5.75 headlight bucket

5.75 headlight bucket for Harley perfect softail sportster

Feature 5.75 headlight bucket

Condition: 5.75 headlight bucket 100% Brand New. Package includes: 1X 5.75″ Motorcycle H4 LED Headlight. Lens Diameter: approx.5.75″ (14.6cm)
As the picture shown. Color: Chrome + Black. Light Color: 6000K Xenon White
High Beam: 1770lm
Low Beam: 1350lm

Details 5.75 headlight bucket
Details 5.75 headlight bucket

Voltage: 12V. Wattage:
High Beam: 40W
Low Beam: 30W
Number of LED: 4 X LED. Working Temperature: -40°C- 85°C
Material: Die-cast Aluminum Housing + PMMA lens


2020 Harley-Davidson Softail Standard Review

When Harley launched its all-new Softail series a couple of years back in the mountains near Los Angeles, I remember one of the surprise hits of the-then eight-bike lineup being the revamped, no-longer-a-Dyna Street Bob. It still rocked the same stripped-down vibe as its Twin-Cam-powered predecessor, but rider after rider would come back from a short stint on the new Softail grinning, and mumbling, “Ya gotta try that thing in the curves… It’s way better than the Dyna.”

We all took turns scraping around the San Gabriel Mountains on Ess-Bobs, grinning like hyenas at the nimble nature of the chassis and the torquier Milwaukee-Eight 107. The 12-inch-tall mini-apes were just the ticket for unkinking S-turns, 5.75 headlight bucket and the Bob’s lightest-in-the-lineup weight only encouraged more of the same. Sure, the new Softail Fat Bob was more dynamic and the Heritage more comfortable, but for straight-up hooning around, the skinnier Bob was what you wanted.

5.75 headlight bucket best
5.75 headlight bucket best

You might wonder why all the yammering about the Street Bob when what we’re supposed to be reviewing here is the Softail Standard, but then it’s a fairly open secret that the Standard is simply the Bob without fork gaiters and the wrinkle black finishes. So when I got the call to review this “new” model, I was pretty keen to take delivery; already knowing how entertaining the Street Bob could be had me guessing the Standard would be more of the same. Best part was, I’d be able to hang on to it for a few weeks.

No surprise then, that throwing a leg over the Standard felt instantly familiar. Same low, scooped seat capping a no-frills Big Twin cruiser with a lean bobber profile on a Softail chassis, all propelled by a Milwaukee-Eight 107 V-twin.

There are a few infinitesimal differences, like the Standard’s chromed laced wheels (19 inches up front, 16 at the rear), mufflers, and fork legs, and aluminum triple trees and heads, but the main externals are shared by both bikes—a solo seat riding above chopped fenders, punctuated by mini-ape handlebars and a smooth, weirdly generic 3.5-gallon tank all arranged around an exposed frame and a V-twin mill. The Softail Standard loses the fork gaiters and wrinkle black treatment altogether, but mechanically, it and the Street Bob are mirror images of each other.

5.75 headlight bucket promotion
5.75 headlight bucket promotion

There aren’t many details to tease out of the sea of ebony sheet metal either; the all-black Mil-Eight engine gets polished rocker, primary, and timing covers, and the blacked-out dog bowl air cleaner is punctuated by a single silver bolt.

Chrome shields and mufflers on the 2-into-2 shotgun exhaust make up the rest of the brightwork, while up front you get clear-coated fork sliders and a blacked-out bucket with chrome trim holding a classic Cyclops headlight (though this one is LED), with the same compact digital gauge in the upper handlebar clamp displaying relevant info. Keeping with the spartan theme, Vivid Black is also the sole color option on this model.

It actually feels like Harley knows (or hopes) you’re gonna farkle this one up anyway, so why bother with exotic stuff? Also appropriate is the Standard’s price tag: At $13,599, it’s the most affordable Softail.

And, really, 5.75 headlight bucket new having a “prequel” bike isn’t such a terrible idea. In fact, H-D did it with 2018′s Electra Glide Standard too, another stripped-down model that was said to be “ripe and ready for customization,” positioned as the least expensive bike in the touring platform. There was even a previous Softail Standard years ago, also called the FXST, though the new Standard, also an FXST, has little in common with that one, which rolled with a Twin Cam mill (and a big, old 21-inch front hoop).

Size 5.75 headlight bucket
Size 5.75 headlight bucket

Picking up the Standard and 5.75 headlight bucket price running it around Southern California for a couple of days gave me the chance to get reacquainted with the Softail platform in an urban setting before heading north for a longer leg. A twist of the throttle delivers that same familiar rush of torque from the 107, which feels more responsive in lighter-weight Softail models like the Bob and Standard.

The 1,746cc engine with a single camshaft actuating eight valves via pushrods is noticeably quicker on acceleration than the previous Twin Cam setup, and factory-added internal counterbalancers work to make this engine far smoother too.

Over the course of several weeks with the Standard, the fueling, managed by a single electronic-injection throttle body, has also been hiccup free and consistent as can be. You can also feel the meatier torque boost over the dearly departed, rubber-mounted Twin Cam engine, and it means the Standard has plenty of punch to jump ahead of traffic, but chill enough to burble along at low revs once the madness dies down.

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