Overview 2020 toyota rav4 body kit

2020 toyota rav4 body kit splitter lip cover diffuser spoiler full

2020 toyota rav4 body kit

  • Features: dustproof, soundproof 
  • Suitable models: Universal for all cars  
  • Highly fits the gap in the center console of the car, it is stable and it does not easily fall off. 
  • No need to paste, stick directly to the gap on the line. 
  • Strong toughness, not easy to destroy and it can be used for a long time. High quality, easy to clean.
Details size 2020 toyota rav4 body kit
Details size 2020 toyota rav4 body kit

2020 toyota rav4 body kit has many new improvements and is equipped with the necessary weapons to confront the Honda CR-V in the same small SUV segment. However, commensurate with what Rav4 offers, the price is in the high-end segment.

Overall, the 2020 toyota rav4 body kit is still the perfect choice for those who love the strangeness, not in contact.


Toyota Rav4 2020 evaluation of the engine

According to Toyota, the Rav4 engine has been tweaked to achieve higher performance than before. 2020 toyota rav4 body kit uses a full-time 4-wheel drive system with a 2.5L 4-cylinder petrol engine with an 8-speed automatic transmission or a CVT hybrid version of the continuously variable transmission. This powerful engine block for a maximum capacity of 203 horsepower, 250Nm of torque.

Toyota Rav4 2020 review of driving feeling

2020 toyota rav4 body kit has a height of 218mm, so the wading ability of the car is completely guaranteed. Many experts say that the performance of the car is very gentle because the drag coefficient of the car decreases from 3 to 4% depending on the version.

The reason is that the new floor frame helps the air to circulate smoothly under the car, so 2020 toyota rav4 body kit moves “glide” than before.

2020 toyota rav4 body kit
2020 toyota rav4 body kit

The AWD-i hybrid drive system has a 50% increase in power compared to the previous version, so the traction is stronger, and the feeling of cornering is also easier. The 4-wheel drive system with great capacity helps the car have an advantage when conquering the road and terrain.

2020 toyota rav4 body kit is equipped with 235 / 55R19 thick tires, so the car runs very smoothly. The front / rear brake disc vent / solid disc prevents braking from getting hotter when running continuously. And despite its large body, Rav4 still feels light steering thanks to the electric power steering.

Toyota Rav4 2020 rating on fuel consumption

2020 toyota rav4 body kit owns an average fuel consumption of about 6L / 100Km. Specifically, when running on the expressway is 6.72L / 100Km, the city is 9.05L / 100Km and the mixture is 7.84L / 100Km. If all-wheel drive is added in LE, XLE, Premium, Limited and Adventure models, fuel consumption will drop to 7.84 / 8.4 / 8.4L / 100Km (city / highway / mixed).

Compare car prices in the same segment

Toyota Rav4 2020 has a relatively high price. In the US, the starting price of the car is from 20,000 USD – nearly 40,000 USD with fully advanced equipment. In Vietnam, the unit announced the selling price of Toyota Rav4 2020 is about 2.3 billion VND.

Driving 2020 toyota rav4 body kit
Driving 2020 toyota rav4 body kit

Meanwhile, competitors of the Toyota Rav4 2020 have the following prices:

Honda CR-V from 983 million dong to 1,093 billion dong
Jeep Cherokee 2020 from 572 million VND
Ford Escape from 606 million VND – 720 million VND
Mazda CX-5 from 929 million – 1,049 billion.
Thus, compared to the price, the Toyota Rav4 2020 only loses the Honda CR-V and the Mazda CX-5.


  • The four wheels of the RAV4 2020 are powered by a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder petrol engine. This machine is capable of producing a maximum capacity of 203 hp, maximum torque of 250 Nm. “Slightly” than Honda CR-V 15 horsepower, 10 Nm.
  • All the power of the RAV4 is transmitted to the AWD 4-wheel drive system through an 8-speed automatic transmission.
  • With a “huge” capacity and 4-wheel drive system, the RAV4 2020 will have a great advantage when conquering owners who have strict requirements for driving on the road and terrain.
  • Smoothness will also be a major advantage of the RAV4 with independent MacPherson-style front suspension with stabilizer bars and hydraulic dampers. Hanging behind the multi-link link, accompanied by thick tires with parameters 235 / 55R19.
  • In addition, the car is also integrated front / rear brake system ventilated disc / solid disc to help limit braking status when used continuously. Despite its large body, the feeling of driving RAV4 control is very light thanks to the use of electric power steering.
  • The car has a high ground clearance of 218 mm, so the owner can be completely assured of the Toyota Rav4 2020’s wading ability.

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