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25567 vw600 Combination Switch Cable Assy for Nissan

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Perfect fit and finish easy assembly, great replacement for your original one. 25567 vw600 1 x Car Steering Wheel Combination Switch Cable Assy

Size 25567 vw600 Nissan
Size 25567 vw600 Nissan

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Nissan Sunny 2021 Review

Nissan Sunny25567 vw600 The name is slowly disappearing from the mind of auto consumers in Vietnam. Because for a long time, the Japanese brand’s B-class sedan has not had a radical revolution, strong enough to compete for market share in the segment. Therefore, Nissan Sunny has been overshadowed by rival names Toyota Vios, Hyudai Accent, Honda City … What Vietnamese users need is a completely new Nissan Sunny, convincing in all aspects.

And the Nissan Sunny 2021 appears with a comprehensive “transformation”, this sedan has entered the 4th generation. This will be the car that can stand in the way of the “big boys” in the B-class sedan segment in Vietnam. According to many sources, the Nissan Sunny All New could be launched in the country in the near future, most likely around the first or second quarter of 2021.

The current Nissan Sunny in Vietnam is considered by users to have an old, outdated design. That’s absolutely true because when looking at the new generation, Nissan has completely changed the Sunny, making this car more fresh and trendy.

25567 vw600 best
25567 vw600 best

Not only changing the new “coat”, the “backbone” of the Nissan Sunny 2021 also improves when the car is 40 mm longer and 46 mm wider. Accordingly, the overall dimensions of the Nissan Sunny reach 4,495 x 1,740 x 1,460 (mm), with a wheelbase of 2,601 mm.

At first sight, Nissan Sunny 25567 vw600 has impressed fans of this car line by the lowered hood, the bonnet is emphasized by the subtle embossed lines. In the 4th generation, Nissan’s B-class car uses a new design language, but the V-motion grille is maintained to create a distinctive feature imprinted with the brand.

No longer a off-beat Halogen light as before, now Nissan Sunny has owned “sexy eyes” thanks to full LED technology. In particular, the headlamp / cos cluster of the car is also divided into modern LED compartments with impressive hook-shaped daytime running lights.

Thanks to the significantly increased length size, the Nissan Sunny 2021 increases the visual effects when viewed from the body, the car becomes more long and solid than its predecessor. In particular, the C-pillar part of the car is cleverly integrated with the black decorative details, making the car longer.

Overview 25567 vw600 Nissan
Overview 25567 vw600 Nissan

The rim is also a new detail on Sunny with a swirling multi-spoke design with standard 15-inch size. Entering the new generation, Nissan’s sporty style is also emphasized with a black-painted mirror section with LED turn signals.

At the rear, Nissan Sunny has a slimmer and more compact design than the old one. The highlight that attracts users when approaching the car from behind comes from the new youthful herringbone-shaped taillights using LED technology. At the same time, the Nissan Sunny 2021 continues to promote its strength in the old version with the rear spoiler and the front bumper with aerodynamic split lines.

Not stopping at the new appearance, the Nissan Sunny 2021 also brings a comfortable experience for users when entering the “space of enjoyment” with strongly reformed interior.

If in the old version, the buttons, rotate in the rough and large control area, now Nissan has refined it more trendy. Improvements are not only in a few details, but in the entire cockpit. The dashboard area is an eye-catching, more sophisticated touch screen. However, if you reduce the number of buttons and knobs here, Sunny will become more convincing.

Screen 25567 vw600 Nissan
Screen 25567 vw600 Nissan

No one recognizes that the Nissan Sunny 25567 vw600 has been criticized “alas” before with the trendy D-Cut steering wheel to increase the charm of the overall interior of this car. Of course, leather upholstery will be standard equipment combined with orange stitching for a sportier car.

The freshness of the Nissan Sunny continues to be guaranteed when the user sees the side meter cluster as a combination of a large screen and a traditional speedometer. Obviously, this is a timely innovation for the Japanese automaker to know that the Hyundai Accent 2021 is the leading model when it comes to a digital display.

Depending on the version, Nissan Sunny seats will be upholstered in 2-tone leather or black felt seats. In the B-segment, Sunny currently only has an adjustable seat, completely similar to its competitors in the same segment.

With a wheelbase of 2,601 mm, the Nissan Sunny 2021 continues to be the first-class spacious rear-seat vehicle in the segment to help users feel more comfortable. Unfortunately, the Nissan Sunny All New has not been equipped with a central armrest and rear seat air-conditioning doors have not appeared.

The infotainment system on the new Nissan Sunny will be based on an 8-inch touchscreen, which is larger than the old one (7 inches). This screen allows users to connect to smartphones via Apple CarPlay / Android Auto … with basic connections such as AUX / USB / Bluetooth. Other new Sunny amenities include: automatic air conditioning, 6 speakers, button start & smart key

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