Entire car 2019 toyota prius body kit

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Features 2019 toyota prius body kit bumper

  • Brand New and Good Quality
  • Universal fit for most of cars
  • Material: High Quality ABS
  • Size: Please Check the size on the Picture
  • Color: Gloss Black
  • Factory-Quality, made in a ISO 9001 9002 Factory
Details 2019 toyota prius body kit
Details 2019 toyota prius body kit

2019 toyota prius body kit electric car safety saving

Not only is it appreciated as a top-of-the-line fuel-efficient car, but the 2019 toyota prius body kit also has a quite comfortable interior and modern safety features fully equipped.

Impressive Toyota Prius 2019 exterior:

You can buy the 2019 toyota prius body kit right away because it possesses pretty ideal parameters in both length and width and height. These parameters are 4,540 mm x 1,760 mm and 1,490 mm respectively. In addition, the 2,700 mm wheelbase is also the property of the vehicle.

In particular, the design of the exterior is also emphasized around the body with embossed veins to create a bold, solid, yet soft and attractive look. In addition, the car’s exterior also owns many colors and the lighting system is very delicate to each corner.

For example: the Y-shaped headlight cluster, the undercarriage cluster has an impressive triangle shape. Along with being equipped with led headlights, Led fog lights with integrated daytime headlights increasingly make the 2019 toyota prius body kit become more beautiful and arrogant.

Driving 2019 toyota prius body kit
Driving 2019 toyota prius body kit

In particular, the lighting features of the lights are maximized to ensure your journey is safe. The car’s logo logo as well as the wheel design details create highlights. It makes those who are passionate about the youthful and modern style of an economical car immediately choose the 2019 toyota prius body kit.

In general, the exterior of the car is appreciated and captured the sympathy of customers right in its launch in Vietnam. Moreover, the 2019 toyota prius body kit has many colors for customers to choose their favorite color. To get a closer look at the details we mentioned, please go to a genuine Toyota dealer anywhere.

The interior of the Toyota Prius 2019 is comfortable and modern

The most noteworthy is the equipment inside the interior of the Toyota Prius 2019. It is considered quite comfortable such as the Toyota Entune high-end entertainment equipment, 7-inch touch screen for sharp and vivid images. Besides, the car also has navigation system, satellite radio, HD radio, real-time data …

The smartphone’s app-enabled devices make customers more satisfied and appreciated than their predecessor. The interior of the interior also has to include the taplo panel with a just right design position and buttons for easy control for the driver. At the same time, the seat position is convenient for access even though it is not too wide.

Compared to the mid-range price range, the interior equipment of the Toyota Prius 2019 is highly appreciated and has more outstanding features. At the same time, customers can also enjoy the cool air of the air-conditioning system, the quiet space inside as well as can relax on long journeys right on this baby car.

2019 toyota prius body kit
2019 toyota prius body kit

The engine of the Toyota Prius 2019 is the most impressive detail because it saves fuel and makes customers not hesitate to choose. Specifically, the car is equipped with a 4-cylinder, 1.8-liter petrol engine with a capacity of 96 hp at 5,200 rpm and a torque of 142 Nm at 3600 rpm and an electric motor for a capacity of 10 horsepower. force and torque 163 Nm.

The parameters of fuel economy are quite ideal and can save 20%, even 30% compared to conventional cars thanks to the combination of gasoline fuel and electricity. This figure is considered extremely ideal for the small car segment. The Toyota Prius 2019 will self-adjust and know when to use electricity and when to use gasoline for your journey.

In addition, the design of the engine, chassis, ground clearance, minimum turning radius is also a harmonious and synchronous overall combination. Therefore, the car will operate more durable and quieter even when the customer has used it for many years. Thus, the car has both eye-catching and durable exterior, everyone wants to have a car in hand.

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