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350z carbon fiber center console heated seat control sticker

Details 350z carbon fiber center console

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Details 350z carbon fiber center console
Details 350z carbon fiber center console

Sticker Placement: Steering Wheel. Sticker Placement: Air Panel. Sticker Placement: Gear Panel. Sticker Placement: Door Handles. Sticker Placement: Windows Control Panel. Sticker Placement: Back Air Vent. Sticker Placement: Front and Rear Reading Lights

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Nissan 350z Review

It was 2002, and expectations were sky-high for the next addition to Nissan’s iconic “Z” line of affordable sports cars first introduced 30 years prior. After a shaky concept car debut in 1999, enthusiasts were itching to see something worthy of the Z name be unveiled. When the Nissan 350z finally rolled onto showroom floors, fans breathed a sigh of relief. The Z had lived up to its name and heritage, but not without its fair share of critique.

The Nissan 350z was always going to be contentious — it was a torchbearer for the beating heart of Nissan which spanned an entire generation of car enthusiasts. By the time it launched, you had baby-boomers hoping to see the rebirth of the 240z alongside young professionals wanting the next high-tech evolution of the 300ZX; and neither of them were willing to part with big bucks for it. From a ‘Z’ brand perspective, Nissan had their work cut out for them. From a business perspective, Nissan were playing with fire as the market for 2-seater sports cars was drying up.

Thankfully, Nissan pulled it off. In fact, considering the context of their consumer base and the market conditions — they nailed it. The 350z launched to critical acclaim receiving high praise for its beautiful lines, punchy power, and highly competitive price.

350z carbon fiber center console
350z carbon fiber center console

The Californian-based design demanded attention from day 1 — it was elegantly curvaceous but accentuated with sharp lines that gave it a hint of aggression. The designers had started with a fastback-style base and they worked carefully to pay clear tributes to the long hood of the 240z and rear hatch of the 300zx. There was enough DNA in the design to identify the family’s similarities, balanced with a good dose of new design language that set the car apart.

From tip to toe, the 350z carbon fiber center console profile resembled a continuous, sweeping line that was irresistibly pleasant to the eye. The rear tail lamps tapered down towards the dual exhaust pipes, almost pointing at them to reveal its sporting intentions. The wheel arches were generously flared, giving the car a 3-dimensional look that played wonderfully in the right light, and looking unmistakably ‘race car’ when glanced in the rear-view mirror. There was no doubt, the 350z was a looker — but at the time it wasn’t to everyone’s’ taste.

Commonly criticized were its vertical door handles, which stuck out like a sore thumb against the silky smooth lines of the bodywork. The front lamps softened the car’s stance, often compared to a smiling face rather than a sports car looking to throw its weight around. Some commented on the rear tail lamps being too narrow against the width of the rear end, which was already fattened up by the flared arches.
Today, the 350z’s design has held up remarkably well.

350z carbon fiber center console quality
350z carbon fiber center console quality

Some of the common criticisms have become cherished characteristics — a nod to a time before crossovers and SUVs took over the market; although the front lamps remain a bland birthmark against an otherwise beautiful machine. A set of modern wheels go a long way today, especially for the early models that had 17” 5-spokes that haven’t aged well — but then again, there’s something innocent and pure about the factory look that tickles the right spot.

“It’s a 2-seater sports car, what do you expect?” is what every owner will tell you about the lack of interior space. They wouldn’t be wrong — you don’t buy the 350z carbon fiber center console for carrying cumbersome golf clubs or loading up the family for a long drive. It has everything you need to drive alone or with one other person, and that’s it.

350z carbon fiber center console quality new
350z carbon fiber center console quality new

The RPM gauge is front-and-center, the 3 auxiliary gauges are angled exclusively toward the driver, and the few physical dials needed to climatize the vehicle are within easy grasp. The seats are bolstered to the extreme, and the plastics are black, silver, and basic. It’s not a stunning interior, it’s just functional.

Except, it’s really not. There isn’t even a standard glovebox — instead, there are two narrow storage lockers behind the driver, alongside an awkwardly placed power/lighter unit which you can’t reach without doing a full cartwheel. The trunk is even worse. Rammed through the middle of the already lacking storage space is a rear strut-brace, which is stylized to look intentional but is clearly there for structural rigidity.

The same strut exists on the 350z carbon fiber center console sister G35 coupe, however it is cleverly hidden under the rear parcel tray where it stays out of trouble. If having a 2-seater ever feels limiting, the 350z takes it a step further and makes it downright offensive.

Aside from the sore-subject of space, the 350z’s interior is still a pleasurable place to be — provided all you are doing is driving, breathing, and not much else.

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