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Notes 2020 toyota yaris body kit

Change in accordance with the law: you need to carefully understand the provisions of the law. Because the State has issued terms and clear penalties for vehicles that change the structure of the vehicle voluntarily.

The 2020 toyota yaris body kit for high-end cars is intended to beautify the car’s exterior, not to change the structure of the car, not to increase the length, width and size of the car too much, or affect to the safety of the vehicle in traffic. Therefore, the 2020 toyota yaris body kit level is very rarely punished in traffic.

2020 toyota yaris body kit
2020 toyota yaris body kit

Not arbitrarily changing the structure, composition, structure of the vehicle: Reworking to increase engine power, changing lights, changing tires, rims, paint colors … is prohibited because this will change the whole structural system, causing traffic safety loss and danger to pedestrians.

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2020 toyota yaris body kit equipped with facilities

The entertainment screen is the next upgrade on the 2020 toyota yaris body kit with a neat design and maximum reduction of keys compared to its predecessor. The touch screen on the car can connect to peripherals via USB / Bluetooth and smartphones with a 6-speaker audio system.

In addition, the 2020 toyota yaris body kit has many other amenities such as: 1-touch steering wheel, front seat armrests, automatic air conditioning system, USB port, remote power door lock, 326L wide luggage compartment and expandable when 60:40 second row seats.

Safety technology

2020 toyota yaris body kit là mẫu xe đạt chuẩn an toàn 5 sao ASEAN NCAP với khá nhiều công nghệ an toàn có thể kể đến như:

  • Hệ thống chống bó cứng phanh (ABS)
  • Hệ thống hỗ trợ lực phanh khẩn cấp (BA)
  • Hệ thống phân phối lực phanh điện tử (EBD)
  • Hệ thống cân bằng điện tử (VSC)
  • Hệ thống kiểm soát lực kéo (TRC)
  • Hệ thống hỗ trợ khởi hành ngang dốc (HAC)
  • Camera lùi
  • Cảm biến đỗ xe trước/sau
  • 7 túi khí…
Overview 2020 toyota yaris body kit
Overview 2020 toyota yaris body kit

Engine and commissioning

At the heart of “Toyota Yaris 2020” is a petrol engine block with a capacity of 1.5L, 4 cylinders in line with a maximum capacity of 107 horsepower and 140 Nm of torque. familiar CVT automatic transmission.

Do not change the engine as well as the chassis, the Toyota Yaris 2020 still offers the same performance as the old version. This model uses the same engine with the “king” of Toyota Vios sales, is the driving feeling the same?

According to the practical experience of the Toyota Yaris 2020 review team, the model is really suitable for everyday commuting in the inner city roads thanks to its compact size.

This B-class hatchback has an electrically powered steering wheel, so the car offers a gentle steering feel. In particular, women will find it easy to drive Toyota Yaris 2020 and easy control of the car with one hand. Even at high speed, the Toyota Yaris still has a light steering wheel and the ability to respond to the road is not really good. In this respect, the Toyota Vios seems to do better than its “brother”.

One thing we are not satisfied with on the Toyota Yaris 2020 when the car has a large minimum radius of 5.7m. This will be an obstacle for drivers when they have to turn around in narrow inner city roads. The car’s turning circle is also the largest in the segment, even larger than a 7-seater car like the Mitsubishi Xpander.

View 2020 toyota yaris body kit
View 2020 toyota yaris body kit

Toyota Yaris 2020 uses Mc Pherson-style front suspension and a torsion bar rear. With an improved suspension system compared to the old generation, the Toyota Yaris offers a smooth feeling, along with the smooth transmission of the CVT gearbox, making the user have a better experience with the car.

However, in the popular car segment and small cars like the Toyota Yaris 2020, soundproofing is still a big problem. Although it has improved compared to the previous generation, but this is still a relatively noisy car and it is not difficult to feel the buzzing even at low speeds. Noise coming into the cockpit of the Toyota Yaris 2020 does not come from the engine or tire, but mainly due to the noise of the surrounding environment.

In the new version, a valuable improvement of Toyota for the Yaris comes from the automatic gas system that has been equipped to provide a more leisurely experience for users on the road. This will be an equipment that customers cannot buy when buying some 7-seater models such as Toyota Rush, Avanza or Suzuki Ertiga, XL7.

In general, the Toyota Yaris 2020 is a car capable of operating just enough to use and suitable for women with the advantage of a compact body, a gentle electric power steering wheel when traveling in crowded streets.

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