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4×6 led headlights emergency light flashing firemen

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Flash Model 4×6 led headlights A Light Bar A Flash 5-8 Times Then Light Bar B Flash 5-8 Times, Repeat Continuously Flash Model B Light Bar A Flash Once Then Light Bar B Flash Once, Repeat Continuously Flash Model C All Light Flash Once At The Same Time, Repeat Continuously

Size 4x6 led headlights
Size 4×6 led headlights

Colors: Blue and Red / Red / Blue / Amber / White / Amber White etc. 100% Brand New. Voltage: 12V. Output Power:24W. Light bars: 12.8cm*2.7cm (each). Genuine Factory Quality, Perfect Fitment. UV-Protected Coating, 100 % Weather Proof. Long Lasting Life & Low Power Consumption. Give Your Vehicle An Awesome Eye-catching Luxury Look Help To Improve Driving Safety


4×6 Sealed Beam LED Headlight Housings

This is a loaded question… not that there isn’t a best, but the reality is there are several in the same realm that might be considered THE BEST but depending on your preference. Don’t get me wrong, there are some that are AWFUL!! But to point out 1 “best” is tough.

The JW Speaker 8800 Evolution has long since been revered as the best LED 4×6″ sealed beam headlight housing replacement on the market. However in 2016 a few other options entered the scene and there is some pretty stiff competition

The JW Speaker 8800 4×6 headlight is a single beam LED housing replacement that gives you either low beam or high beam in each housing, not both. They used to have a lifetime warranty but starting in 2017 they now only carry a 5 year warranty. They are manufactured right here in the USA in Germantown, Wisconsin, and they have one of the best and brightest beam patterns of any headlight in the world! Also February of 2017 there is a new 8800 Evolution 2 that comes in a heated 4×6″ version that is even brighter than the old one.

Plug 4x6 led headlights
Plug 4×6 led headlights

The Vision X Vortex XIL-46D is a new option for 2016 and the notable things about this headlight are that it comes in a dual beam configuration with both high and low beam in one housing! The Vision X Vortex and the JW Speaker 8800 are about the same brightness, but the beam patterns are totally different

The fact that the Vision X Vortex 4×6 led headlights is dual beam is a HUGE deal. There is only one other on the market (United Pacific 31365) that is dual beam and the Vision X Vortex headlight is SO MUCH BETTER. If you need a dual beam 4×6 LED housing, the Vision X Vortex is really the best choice by far. Also it has an integrated LED halo / accent light that a lot of people like. You won’t get a halo type accent light like this on any other current model 4×6″ Sealed Beam LED headlight housing.

The Truck-Lite 4×6″ LED headlight comes in a single beam configuration only also: The low beam is part number 27640c and the high beam is part number 27645c

Truck-Lite was the first company in the world to make an LED 4×6 led headlights housing replacement for a sealed beam headlight, and they did that with the Phase 6 7″ round unit that was primarily used in the military on Hummers. Today they make a low-cost version for the 4×6″ that is light weight, and far less expensive than the other top-tier options listed here. The trade off of course is that the Vision X 4×6 and the JW Speaker 4×6 are vastly superior in terms of light output and beam pattern, but for the money the Truck-Lite option is solid.

Details 4x6 led headlights
Details 4×6 led headlights

With seven-inch round, five-by-seven inch and four-by-six inch rectangular lights, you can replace your existing lights with the durable, long-lasting LED lights Grote is famous for. These 2B1, 2D1, and 2E1 head lighting systems have a 3 pin, H4 connector and are legal and DOT compliant. The LED technology helps reduce eye fatigue and provide better visibility, thus improving driver safety. These headlamps are topped with a UV protected, high impact resistant polycarbonate lens, making them a durable, long-lasting option

FireTech LED 4×6 led headlights are a simple way to dramatically boost the total light output of your emergency vehicle. These headlight fixtures are a direct replacement for most of the stock headlights found on today’s apparatus. Other than superior light output, what sets our headlights apart specifically for the fire industry is the integration of an elliptical beam. This beam will provide light from the bumper, right up to where your low beams kick in.

4x6 led headlights
4×6 led headlights

This important feature allows you to have usable light when you need to be working around the front of the apparatus. Within one housing, FireTech headlights have your low beam, high beam, elliptical beam, and an integrated halo ring park lamp around the outer edge. Meeting DOT requirements and featuring a lifetime warranty, there’s no reason not to choose these for your new or existing apparatus.

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