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240sx carbon fiber film car sticker for Nissan

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4pcs 240sx carbon fiber Car door Handle Protection Film car Sticker For Nissan Juke Tiida Teana GTR GTR 350Z 370Z 240SX Car Accessories Automobile

Size 240sx carbon fiber
Size 240sx carbon fiber

Material: Carbon Fiber + Soft Crystal Epoxy
Quantity: 1 Set of 4 pcs
Item weight: Approx 30g


Nissan 240SX Review

The time is here. Time for me to scrutinize the RWD Nissan everybody loves. Just kidding I love these also. The S13 pictured above is what I am reviewing, it us a USDM 1989 240SX that has a KA24DE swap from a USDM S14. 89 and 90 in the US had KA24E’s a SOHC variant of the engine.

This car 240sx carbon fiber belongs to my friend Rowdy. Now in Rowdy’s defense, this car used to be one color. He was parked at school one day, a massive diesel “Brodozer” parked next to him. The Brodozer left and took out his front bumper and fender. This was all caught on camera. The Brodozer parked his truck at his parents place, locked the keys in it and fled the state. He was later arrested out of state but has a large laundry list of other crimes he commit beforehe gets to repaying Rowdy. I think I have done an exemplary job of explaining why it has two colors.

Modifications consist of wheels, coilovers, swaybars, a half cage, Blitz catback exhaust and Bride seats. The interior was also stripped out by the previous owner. The car rode pretty rough and was noisy. Interior bits were falling apart due to the age and all the vibrations the car created. No AC meant I was drenched as well.

The car was slow in a straight line, but it wasn’t painful. Have you ever driven a car that is slow and you really have to rip through the rpms to get anywhere? As if the car wasn’t propelling its self but the climbing rpms were the only thing to allow the car to move? This car is not like that, it still feels like the car propels itself, just in a slow manor.

Details 240sx carbon fiber
Details 240sx carbon fiber

The chassis, the chassis is where this car shines. Now I am not going to talk about the drift potential of this vehicle. The internet will tell 1000 times its great for drifting and it will tell you a 1000 more times. The car is tossable into corners. It can really carry a lot of speed through sweepers and tight twisties.

The steering is fast, transmission is tight, pedals in the perfect spot and a chassis that communicates really makes this a fun car to carve in. Its somewhat light weight so it makes it harder to overwhelm the front tires, the car has a lot of camber making it so when the car is loaded up it has plenty of tire to fall onto. There is a little bit of bumpsteer, but it isn’t unnerving.

I think the biggest drawback is the fact that the car still has an open differential. Getting on the power, even on high speed sweepers, you could feel the rear of the car want to wander. It felt like putting the gas pedal down would make the rear end wander away (not in a sense of drifting), rather than push the car through the corner. Personally, I would put a good LSD in this car ASAP. The good news is the owner is making efforts towards this. Lucky as well, the aftermarket for these cars are almost at levels of the Honda aftermarket. It is easy to configure your S-chassis how ever you want it.

I genuinely feel like people who buy this JUST for drifting are missing out. Not that doing that is a bad thing but SO many people look at this vehicle like its god given talent was drifting that they miss out on the other great things this car can achieve. You S-chassis owners that don’t, try some canyon carving, autocross or track, you guys are really missing out. This car has plenty more on its resume than its drifting career.

Overview 240sx carbon fiber
Overview 240sx carbon fiber

Nissan 240SX Rekindles the Spirit of the Original Z-Car

This is now, and the 240SX is Nissan. The new 240, though not directly related to the original, is also a car to lust after—unlike the 200SX it replaces. The 240’s trappings, from its voluptuous lines to its worthy innards, showcase Nissan’s reborn enthusiasm. A trip in the SX proves that, just as with the original 240Z, a flight in a well-trimmed craft brings its pilot great joy.

The 240sx carbon fiber steps up to the needs of the 1990s with all the right stuff. It contains a new, naturally aspirated, twelve-valve, 2.4-liter four-cylinder instead of the 200SX’s naturally aspirated V-6 or four-cylinder turbo. The SX handsomely houses the new engine amid lighter weight and better handling; Nissan’s engineers may have relearned flying overnight, but they weren’t born yesterday.

Overview 240sx carbon fiber
Overview 240sx carbon fiber

Nissan’s new managers cleverly insisted on retaining the 200SX’s basic rear-drive layout. The 240sx carbon fiber makes the most of it with a new rear suspension. Its multilink design offers welcome self-stabilizing characteristics and precise handling—areas where the 200’s higher weight, narrower tracks, and less accomplished tires showed a weaker grip on theory and road alike.

The new suspension design—similar to that finalized for the next 300ZX—easily provides almost any mix of agility and stability that Nissan cares to dial in. It delivers increasingly benign toe-in as cornering loads grow. It minimizes squat, lift, camber change, and jacking for flatter handling without stiffer springs and bushings. The 240’s front suspension retains the 200’s strut layout but includes more anti-dive.

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