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48v dc motors for electric cars best
48v dc motors for electric cars best

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Don’t be fooled by the outside. This looks like the ordinary (but extraordinarily cheap) ZS, but is actually full-electric. And for a full-electric crossover, it also goes with an amazingly low price.

There are disadvantages in this approach. The ZS EV inherits, unnecessarily, the gawky front overhang of a body designed for a transverse combustion engine. Would look better on bigger wheels too.

The shortish wheelbase means there isn’t room for a huge battery. The ZS EV 48v dc motors for electric cars gets by with 44.5kWh. It’s enough for 163 miles in the WLTP test. But of course a smallish battery does help to keep the price pinned low, and the weight reasonable.

Broadly you’d say the ZS lives in the small crossover class. But it’s bigger than nearly all of them, and hence roomier.

When we reviewed the petrol versions of the ZS, we slagged off the wobbly transmissions and the lack of driver assistance or active safety systems. Well as an EV, the transmission business simply goes away, because it’s a single-speed. And for the EV version, MG brings a comprehensive new driver assistance suite, even on the base version.

48v dc motors for electric cars cheapest
48v dc motors for electric cars cheapest

Still, you’re probably thinking: electric and crossover eh? Two words that will doubtless get cheerleaders for the original MG company rotating in their grave like an MGB’s crankshaft on the red-line. But they need to calm down. Since its string-back-glove sports-car days of the 1950s the MG name has always diverted into mildly hopped-up versions of Austin and Morris saloons – MG Montego anyone?

Nowadays 48v dc motors for electric cars the name belongs to the Chinese SAIC conglomerate, so at least there’s true industrial heft behind it. The company has a battery plant capable of churning out 300,000 electric vehicle packs a year.


The electric motor is a 143bhp job, making 260lb ft from zero. That’s enough to propel it at least as briskly as a small FWD crossover needs to go. The 0-62 is 8.5sec. It feels perky without being so quick as to trouble the comparatively unsophisticated front suspension with torque steer. Or endlessly invoke the traction control.

Acceleration is smooth and as blissfully free of interruptions as single-gear EVs all are. Albeit this one sounds slightly whiny. Still, it’s far quieter than a combustion car.

The narrow tyres don’t kick up much noise, nor the body through the air. And you won’t be cruising fast because the top speed is just 87mph and if you go near that your range will melt like April snow.

48v dc motors for electric cars promotion
48v dc motors for electric cars promotion

Talking of range, in give’n’take suburban and part-rural driving our miles-to-go figure went down at about the same rate as our miles-travelled figure went up. That’s what you want. With an official figure of 163 miles, you’d probably be comfortable doing 150 miles between stops. Plenty for day-to-day use.

Except on the motorway of course. The true range will fall, and service stations are 30 miles apart. So you’ll want to stop after you’ve driven 120 miles. But rapid chargers get less rapid after your battery is at 80 per cent. So that leaves you with a range, even after charging, of 120 or so. Now to leave a 30-mile buffer, the next stop might only be 90 miles ahead of you.

The pack is liquid-cooled, so should be able to accept charge at its rated power even on a warm day. But the rated power is only 50kW, meaning 40 minutes for 0-80 per cent on a CCS charger. Or just over three miles a minute.

Ride and handling are tolerably good. It corners predictably and doesn’t loll around. The dead steering is a disappointment, mind. A selector offers three settings of assistance, but none feels realistic. Another three-way selector (labelled KERS, amusingly) gives you a choice of three levels of foot-off coasting regeneration.

The suspension is quieter and smoother than many small crossovers, thanks to the the calming effect of the battery weight. But it could use more sophisticated damping

48v dc motors for electric cars quality
48v dc motors for electric cars quality

For room it’s well above most ‘baby crossovers’ if not quite up to the Qashqai set. There’s space for two grown-ups in the back, and the battery pack doesn’t rob their foot space. The boot is a huge 448 litres.

Visual design 48v dc motors for electric cars is a bit last-generation, and some of the plastics are scratchy. It’s not a wholly lazy design though: bits of metallic finish liven up the place, and the vents are a satisfying eyeball kind.

Not sure about the ‘leather-style’ upholstery on the top version, which can’t disguise its origin in a chemical plant. We’d prefer the cloth that comes on the base model.

The equipment is right up to date, with a high-res 8-inch screen running CarPlay and Android Auto. On the upper of the two trims, Exclusive, that screen runs a reverse parking camera too.

All versions get a driver-assist setup that runs to AEB with cyclist and pedestrian detection, radar cruise, traffic-jam assist (steering and speed) and motorway lane assist. The Exclusive spec includes extra sensors in the rear corners that add cross-traffic reversing assist and blind-spot warning.

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