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63038 volvo D12 D16 D7 D10 D9 Trucks Oil Pressure Sensor

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Material: Constructed Of Durable Plastic And Brass – 63038 volvo
Features & Benefits: High accuracy, hermetically sealed, small size
OEM number: 1077574;7401077574;63038;2089803

600x450 pts copy quality
600×450 pts copy quality

1 * neutral package. one into one samll plastic bag and carton box for outer package. Type: Oil Pressure sensor. Origin: CN(Origin)Linear: 1077574. Repeatability: 7401077574


The new D12 Generation

With its new D12-800, Volvo Penta 63038 volvo has entered the 800-hp class. D12-800 is the first launch in the new generation of D-12 engines that, in addition to increased output are also cleaner and stronger.

When Volvo Penta D12 was introduced five years ago, it quickly became the market leader among 12-liter diesel engines.

Now it’s time for the second generation of this successful engine program.

“The engine block is the same as before, but we have otherwise gone through every subsystem and made major or minor improvements. The most significant engineering news is a new turbo, new charge-air cooler and new electronic management system. We conducted a total review and matched all parts with each other, which enabled us to increase the power output and torque,” says Anders Hård, project leader at Volvo Penta.

Smoke is gone 63038 volvo best
The D12 is already well known for its good environmental features – but in the new generation, emission levels have been reduced to even lower levels. Virtually no smoke is created – thanks to a more effective charge-air cooler that maintains a constant induction air temperature and an improved electronic control system. The new D12-800 complies with the emission requirements introduced in the EU and USA as from 2006.

63038 volvo best
63038 volvo best

Smart turbo provides effective kick 63038 volvo
The D12 is perhaps best known for its massive torque, which provides acceleration that is difficult to match, even with a 60-foot fly bridge boat. With its intelligent new turbo, the engine’s torque feature is even better.

“The waste-gate, which is the valve that regulates the charge pressure generated by the turbo, is controlled by the engine’s electronic control systems. The turbo pressure is available throughout the entire range of revolutions, and can be engaged without any delay whatsoever to provide extra power with immediate response. The driver is able to accelerate or increase the power quickly in rough waters.”

Low speed option 63038 volvo
The EVC system, Volvo Penta’s electronic platform for engine control, is also available in a new generation. One of the most important new features is an added option for low-speed operations. It reduces the boat’s speed at idling by about half, which provides simplified maneuvering. The low-speed function is totally integrated in the EVC system and managed by the driver with the conventional control.

63038 volvo promotion
63038 volvo promotion

Growing market 63038 volvo
The increase in power from 715 to 775 hp will enable Volvo Penta to further strengthen its positions in this important segment. In most cases, the D12 is installed as a twin-engine installation in fly bridge boats and sport cruisers ranging from 50 to 70 feet. An important segment of a growing market in which Volvo Penta is already a market leader.

Volvo engine runs 1.5M miles without an overhaul

Volvo and its customer AAA Cooper Transportation (ACT) are celebrating the life of a Volvo D12 engine that ran 1.5 million miles over seven years without an overhaul.

The D12 powered a Volvo VN 630 that was placed into service in May 2003 and logged up to 250,000 miles per year.

Volvo engines are designed for long-running performance and AAA Cooper always takes great care of their vehicles,” said Greg Holderfield, director of product reliability for Volvo Trucks North America and ACT’s first account representative. “We design all our engine components with the goal of longer life – even so, it’s impressive that this particular truck has logged 1.5 million miles without any significant work on the engine.

Will Davis, fleet maintenance advisor for ACT said most of the carrier’s engines require at least one overhaul during their trade cycle, however this D12 needed only an injector to be replaced.

Engine 63038 volvo
Engine 63038 volvo

As the miles climbed, ACT owner Mack Dove decided to keep the engine running to see just how long it would last. He said it soon became a point of pride for the drivers.

The truck has been taken out of service and the engine delivered to Volvo so the manufacturer can review its longevity and continue improving the correlation between engineering tests and real-world experience, Volvo says. Engineers will take the engine apart to analyze every line, hose, fitting and wiring connection.

Our engineers are eager to see what the engine looks like on the inside and use that information to improve our product line moving forward,” Holderfield said. “Quality is at the heart of everything we do at Volvo Trucks. Our design, manufacturing and testing processes are extremely rigorous. We have other examples of high-mileage trucks, and view all of them as opportunities for continuous improvement.

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