2020 bmw s1000rr windscreen

2020 bmw s1000rr windscreen double bubble

Details 2020 bmw s1000rr windscreen

Quantity: One Piece 2020 bmw s1000rr windscreen
Color: As the picture shown
Placement on Vehicle: Front
Material: High Quality ABS Plastic

Details 2020 bmw s1000rr windscreen
Details 2020 bmw s1000rr windscreen

Condition: 100% Brand New aftermarket item (Non-OEM),never used or installed. Installation Instructions and Mount Screws Not Included.


Overview 2020 bmw s1000rr

Twisting the grip of this new BMW motorcycle is an eye-opening experience. You’ll have Zeus-like abilities at your beck and call, spooling up rapidly virtually anywhere in the rpm band. There is a palpable amount of low-end grunt coming in around 4k, quickly followed by loads of new-found mid-range strength.

The new ShiftCam technology improves power delivery in the low and mid-section of the rpm band. All of that low-end and midrange seamlessly transitions into the unending top-end rush that is akin to a fighter jet hitting the afterburner at 10k—the motor doesn’t stop pulling until the 400-rpm higher redline of 14,600 rpm.

For 2020, the 2020 bmw s1000rr windscreen has a claimed 205 horsepower at 13,500 rpm, and 83 ft/lbs of torque at 11,000 rpm—that’s +6 horsepower and a whopping +15 ft/lbs! Although dyno figures don’t tell the whole story, they do aid in the all-important roadside bragging rights. Engineers put the powerplant on a diet, shedding nine pounds overall, with 3.5 pounds attributed to the new lightweight crankshaft alone.

Hollow-bore titanium valves further the cause to reduce the mass of drivetrain components, helping the new engine produce much more get-up-and-go than ever before. The one downside is to all those featherweight internal bits is that you feel quite a bit of vibration through the grips when deep into the revs—something that’s forgotten quickly once your eyes are focused on the track.

2020 bmw s1000rr windscreen promotion
2020 bmw s1000rr windscreen promotion

I realize that I’ve given quite a bit of praise to this engine, and it’s deserving of every ounce. However, there is a noticeable flat spot from about 5500 to 8000 rpm, specifically when in second gear. This flat spot isn’t a problem that our European colleagues observed, and we were told that the issue is related to DOT emissions testing. It is something that BMW Motorrad USA is working on fixing before these motorcycles make it to the US market.

Rain, Road, Dynamic, and Race alter every parameter of the new RR, ranging from six-axis IMU-supported ABS, traction control, wheelie control, rear-wheel lift mitigation, throttle response, and electronic suspension adjustment, if you’ve included the Select Package in the purchase. BMW has done a great job of making each of these modes incrementally stepped.

Road mode is suited for the street, having a soft throttle response, plush damping rates, and conservative intervention; the TC and WC lights flashed frantically while learning Barber’s layout. Dynamic is slightly firmer in terms of damping, and a hair more relaxed intrusion, while Race has a sporty response, firmed up damping, and intervention closer to where I’d like – it’s suitable for track riding.

Overview 2020 bmw s1000rr windscreen
Overview 2020 bmw s1000rr windscreen

BMW Motorrad launched its maiden superbike, dubbed the S 1000 RR. In that time, the Bavarian beast saw a soft update in 2012, and a more comprehensive revision three years later. The S 1000 RR is managing to stay competitive in an ever-changing liter-bike market without a full rebuild.

The 2020 BMW S 1000 RR is a ground-up redesign of the Beemer superbike, replete with even greater power, finer-tuned electronics, and completely reworked chassis dynamics that redefines the S 1000 RR.

We packed our bags and headed off to one of America’s meccas of motorcycling—Barber Motorsports Park. There, we spent a full day in the saddle of the 2020 BMW S 1000 RR fitted with the illustrious M Package, and now, without further ado, here are the Fast Facts.

2020 bmw s1000rr Standart

Although Race Pro Modes is included in other tiered packages, if you want the ability to adjust or disable +/- 7 levels of TC, three levels of wheelie control and engine braking, five-level ABS, you will need to spring for it. Also, you will be receiving hill start assistance, launch control, Dynamic Braking Control (disabled in Race Pro Modes) and a pit limiter.

Speed 2020 bmw s1000rr windscreen
Speed 2020 bmw s1000rr windscreen

In the preset riding modes, intervention is a little too eager for my taste. Race mode gave me some wiggle room to play with. It allowed me to drive hard over the crest of turn four while lifting the wheel a bit, but it is still mindful. Once I dabbled with the fully adjustable Race Pro modes, I explored the leniency of the electronics and slowly began dialing down the TC and WC.

I settled with WC and ABS in level 1. TC was bumped down to -3, allowing me to get on the gas as early as I would dare while exiting turns such as 5b— a long, off-camber left-hand corner. Going lower, the slides were a bit extreme for my skill and risk levels. If anything, it illustrates how precise the levels of adjustment are.

2020 bmw s1000rr windscreen is certainly showing off the kind of luxury displays that are commonplace on the four-wheeled side. Everything is crystal clear and completely visible at all times. My sole complaint is with the interface is that the only on-the-fly adjustment one can make to the electronics is with the TC button on the left side. It would be great to use the “wonder wheel” to be able to access WC, ABS, and riding modes with the same ease that some of the Beemer’s competitors offer.

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