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5×7 led headlight with high low beam for Jeep Wrangler

Feature 5×7 led headlight

LED Chip:O-s-ram led chips 5×7 led headlight. Color Temperature: 6000K pure white light. Lumen:5500lms on high beam, 3000lms on low beam
Power: 75w/piece. Waterproof Grade: IP67
Voltage: 12V DC. Housing: Alluminum Alloy. Life Span: 50,000 hours

5x7 led headlight mode
5×7 led headlight mode

Compatibility: Truck, Offroad, 4WD, Tractor, ATV, Boat, UTE
Measurement: 7.87″(Length)x5.63″(Width)x3.14″(Depth),will fit headlight with similar size

Compatible with headlights: H6014 / H6052 / H6054 / 6054
Some vehicles such as Toyota may need to move the pins on the headlamp plug to different position.

Some vehicles have different plug orientation. These are also direct fit, plug and play full LED headlight upgrade for 1986-1995 Wrangler YJ and 1984-2001 Cherokee XJ,and any other car with about 5 x7 inch headlight.


Jeep Wrangler On the inside Review

The interior’s been party to a more drastic revision than the ‘same as the old boss’ exterior. The old Wrangler’s sea of grey plastics has given way to a new set-up that’s somehow more modern and more retro-utilitarian at the same time.

The dashboard feels cleaner, 5×7 led headlight new more upright and uncluttered than the old one – even though it’s sporting about as many tech toys as last year’s CES – and Jeep’s taken a leaf out of the Fiat 500’s playbook by offering it in a vibrant cherry red. Yes, you can spec a contrast-stitched leather dash if you want. You can also order a salad at McDonalds.

If you like, there’s a 550-watt, eight-speaker stereo with a yoof-friendly subwoofer (for a total of nine speakers, maths fans), and yet Jeep touts the Alpine head unit’s ability to amplify 12 channels. Yup. Us neither. What does make more sense is the active noise cancellation on offer, like those Bose headphones your co-worker uses when he’s done listening to you talk about your love life.

5x7 led headlight deal price
5×7 led headlight deal price

Running costs and reliability

Jeep’s people say the JL Wrangler is easier to live with than ever before. And they may have a point – there are clever touches like vents behind the huge, air-scooping front wheel arches, which bleed air from the wheel well and also help cool the engine bay. Hinges and mounting points have been moved to improve visibility.

And yes, you’ll find a suite of active safety tech, 5×7 led headlight best reversing camera and simplified cabin layout, as well as modern conveniences like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. But, perhaps most importantly, it’s easier than ever to get to the one of the best bits of Wrangler ownership. Namely, pulling half of it apart.

Yep, the windscreen, roof, and doors are easier to manipulate than ever before, and easier to remove entirely. It’s the kind of thing you never knew you always wanted, a reintroduction to nature after a lifetime spent cocooned inside hermetically sealed cabins. Or, to get down from our soapboxes, it’s just bloody cool to whizz along without any doors on. And, if you’re of a particularly outdoorsy inclination, you can fold the windscreen down or remove it entirely. Oh, and let’s not forget that you can lose the roof and the whole rear-window assembly as well, and drive around in about two-thirds of a car for as long as you feel like it.

5x7 led headlight On the inside Jeep
5×7 led headlight On the inside Jeep

Of course, you need somewhere to put everything you’ve taken off, like a garage, and you’re at the mercy of the elements until it’s all back on, but that’s appealing in its own Ranulph Fiennes-y way. Jeep’s got three different roofs for the Wrangler, however, so, if you’d like to taste the breeze without deconstructing a decent proportion of your car, you can do that too. But traditionalist Jeepers aren’t having any of that – the ‘one true experience’ is to drive somewhere impossibly remote, set up camp, pull all the panels off and set off for a day of dust inhalation.

Final thoughts and pick of the range

The Wrangler is the best thing Jeep makes because it’s the most authentic thing it makes. This is Jeep’s bedrock, where it made its name and what it does best. The Wrangler doesn’t feel compromised by fitting into a certain segment or diluted by Jeep trying to broaden its scope. It is what it’s supposed to be and makes no apologies for that fact. So, while it may be compromised out on the road or around town – albeit less so than ever – it’s unflappable at the task for which it has been designed.

The success of the Wrangler is certainly down to what it does – if it can’t clamber over various things that’d stop a Sherpa in their tracks, it’s an abject failure. But there’s also the less tangible, but no less important thing – how it makes you feel in the process. There’s an inherent desirability in the Wrangler that transcends its blocky styling and overtly utilitarian mandate; that sense that at the drop of a Stetson, you could disappear off for parts and adventures unknown.

Overview 5x7 led headlight Jeep
Overview 5×7 led headlight Jeep

It is chuffing big these days, especially in its four-door guise, which leads us to something of an awkward conclusion – if you want something that reflects the original Jeep ethos of simplicity, compact dimensions and the promise of going places you probably shouldn’t, you don’t have to fork out Jeep Wrangler money. You can get all of that from the adorable new Suzuki Jimny.

On the other hand, the Wrangler 5×7 led headlight is an entirely unique purchase – it’s a convertible, it’s an off-road warrior, it’s a four-seater that’ll likely work well enough when it’s time to take children to school. And you can’t take the roof off a Jimny without employing a circular saw, and most likely voiding your warranty. Yes, driving a Wrangler is like wearing gumboots every day of the year because it gets rainy in December, but it has enough character to overcome the fact that it’s overkill 90 per cent of the time.

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