4Inch Dash Cam HD 1080P

4Inch Dash Cam HD 1080P Car DVR Vehicle Camera 170

4Inch Dash Cam HD and reversing camera are indispensable products on cars. These devices assist the driver to drive safely, helping to save the driving journey history.

4Inch Dash Cam HD 1080P
4Inch Dash Cam HD 1080P

Salient features of 4Inch Dash Cam HD

Optimal design:

  • 4Inch Dash Cam HD has an LCD screen that helps drivers easily view and review images and videos clearly. Besides, the function buttons designed on the side of the device are very solid, do not lose the luxury of the product. The product is no different from a modern digital camera today.
4Inch Dash Cam HD 1080P Car DVR Vehicle Camera
4Inch Dash Cam HD 1080P Car DVR Vehicle Camera
  • 4Inch Dash Cam HD providing instant video playback. Allows for instantaneous playback of recorded video/images. Loop recording without leakage seconds. Parking Monitor: Its used for automatic power on and recording when the car is stalled and vibrates.The parking monitor can be used when the battery has enough power or connect the DVR to the car battery. Time Stamp: When you use the computer to playback the video,the time and date will show on the screen. G-Sensor: The G-shock sensiti.

WDR technology on 4Inch Dash Cam HD

  • Using WDR for night vision.The WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)automatically adjust exposure and enhance the brightness of the image in the low light or in dark environment. Please NOTE: this function will affect the sharpness of the video quality in the day time when the brightness increases.In the daytime, if you open WDR indoor,the screen keeps flickering. (We recommend you to close this function in the daytime)
  • 4Inch Dash Cam HD is one of the best quality dash cams on the market today. With a 170-degree angle lens, equipped with 6 infrared-assisted lenses, no color changes when high temperatures help better night recording. The product is equipped with advanced image correction technology that reduces image distortion for a more realistic picture.

Motion Detection:

  • When you open the motion detection, camera can record if there is any movement in front of it and stops when there is not more movement on front of it. However,when you open the motion detection feature,it will take up more storage of your SD card and extend the recording storage time.

Loop Recording:

  • You can set it to record from one to three minutes. White Balance: It is used for light adjustment in different environment.(it is recommended to choose auto,or it may result in color distortion) Camera Audio: You can select whether or not to record the sound.

Integrated super sharp back camera:

4Inch Dash Cam HD 1080P Car DVR
4Inch Dash Cam HD 1080P Car DVR
  • This is an extremely prominent advantage of the 4Inch Dash Cam HD Journey Camera that is the ability to integrate super-sharp reverse camera. When the car reverses to the R, this product automatically switches to the rear view of the vehicle to help the driver easily observe obstacles or space behind the car to maximize the support for safe parking.

Configuration details of 4Inch Dash Cam HD

4Inch Dash Cam HD 1080P Car DVR Vehicle
4Inch Dash Cam HD 1080P Car DVR Vehicle

Product name: Car Camera Recorder
Colour: Black
material: plastic
Display Screen: 4inch HD Display
Support:AUTO ON/OFF,Motion detection Function,Time/Date,Parking Monitoring,Microphone,Built-in Sound
Language: Russian, Japanese, French, Italian, German, Spanish, English, Chinese(Simplified), Chinese(Traditional), Korean and so on
File format: AVI
Video Resolution: 10800P,Video Format: M-JPEG
Video Format: PAL/NTSC
Current Frequency: 50HZ/60Hz
Power Interface: 5V 1A
Battery: Built-in battery
Camera Mode: 5 million
Photo Format:JPEG
Lens: 170 degree A+ Level high resolution ultra wide angle
Loop Recording: Seamless loop recording, no leakage seconds
Storage Card: TF(maximum support 32GB)
Package Include:
1 * Car Driving Recorder
1 * Car Charger
1 * Rearview camera
1 * Bracket
1 * Manual

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