4.8v rechargeable toy car battery

4.8v rechargeable toy car battery best for tanks robots

Feature 4.8v rechargeable toy car battery

Brand new and high quality. 4.8v rechargeable toy car battery. High temperature PVC wrapper.
Rechargeable up to hundreds of thousands of times. Environment friendly: no toxic waste. Main purposes: for RC boat , RC car , tank toys, Lighting, model car,etc

4.8v rechargeable toy car battery best
4.8v rechargeable toy car battery best

Package Included:
1pcs Ni-MH 4.8V 3000mah Rechargeable AA Battery Pack.
Voltage: 4.8V. Chemistry: Ni-MH. Size: 51x57x14.5mm. Number of cells: 4x AA 1.2v. Capacity: 3000mAh. Rechargeable times: up to 1000 time


A Remote Control Car Battery Overview

If you are new to RC, the multitude of different batteries and battery charging options might seem daunting. In this blog we take a look at power provision in RC Cars, the battery and charger. We explain how to replace, upgrade and shop for your current model, whilst also looking at reducing charge times. Whilst this is aimed at novice remote control car operators, some of the theory is applicable to drone operators.

It is worth stating that I am not a physicist; This blog is not intended to educate electronic theory at a high level, but rather to offer a non-technical look at the basics. As such we cannot take responsibility for any untoward effects caused as a result of misunderstanding this post. If you have any questions, please drop our friendly engineers a message and if you spot any errors in this blog, please leave your comments below and we will update it with corrections.

4.8v rechargeable toy car battery best are bundles of chemical energy storage that allow us all to tear around carparks or dirt tracks for a few joyful minutes at at time. Lets get to know your current setup and how to decipher some of the jargon.

The majority of batteries will have a sticker or some printed markings upon them, describing what type or technology they use. Relevant RC battery types/chemistries are listed below with typical uses.

4.8v rechargeable toy car battery quality
4.8v rechargeable toy car battery quality

Generally most low-end models will come with an inexpensive NiMH battery. Higher end models (especially those that are LiPo ready) often do not come with batteries and chargers at all, allowing the customer to either re-use their existing hardware, or purchase items specifically for their needs.

This battery is well labelled and we have circled the core values to make it clear. It is a 7.2volt battery with 1800 mAh capacity, provided by NiMH (Nickel-Metal Hydride) chemistry. The capacity is also stated in Watt Hours (capacity divided by voltage) in this case 12.96Wh. These figures are typical for a bundled battery, 1800 mAh being the low-end of capacity for a stick pack of these dimensions. If you were looking to extend your run-time then swapping out to a 4700mAh battery with the same dimensions and connector would be the easiest step.

Next we have a LiPo battery from Absima. Its 4200 name reflects its 4200mAh/31.1Wh rating that is less clearly labelled. The finer details are listed at the end of the label 7.4v (2 cell) LiPo technology with a 25C burst rate.

Size 4.8v rechargeable toy car battery
Size 4.8v rechargeable toy car battery

Lastly this Turnigy Nano-Tech battery with its label offers a lot of information. The 35-70c labelling suggests it can be discharged continuously up to 35C and for short surges up to 70C, offering a little more detail to the ‘high discharge Li-Po battery’ marking below. On the right we can see that the 3 cell option has been marked, denoting that it features a 3-cell 11.1 volt setup. This high-end battery would be ideal for a high-load RC car, such as our brushless converted Traxxas Defender.

Our most common battery connector, found on the majority of NiMH batteries. These (sometimes translucent) white connectors feature a lever to unlock them before pulling them apart. They are keyed to aide installation but it is possible to force the connectors, so care must be taken to observe correct polarisation (connecting the positive to the positive and vice versa) such as identifying wire colours. Note: these are not designed for high current application such as big burst rate LiPo batteries and may overheat if used as such.

These short, 4.8v rechargeable toy car battery new chunky connectors are common for high current applications and are found on our HPI Plazma LiPo and Absima lipo batteries. They feature and the short plastic plug bodies, sprung flat tabs that maintain contact pressure against the metal prongs (which can be stiff to connect) and are keyed so will only connect one way round.

4.8v rechargeable toy car battery deal best
4.8v rechargeable toy car battery deal best

These rectangular proprietary high-current connectors are keyed to avoid incorrect connection and feature textured plugs to aid removal. Note that Traxxas now also employ a ‘foolproof’ iD connector with integral balance connector leads to simplify charging. These are intended for use with iD chargers and can be identified by their flattened octagonal connector.

These tiny two pin connectors are found on batteries for micro drones and the HPI Q32 models. They are designed for use with low current chargers for example USB powered chargers. Again, care should be exercised when connecting these batteries as the small plugs can be forced together the wrong way round.

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