6v motorcycle headlight

6v motorcycle headlight with Fan 20W 6000K moto light chips scooter

Feature 6v motorcycle headlight

Light Source: 12pieces CSP LED Chips 6v motorcycle headlight . Power: Hi/Lo 25W
Lumen: 15,000LM. Light Angle: 360 degrees Voltage: DC 6V, 12V
Housing Material: Aluminum Alloy. Socket Type: H4/BA20D

6v motorcycle headlight bright
6v motorcycle headlight bright

Color temperature: 6000K . Emitting Color: White. Life Span: 50000+ Hours. 1:1 Design, Easy installation, plug & play. Faster on/off response time and vibration resistant. Usage: BA20D H4 Led Motorcycle Headlight. Fan cooling


LED Headlight Bulbs Review

LED headlights are currently one of the most desired options on new cars. They have a lot of desirable features over comparable HID or halogen bulbs, and have a level of cool associated with them which has followed on from HIDs. They are the new ‘it’ thing for cars, and manufacturers are not passing up on the opportunity to charge hundreds of dollars for LED headlights as an optional extra.

Fortunately for us the aftermarket scene has taken up the mantle of providing affordable LED lights for all. They’ve also tried to make it as easy as possible for us to install them. As such we’re left to make a choice between one of the many LED headlight bulb kits on offer. Each one ostensibly offering us the same package, but each with its own up- and downsides. To that end we’ve rounded up five of the best products to help you get on your way.

Headlight bulbs come in a variety of sizes which can affect price and performance. To help compare products within this article, all information is provided with reference to the H11 (H8, H9) light bulb. It is used both as a low-beam headlight bulb as well as a fog light. Most manufacturers offer light bulbs in all standard headlight sizes.

6v motorcycle headlight new are a Californian based manufacturer of aftermarket lighting components. Starting off in the entertainment lighting business, in 2006 they started up a headlight division focusing on HID lighting. Ever since they’ve continued to innovate and design their own products to growing acclaim. Currently they market a number of LED and HID products, for headlights and other aspects of automotive lighting.

6v motorcycle headlight price cheap
6v motorcycle headlight price cheap

Opt7 have just released their FluxBeam X product. However, their flagship FluxBeam LED headlight kit is still extremely capable, and may see a price dip in the near future to make way for the X. The FluxBeam went on sale 18 months ago and is one of the most popular products on the market.

Opt7’s marketing pushes a lot of improvements over similar HID technology, for instance the fact that the bulbs are instant on, not requiring any warm-up time. Furthermore, the lifespan of 50,000 hours is ten times more than a comparable HID light. The biggest contributor to this is Opt7’s improved cooling system with Modular Heat Protection. This includes a cold-pressed aluminum heat sink that stays 30% cooler than generic heat sinks and a powerful cooling fan that spins at 7,000RPM cooling with twice as much force as a generic cooling system.

The FluxBeam LEDs are designed to be plug ‘n play, ensuring the easiest installation process. Coupled with their CAN bus ready electronics, you should have this kit up and running well within Opt7’s claimed twenty minute installation time.

Opt7’s product has been top of the standings for quite a while and rightfully so, with an average customer review rating of 4.3-stars from over 2,800 reviews it is no wonder. The fact that they’re based in the US and are able to offer top-notch customer service goes a long way to avoiding the 1- and 2-star ratings which can plague overseas manufacturers.

6v motorcycle headlight quality
6v motorcycle headlight quality

Customers are generally impressed with how bright the lights are and how easy they are to install (although this can vary depending on your vehicle’s setup). When driving at night visibility is improved, 6v motorcycle headlight especially with regards to signage and road markings.

The one concern that some customers appear to have relates to the so-called ‘throw distance’ of the bulbs. While they accept that the bulbs are bright, they feel that light is focused just in front of the car, and not far ahead of the car where it is more useful. This is hard to corroborate, and can have a number of causes, including car specific setups.

JDM Astar G2 LED Headlights

JDM Astar are another California based headlight manufacturer. Similar to Opt7 they started out developing aftermarket HID kits and have over the years expanded their market. They now offer a multitude of different LED and HID products for various applications, as well as having several products within each market.

Their G2 product range is an entry-level product on the JDM Astar lineup, featuring the Seoul Semiconductor CSP LED chips. Their cheapest product is the G1 which sports Bridge COB chips and are $10 cheaper.

One of the ways JDM Astar manage to keep their price down on this product is by dropping support for CAN bus enabled vehicles. Many new vehicles, especially of European origin operate their lights and some other peripherals making use of the CAN bus communication protocol. While other products such as the 6v motorcycle headlight LED headlights include the required electronics to recognize this system, this JDM Astar product does not (they do offer products that are compatible).

Compare beam 6v motorcycle headlight
Compare beam 6v motorcycle headlight

For many people this won’t be a problem, and they’ll be happy to save the thirty plus dollars they would have to spend to get a suitable set of LED headlights. It’s important to recognize this difference though.

Otherwise the G2 is a solid offering. It features a similar cooling setup to the Opt7, although the JDM Astar only guarantee 20,000 hours of operation (still well beyond any reasonable person’s expectations of a light bulb) with a 1-year warranty. The G2 manages a slightly higher 4.5-star customer review rating, however this is from only 55 reviews. The one or two complaints it did have complimented the product on its brightness, but complained of experiencing premature failure

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