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5.75 led headlight angel eyes Harley Sportster 1200 new

Feature 5.75 led headlight

5.75 led headlight Black Halo Angel Eyes LED Headlight For Harley Sportster 1200 883 Street 500 750 5-3/4″ Projector Round Headlamp

Details 5.75 led headlight
Details 5.75 led headlight

Also Fit some models ( some of them may need to do some modifications, professional installation is recommended ) such as:
2017 Victory Gunner
2016 Victory Vegas 8 Ball
2017 Victory Octane
2012 Victory Highball
2013-2014 Triumph Thunderbird Storm
2014-2015 Triumph Rocket Roadster



Although based on an unchanged Sportster 1200 engine, which is H-D’s familiar, middleweight, air-cooled V-twin cruiser family, a significant chassis makeover with credible performance-orientated suspension, brakes and wheels and more, has turned it into a genuine café racer that’s been a surprising hoot to thrash around twisty roads.

All in all, though still clearly a Harley at heart – the unchanged, ‘rustic’ but willing 1202cc V-twin, lumpy gearchange, fat controls and distinctive, ‘Peanut’ fuel tank leave you in no doubt of that – the Roadster is also a credible, café-racer.

Or, to the Sportster, what the old Triumph Thruxton was to the British firm’s Bonneville. And that, at prices starting at under £10,000, is no bad recommendation in itself. A Harley Sportster? Yes, there is, at last

A bigger 19in front, 5.75 led headlight 18in rear lightweight alloy wheel combo, along with proper, longer rear shocks plus fat 43mm USD forks at the front changes the whole orientation of the 1200’s familiar tubular steel cradle frame, making it distinctly more ‘arse up, nose down’, in true café racer style.

Size 5.75 led headlight
Size 5.75 led headlight

And that, allied with a decent twin disc brake set-up complete with twin four-piston calipers, semi ‘ace’ handlebars, more rear-set footpegs plus a beautifully made race-style seat adds up to a bike that’s both a doddle to get on with and one that urges you to hustle and scratch.

It’s a joy to steer, which it does quickly and precisely, the ride is more controlled and sophisticated than any previous Sportster and the brakes are so good it’s as if Harley has finally discovered how good modern brakes can be.

The familiar 1202cc, air-cooled, pushrod V-twin is completely unchanged from that of its cruiser siblings.

Bumping up the capacity by 30% to 1202cc has had an obvious effect on the power, so the shuddering Milwaukee lump now puts out 66bhp and 73ftlbs of torque – a significant bump up from the 883.

This gives it much more drive out of the corners and when out for a fun ride, you can just leave it in third gear and ride everywhere on a wave of torque. Being honest, that’s the most enjoyable way to ride it.

View 5.75 led headlight
View 5.75 led headlight

If you want to get the maximum amount of power out of it, you can rev it until all four of the valves start dancing on top of the cylinder head but all you’ll do is give yourself earache and burn all your fuel without making much more progress. Instead, just sit back, relax and bring on the noise.

The cost of a Harley-Davidson 5.75 led headlight hasn’t risen much in the last 10 years, while other brands have let their prices spiral. As such, the circa £10,000 asking price on the Roadster looks pretty reasonable.

They also hold their value, which is great when you decide it’s time for a change, but not so great if you’re in the market for a used model.

The familiar, cruiser-style chunky switch-gear and, particularly, control levers and footpegs are basically unchanged from the existing Sportster 1200 models. While for me, the humpbacked, ‘Peanut’ fuel tank, which was originally specifically designed to meet a cruiser aesthetic, jars with the overall look, too.

The bars are one-piece, tubular steel turned-down ‘ace’ bars of the type familiar (although the Harley’s are wider) from Triumph’s old Thruxton 900.

To continue the café racer theme, footpegs are more rear-ward (although hardly rearset), there’s a new, beautifully made race-style seat, chopped down mudguards, a neat, multi-function single tacho dial which incorporates a digital speedo and three different paint options (gloss black, satin black, metallic red or two-tone silver/black).

There was no ‘Harley Performance’ orange and black initially even though it seemed ideal for this sort of bike. Harley obviously agreed, because it was added as an option when the paint was updated


In fact, you can’t help but wonder if Harley are going to continue with the 883 at all, especially with the Street 750 now providing the first step into Harley ownership. The extra power of the engine does make it slightly more unruly in the handling department, but only when you’re really pushing it.

Around town, squirting from traffic light to street corner, where this bike will spend most of its life, it really excels. If you’ve always fancied the Iron but wanted something with a bit more go, this is the one you’ve been waiting for

Engine 5.75 led headlight
Engine 5.75 led headlight

The old ‘Harleys don’t go round corners’ tale is a thing of the past and has been for some time. You can ride the new bikes fairly swiftly, as long as you don’t mind dragging a peg or two.

Unfortunately when Harley 5.75 led headlight stuck the big motor in the Iron, they didn’t update the rest of the chassis, suspension or brakes. Suddenly there’s a lot more speed to be gained between the corners, without any extra help scrubbing it off or managing it when lent over.

Without traction control, the extra torque makes it much easier to spin up coming out of corners too. You have to really crack it to get it squirming, so it would take a hamfisted rider to do it by accident, but there’s no doubting that it’s easier to get yourself in a pickle riding the 1200 than the 883

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