29er full suspension carbon frame

29er full suspension carbon frame mountain bike

Feature 29er full suspension carbon frame

Carbon MTB Frame 29er full suspension carbon frame Mountain Bike 14212mm Thru Axle 16538mm Travel

29er full suspension carbon frame best
29er full suspension carbon frame best

Toray T800 full carbon fiber Frameset Frame+ Clamp +Headset
Frame Size 15″ 17″19″
Weave UD Weight 2600+/-50g(17″; Black Matt)
Bottom Bracket BSA
Rear Shock 165*38mm
Suitable Wheels 29er
Headset Top:1-1/8″;,Down:1-1/2″.


Here we offer our latest new XC geometry frame, with compact rear triangle, 122mm shock travel, the time on the bike will be super handy and faster.

This MTB frame is a combination of suspension, stiffness, and lightweight. Take this affordable frame back home and enjoy your XC biking

Carbon Full Suspension Mountain Bike Frame

Toray T800+T1000 carbon fiber, we could build this mtb frame in a higher stiffness level, with the updated tail hook, you could ride safer in the tail whip, downhill and normal biking in the mountain area.

When we are talking about cross-country (XC) mountain bike, we are talking about stiffness, strength, and comfortability. Obviously, if you need to ride downhill or all mountain, it’s better to have a suspension MTB bike, not just a hardtail. Are you with me? Good.

Here is the fact, you don’t want to spend nearly as high as a whole bike’s price to switch to a full suspension carbon mountain frameset. You know it could be more fun, but affordable price under trustful quality is the priority. So here we present you our carbon MTB suspension frameset.

We all 29er full suspension carbon frame understand it’s not easy to design and ride a full suspension mountain bike frame, especially if you are new with downhill. Safety is always the priority and our basic rules to build each frame. This year we updated our mtb frame to a new level. With mature technology of Toray T800+T1000 carbon fiber, we could build this much more stiff and stronger frame. And furthermore, we updated the tail hook, which could offer your more confidence during tail whip, downhill or jump.

29er full suspension carbon frame deal best
29er full suspension carbon frame deal best

This full suspension mtb frame is not light, the weight is 2480 gram, but you will see tremendous safety details on this frame!

Faith in carbon fibre

Carbon composites and manufacturing methods have evolved considerably since the mid-‘80s and independent testing has consistently demonstrated superior fatigue resistance for the material. “The fatigue tests that we run here are almost a matter of going through the motions,” said Chuck Texiera, a senior engineer at Specialized. “We just about never see a failure or fatigue. Once you hit expected ultimate strength, the fatigue is like a gimme. If you subjected any type of metal frame — including titanium — to the same total cycles, typically they would not withstand it. It’s quite amazing.”

When I put the question of the lifespan of a carbon bike to Benoit Grelier, the person in charge of Scott’s bicycle engineering, his answer was clear, “I think it can last your life, actually.”

Strictly speaking, bicycle frames are not made from carbon fibre but a composite comprising the fibre and resin. The result is akin to reinforced concrete, where the carbon fibre acts as reinforcement for the resin. “It is truly a matrix,” said Grelier. “The resin is the material that joins all the fibres together. They have to match each other really well, then you will have a better material.”

29er full suspension carbon frame promotion
29er full suspension carbon frame promotion

It is 29er full suspension carbon frame an understanding of the interplay between the two components of the composite that has developed in recent years, improving the quality of the reliability of carbon composites. A strong fibre is of course critical, but there must be thorough penetration of the fibres by the resin, minimisation of any voids (literally, air bubbles), and complete curing of the resin.

If the resin is not fully cross-linked, explained Texiera, then it compromises its ability to withstand the elements and to also hold up with time. There’s a way we can tell in the laboratory but for the end user it’s really impossible for them. We can do a failure analysis that can actually tell whether the resin is fully cured or not

While carbon fibre composites have a high strength to weight ratio, they are highly susceptible to high loads over a small area, such as an impact. Once the integrity of the composite is compromised, the matrix essentially starts to crumble and must be repaired or replaced.

29er full suspension carbon frame quality
29er full suspension carbon frame quality

In the absence of any impact, the matrix can deteriorate with use, but it takes an extremely long time. “The epoxy matrix will at some point start to form little cracks,” explained Chuck Texiera, “and then over time it will just have the connectivity of the fibre.

So really what’s happening, 29er full suspension carbon frame over really extended periods of time, you can expect the stiffness of the frame to change ever so slightly but it’s such a small number. We can measure it but I really wouldn’t think it would be perceivable. But it takes hundreds of thousands of cycles to even get to that. Two years would be far too short for that to occur with any kind of typical age group racer.”

As robust as carbon composites can be, Chuck Texiera pointed out that there are some threats that are easy to overlook. The greater hazards are just maintenance, people taking things apart and overcooking clamping, he said. Also, travel is not very good on bikes.

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