4runner body kit

4runner body kit fender mud guard splash flaps so good

4runner body kit

4runner body kitDeluxe Molded Splash Guards provide excellent lower body protection and accent the vehicle styling. Made of TPO Plastic to be rigid and paintable. They are molded to the contours of the vehicle for a custom fit

These tough-wearing mud guards seamlessly blend with the vehicles styling and minimise the risk of dirt, road debris and stone chips flying up from the Front and rear tyres.Provide additional protection whilst enhancing the sporty exterior of your vehicle

4runner body kit best
4runner body kit best

Installation instructions:

  1. The car at the bottom of the original car screws with a wrench to screw down
  2. Take on the Mud flaps , good location, the screws installed
  3. The screws installed in the corresponding hole on the Mud flaps.
  4. The rest of the holes installed can be installed

Toyota 4Runner car review

Experts evaluate the Toyota 4runner body kit 2020 is an SUV with the best Off-Road capability of the Japanese brand and the same muscle design as the American car.

Also imported privately from the US auto market, but in our country, the 4runner body kit is not as famous as other “brothers” such as 4runner body kit, Avalon or Highlander. This model is picky and often selects those who like pure Japanese cars but has the muscular design of American cars.

In the most developed country in the world, the Toyota 4Runner is one of the best-selling cars of the Japanese brand with the Off-Road ability that is considered not inferior to any opponent.

Not a large car of the Japanese brand, but experts evaluate the Toyota 4runner body kit 2020 is the car with the most muscular design. When looking at the appearance, this SUV makes people mistakenly think this is an American car more with the pit, unlike the gentleness that Toyota usually owns.

Toyota 4runner body kithas dimensions of Length x Width x Height 4,840 x 1,885 x 1,845 (mm) respectively, wheelbase 2,790 mm and ground clearance 215 mm.

Install 4runner body kit
Install 4runner body kit

Review Toyota 4Runner 2020: Car head

When facing the 4Runner head-on, not many people think that this is a Toyota-made car if the brand logo is hidden. Because this car has a strong masculine design and dense chromium material is used in this part compared to humility like many Toyota products in Vietnam.

Toyota 4Runner Limited is also one of the three most expensive versions, so the front end offers a modern look, while the standard versions have a rather grotesque design.

Limited version, Toyota 4Runner uses LED Projector headlights, this is also the best technology on this SUV. As for the automatic angle opening lights and the car’s fog lights, they still use traditional Halogen bulbs.

The design of the steering wheel on the Toyota 4Runner 2020 brings a sturdy look with two large chrome front bumper bars, the Japanese automaker has been very generous when using this dense material on the “face” of its SUV. Just below the front bumper, the sensor system is also equipped and dotted with chromium strip offers luxury.

See detail 4runner body kit
See detail 4runner body kit

Review Toyota 4Runner 2020 on body design

  • Although using the same chassis with the Land Cruiser Prado, the 4Runner has a different body design that creates a unique personality for the car.
  • Instead of the seamless body shell applied on the Prado, the Toyota 4Runner 2020 has a completely separate glass end. In this area, the car company from the land of the rising sun has a Limited logo on it to distinguish the version, and the car is also equipped with a freight roof rack.
  • Coming to the rearview mirror, users can realize that this design is quite similar to the mirror of Vietnam’s best-selling 7-seat SUV, Fortuner. According to our assessment, this mirror is quite gentle compared to the rigidity of the overall design of the car, in contrast to the Prado.
  • On the side of the car, the Toyota 4Runner 2020 owns a square wheel arch, characteristic of terrain vehicles. The “foundation” on this SUV has a six-spoke design with a size of 20 inches, all of which help the body of the car be supported to give the 4Runner a tall, strong stance.
  • In addition, the line of vehicles used a lot in the Off-Road also has a fixed up / down step, the door cladding using chromium material and the door handle similar to the smart sensor function.

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