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2019 toyota avalon body kit splash guards mudguards fender dirty

Details 2019 toyota avalon body kit

2019 toyota avalon body kit – Molded Splash Guards provide excellent lower body protection and accent the vehicle styling. Made of TPO Plastic to be rigid and paintable. They are molded to the contours of the vehicle for a custom fit

These tough-wearing mud guards seamlessly blend with the vehicles styling and minimise the risk of dirt, road debris and stone chips flying up from the Front and rear tyres.Provide additional protection whilst enhancing the sporty exterior of your vehicle

4pcs 2019 toyota avalon body kit
4pcs 2019 toyota avalon body kit

Review Toyota Avalon 2019

With high-tech interior and luxury features on the car, experts evaluate the 2019 toyota avalon body kit will be the car that makes customers feel like sitting on a Lexus.

The new 2019 toyota avalon body kit may be lower than its predecessor, but its high-tech interior and luxurious features make it a Lexus. The model will hit dealerships later this spring in XSE, Touring, XLE and Limited, along with V-6 and hybrid powertrain variants.

In addition, the car uses the same TNGA platform as the 2018 Camry, so the redesigned 2019 toyota avalon body kit also benefits from the advancement in the Camry’s vehicle platform and powertrain engineering. Models that directly compete with the 2019 Avalon are the Chrysler 300 and Nissan Maxima.

Overall, the 2019 toyota avalon body kit looks better than the Camry, both inside and out, thanks in part to the car’s larger size ratio. The length of the Avalon 2019 is 4.98 m, 1.78 cm longer than the last year’s model. However, the hood is 2.54 cm lower than the current model, making it look sportier.

Toyota also says that the 2019 Avalon will get a new body color: Wind Chill pearl and Ruby Flare pearl.

Details 2019 toyota avalon body kit
Details 2019 toyota avalon body kit

Car front design

At the front of the car are optional LED headlights and adaptive angle widening lights. Besides, depending on the model, the front part of the car is equipped with how. Accordingly, the XLE and Limited models have a chromed gray grille and silver headlight frame, while the XSE and Touring sports car has a black grille and black headlight frame.

Vehicle body design

The top 2019 toyota avalon body kit model gets 19-inch alloy wheels, while the standard model gets 17-inch wheels. The new Avalon model also offers increased aerodynamics thanks to the front spoiler, floor panels and rear spoiler. Together with other design elements, the car’s aerodynamic index is quite good.

Tailor design

At the rear, Avalon 2019 is equipped with 4 exhaust pipes for the first time. Besides, LED taillights are standard on the vehicle. In addition, the Touring and Limited models are equipped with active turn indicators that flash sequentially along with LED “Vision Tech” LED headlights and adaptive LED beam angle extension lights.

The interior of the 2019 Avalon really makes it stand out. Featured above the dashboard is a 9-inch touchscreen display with traditional controls and buttons on the side. Underneath the infotainment screen is a temperature control system.

In addition, the new Avalon model also offers the first-class spacious space for passengers in the vehicle. Accordingly, passengers will experience soft materials and admire piano black details and chrome satin details. Avalon 2019 also owns a genuine Yamaha wooden steering wheel with aluminum details and 2-layer leather upholstery along with a 3D light ring around the instrument cluster.

Rear passengers have air conditioning and a USB charging port as well as heated rear seats. Up front, the driver gets a 3 spoke steering wheel with new cruise control like on a Camry. In addition, the thin windscreen pillars help maximize visibility ahead and enhance the sense of spaciousness.

Driving interior 2019 toyota avalon body kit
Driving interior 2019 toyota avalon body kit

2019 Toyota Avalon review on seat design

The seats of the Avalon XLE model are upholstered in Softex leather in black, gray or beige. The XSE and Touring models are upholstered in Ultra suede leather in either black or gray, while the Limited model is leather upholstered in gray, beige, or Cognac diamond motifs.

Besides, as mentioned above, the seating space on the Avalon 2019 is quite spacious and the rear seats also have heating features.

In addition to the infotainment system on the center console, the 2019 Avalon also has a 7.0-inch screen behind the steering wheel that displays the clock, vehicle information, navigation steps and vehicle safety settings. In addition to the digital instrument cluster, Avalon also has a digital instrument cluster in the central display menu.

In addition, Avalon 2019 marks a breakthrough for Toyota in the field of state-of-the-art connectivity features. In addition to the ability to connect Apple CarPlay and Amazon Alexa, the two connectivity features that users expect on higher-end sedans, Avalon can also connect to smartwatches, allowing users to lock and unlock. lock the car or start the engine remotely.

Additionally, the Qi wireless charging pad is standard equipment in the vehicle. Some Avalon models will also have a JBL 1,200 W sound system with 14 speakers.

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