equipped with safety systems.

On the plus side, the 2018 toyota yaris body kit has a reversing camera for easy reversing and easy parking. It is also one of the few models in the segment to offer the latest in advanced safety assist devices, including lane departure warning, automatic anti-glare headlights, front collision warning and reduce collisions. Since this is a Hatchback, it has more space inside than a Sedan.

Regarding the infotainment screen, there is no integration of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay apps, which is also a limitation with the price as above.

2018 toyota yaris body kit best
2018 toyota yaris body kit best

Equipment and features

The 2018 toyota yaris body kit is a compact Hatchback equipped with a 1.5-liter inline 4-cylinder engine that produces 107 hp at 6000 rpm and a maximum torque of 140 Nm at 4200. rpm. Transmission via automatic transmission with 7 virtual levels.

Standard features on the Yaris G variant with 15-inch wheel rims, tire size 185/60, omnidirectional reflective Halogen headlights, smart key press start button with remote door lock function, control air, height-adjustable driver’s seat, tilt steering wheel, 60/40 folding rear seats, Bluetooth, 6.1-inch touchscreen and a six-speaker audio system with CD player, HD radio and USB port.


While the 2018 toyota yaris body kit doesn’t deliver with a top-of-the-line driving experience, it also pleases you, rated 3.5 out of 5 stars by expert reviewers. With a capacity of 107 horsepower is rated a bit low in the segment, the acceleration from 0 – 96 km / h in 9.5 seconds is average. Rated to be slower than competitors in the same line.

Braking at 100 km / h when the brake is slipping 37.5 m is considered average. But rated as suitable for most of the competitors, also rated for safety compared to this segment and price.

In addition to the 2018 toyota yaris body kit inherent strength in size and compactness and light weight, its responsive steering and reasonable grip make it a confident and professional handler.

Interior 2018 toyota yaris body kit
Interior 2018 toyota yaris body kit


With the number of seats 5 compared to the size, the legroom space is very comfortable, but with the car for urban trips in the city of Toyota Yaris is acceptable. The Yaris also lacks a center armrest between the seats.

Regarding the noise caused to passengers in the vehicle such as wind noise, road noise, engine noise is assessed at an acceptable level.


Interior quality of the Yaris is considered average, with regular felt upholstery on the E variant and premium felt on the G variant. Customer space is acceptable and cabin is reasonably spacious and spacious.

Easy to use

The touchscreen interface works quite well, although some icons are a bit difficult to press. The air conditioner control couldn’t be simpler and easier to use.

In and out of the car

The large front doors, high roof and relatively high hip point make it easy to enter the Yaris. The rear doors are well designed, and the relatively spacious legroom means you don’t have to squeeze yourself in.


Due to the design of 5 seats more than 1 seat compared to 4 seats in the same segment, the rear legroom is not very comfortable. If the body is large, the 3-seater rear seat is a bit tight, and for the average person it is just right. The driver’s seat is height-adjustable for all driver’s sizes.

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