5.75 led headlight motorcycle

5.75 led headlight motorcycle scooter headlamp assembly

Feature 5.75 led headlight motorcycle

5-3/4 For Harley 5.75 led headlight motorcycle Headlamps With White halo

5.75 led headlight motorcycle best deal
5.75 led headlight motorcycle best deal

Size: 5-3/4″
High Beam Power: 40W
Low Beam Power: 30W
High Beam Lumen: 3200LM
Low Beam Lumen: 2400LM
Light Temperature: 6000K (Bright White)
Voltage: 12V, (10-48v Operating Range)


Engine, Reliability & build quality Harley Motorcyle 1200

How do you balance your love for old school motorcycles, with the want for modern lighting technology? The Flashpoint Classic 5.75″ LED motorcycle headlight. The Flashpoint classic walks the line between a beautifully styled vintage headlight, and a High output LED component.

This design came from a desire to better suit the wants of a classic motorcycle enthusiast, that also had safety and night riding capability in mind. Blending our precision machined rounded bezel, with an uncompromising LED headlight unit. No matter what you’re riding, add a touch of classic charm, with some bare knuckles brightness!

Billet aluminium bezel with low consumption, high output LED component.
4000 Lumen high beam, 2400 Lumen low beam (over 3 x a standard headlight)
IP65 Weatherproof + DOT Approved
High intensity LED

Both fork mount and bottom mount options (hardware supplied)
Raw aluminuim finish, ready for polish or paint.
Standard 3 pin headlight plug is plug and play on all bikes, with optional running light
160mm Outside Diameter x 80mm Deep

Details 5.75 led headlight motorcycle
Details 5.75 led headlight motorcycle

Harley have taken the 5.75 led headlight motorcycle lump of muscle from the Forty-Eight and crammed it under the Iron’s bulging shirt. Bumping up the capacity by 30% has had an obvious effect on the power, so it now puts out 66bhp and 73 ftlbs of torque – a significant jump up from the 883 while remaining A2 friendly.

This gives it much more drive out of the corners and when out for a fun ride, you can just leave it in third gear and ride everywhere on a wave of torque. Unfortunately it’s now showing its age – the five-speed gearbox is clunky and the air-cooled cylinders roast you in traffic.

The quality of the parts fitted to Harleys is top notch these days and the engines have been around so long that any problems are long fixed. The engines are oil tight and don’t really use much anymore, plus the belt drive means they’re simple to live with. Services are every 5000 miles and because they use hydraulic lifters, the valve clearances never need adjusting.

The Iron 1200 is only £500 more than the 883 model, which is about 1/3 of the price of a 1200cc conversion, so the obvious question is why wouldn’t you buy the 1200? It’s also nearly £2000 cheaper than the Indian Scout and £1300 cheaper than Triumph’s Bonneville Bobber, making it incredibly good value

As standard, all the Sportsters come with keyless ignition, alarm and immobiliser, which is a nice touch on an entry level bike. The clocks are simple but there is a gear indicator/tacho hidden inside the small LCD. Like all big bikes now, ABS comes as standard but there’s no traction control or power modes.

The Iron 1200 5.75 led headlight motorcycle already comes pre-accessorised with a café racer seat, mini-apes and a small nose cowl but if you want to change it up, there’s always Harley’s enormous parts catalogue

Overview 5.75 led headlight motorcycle
Overview 5.75 led headlight motorcycle

HARLEY DAVIDSON SPORTSTER 1200 Nightster 2007 – 2012

The Nightster’s shorter forks than the donor Sportster put more weight over the front end to give the new Harley a stable ride. Lower bars with the seat repositioned closer to the tank make the Nightster an altogether comfier motorcycle to ride around; it also means the bike can be flung around a lot easier than a 251kg bike should. Ground clearance isn’t great but it’s still a lot of fun out in the country as well as posing down the high street

The Nightster’s 1200cc five-speed engine has old-fashioned charm of clunks, whirring noises and an unmistakable Harley-Davidson exhaust note. These quirks are easy to live with because the Nightster’s injected fuelling is so sweet meaning you could tap in top gear and simply use the engine’s ample stock of torque to lug you around all day.

The use of modern touches like fuel injection, belt drive and modern production techniques means that with the Nightster H-D has left its ‘old-shanker’ image well and truly behind. Paint and plating is tip-top and build quality spot-on. All that’s left is to uprate the brake system to something that doesn’t demand the rear brake to be stamped on when the weak front is used

The Nightster is possibly the best value Harley-Davidson ever, at least in its 2008 sales brochure. If you want to buy into the Harley image this is the most affordable and credible machine to do it with.

5.75 led headlight motorcycle promotion
5.75 led headlight motorcycle promotion

With the Harley Nightster there aren’t any bells and whistles to talk of; it’s the whole motorcycle that impresses. The use of black coating on the forks, drive belt guard and a black wheel finish (with stainless wire spokes) gives the Nightster a menacing look.

This is sweetened slightly by a range of glorious fuel tank colour schemes and shorty front and rear mudguards. A neat touch is the combined brake and turn signals built into the indicators

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