Tundra wide body kit

4pcs Tundra wide body kit fender guard protector flares

Tundra wide body kit

Body lip: taking advantage of the original bumper is available,Tundra wide body kit will add to the lower bumper, better wind stability, but the ability to “fly” – creativity in design – will be limited But it’s still enough to make your bike look nicer – cooler and still easy to recognize the car’s original styling.

Tundra wide body kit are a collection of body parts (the exterior of a car) so you can change the look of your car.

The product composition of Tundra wide body kit, body lips is made of PU plastic, PP is as strong as the original shell, but it completely changes the appearance of your lover.

wide body kit for Tundra toyota
wide body kit for Tundra toyota

Toyota Tundra

Possessing a dynamic, sporty look, equipped with a powerful safety engine, Tundra promises to bring you a fresh and exciting experience every time you drive. Toyota’s Tundra wide body kit line is invested in quality from design to excellent features as well as features that will make customers happy with their choice.

Possessing a tough sporty look, Tundra wide body kit 2020 deserves to be a stylish SUV that asserts a strong gentleman class. With careful investment in interior and exterior, the car quickly wins the hearts of many users.

In this latest version, Toyota Tundra wide body kit promises to bring an extremely enjoyable and impressive driving experience for those who stick with this legendary car!

Detail wide body kit for Tundra deal
Detail wide body kit for Tundra deal

Toyota Tundra car review.

Tundra wide body kit. Although the Tundra was introduced in the last years of the twentieth century, this car promises to bring many new things to users.

The interior space of the car has a very spacious and airy design to help occupants enjoy outstanding relaxation and comfort.

The entire interior of the car is upholstered in high quality leather, the steering wheel and buttons are also covered with wood and leather, giving an overall harmonious look.

With powerful engines, Tundra will be one of the modern luxury pickup lines that bring great driving feeling, helping users to conquer all terrains.


  • Healthy appearance, modern luxury, fully equipped interior
  • Multi-version engine offers diverse choices for users
  • Spacious interior compartment cool
  • Modern entertainment features help users experience music and movies in sharp clarity


  • The large size makes it inconvenient to travel in inner-city areas during peak hours
  • The fuel consumption is quite high so buyers should consider it before buying.
Wheel wide body kit for Tundra toyota best
Wheel wide body kit for Tundra toyota best

New features on Toyota Tundra 2020

Toyota Tundra is equipped with intelligent technology to increase the safety of the driver including: body stability control to help bring comfort to the occupants even in complex terrain.

In addition, Tundra is also used to use many advanced car technologies such as smart parking feature, the safety feature to assist the driver, especially in rainy and wet times.

In addition, the vehicle is also equipped with a number of functions such as pedestrian warning, lane departure warning, automatic headlight system, Cruise Control system.

The exterior of the car looks quite impressive by its well-balanced dimensions, 5.81m in length, 1.93m in height and 2.03m in width. The chassis of the car has a simple design but still ensures a certain impressive sophistication. At the front of the car is a grille system that helps bring a beautiful, beautiful look and harmony overall for the car.

Especially with the headlight system for daytime use, modern fully equipped LED and halogen fog lights help the driver to see more clearly in all weather conditions. The above types of car lights help bring a clear and realistic view to every driver, especially when traveling at night

The body of the car looks quite long but is highlighted by embossed veins that look very youthful and impressive. The details in this part are arranged and arranged quite harmoniously and beautifully. Decorating and adorning the rear is an eye-catching subtle LED cluster that enhances the overall luxury of the car.

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