Installation 4G LTE Android Car wifi GPS Peugeot 308

4G LTE Android Car wifi GPS Peugeot 308

Feature 4G LTE Android Car wifi GPS Peugeot 308

OBD standard interface. Build in 4G LTE Android Car wifi GPS Peugeot 308 150mAh /3.7V battery. Real time vehicle tracking. GPS tracking device. Work with any 16pin OBD interface cars. Can locate and get the position of your vehicle remotely via GPRS.

4G LTE Android Car wifi GPS Peugeot 308
4G LTE Android Car wifi GPS Peugeot 308

Support function of map location inquiry. No installation, no wiring harness, simply plugs into OBD port. Working model:support GPRS & SMS model. Shock Alarm;Low battery Alarm;Over speed Alarm


Peugeot 308 Review

The smartly styled 4G LTE Android Car wifi GPS Peugeot 308 marks a real step-on for Peugeot. Forget the dreary old model of the same name, this latest one boasts an all-new platform, all-new interior and all-new fight on its hands. Whereas the old one was firmly an also-ran, this one very much takes the fight to the Volkswagen Golf and Ford Focus.

The latest 308 is 140kg lighter than the old one, is lower and wider than before, and has a slightly longer wheelbase. That translates into a car that rides supremely well. This 308 is really very comfortable, cossetting, and refined. The NVH has been suitably buttoned down, it doesn’t bob and weave around on the road, and it remains settled.

But the trade-off comes when you actively want to get it out of shape; there’s noticeable body roll in tight cornering and the steering isn’t as communicative as, say, a Ford Focus’. The 155bhp petrol is a punchy, accessible unit, while the 1.6-litre 115bhp diesel shows some decent refinement too. And that’s the theme here. Comfort.

Details 4G LTE Android Car wifi GPS Peugeot 308
Details 4G LTE Android Car wifi GPS Peugeot 308

Yes, even in the warm GT models, offering either a 202bhp petrol or 178bhp diesel. Like the regular models, they drive very well, but never really thrill.

Here’s where it gets interesting. Sure, the boot is huge (at the expense of some rear legroom), but the big news is how Peugeot has binned practically all the buttonry from the last 308’s centre console, and in its place fitted a 9.7in touchscreen which handles everything you will need: air-con, sat nav, media and so forth. It’s a little fiddly to get used to, but familiarity breeds efficiency, and it adds a welcome dash of ‘posh’ to the interior ambience.

Same goes with the dials (the rev counter revs counter-clockwise which is cool), though there’s an area just below the centre console that’s a bit scratchy. Puts a tiny dent in the overall feeling of premium Peugeot has mostly captured. Overall though, a great package – even the ultra-small steering wheel concept (view the dials above it, not through it) 4G LTE Android Car wifi GPS Peugeot 308 new somehow seems to work better here than in the 208.

The base model is a smidge over £15,000, and around £3k cheaper than a base 1.2-litre VW Golf, so it’s good value to kick off with. There’s a 92bhp 1.6-litre diesel that returns a claimed 78.5mpg while emitting just 95g/km of CO2 (to make it road tax exempt). Another version of this engine returns 91.1mpg and gives off just 82g/km of CO2. Witchcraft. Peugeot packs in plenty of kit for the money too, with the top-spec Feline even offering niceties such as massaging seats.

Function 4G LTE Android Car wifi GPS Peugeot 308
Function 4G LTE Android Car wifi GPS Peugeot 308

Suspension and ride comfort

Sadly, the 4G LTE Android Car wifi GPS Peugeot 308 ride is a mixed bag. Not only do you hear the suspension thudding over bumps in town driving, but hit a ridge with both front wheels and you’ll feel the car thump, too, and certainly more than in the more sophisticated Volkswagen Golf. As usual, the bigger the alloy wheels, the worse the 308 rides.

On the motorway, the 308 tends to fidget around as well if the road isn’t dead smooth. There are occasions when it impresses, though; potholes that would set the Skoda Octavia crashing and banging are dealt with reasonably ably by the 308.

The 308’s tiny steering wheel (part of Peugeot’s i-Cockpit design) gives it a keenness to turn in to bends, but you wouldn’t describe it as nervous. And the steering is nicely weighted, staying light in town and building resistance the faster you go.

There’s not much feel through the wheel, but most of the 308’s rivals don’t have particularly feelsome steering wheels, either. The 308 has plenty of grip and relatively well-tamed body roll, too, but the Golf remains a sharper and more entertaining drive.

Overview 4G LTE Android Car wifi GPS Peugeot 308
Overview 4G LTE Android Car wifi GPS Peugeot 308

The 128bhp 1.5 diesel engine stays relatively quiet even when you work it hard, but the 99bhp 1.6 and the 2.0-litre diesels sound noticeably gruffer and transmit more vibration through the pedals. The 1.2-litre turbocharged petrols are the most hushed engines in the line-up, remaining calm and quiet at all times.

You have to put up with some wind noise at motorway speeds, while the manual gearbox has a vague action and the auto ’box can be slow to respond. The 308 pedal weights aren’t as consistent as a Golf’s or Octavia’s, either.

The higher-powered 1.6 petrols are reserved for Peugeot’s GT and GTi models. They’re very strong with their turbochargers spinning, bringing superb performance. Of course, the penalty for this speed is a noticeable thirst for fuel.

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