Details 7 inch motorcycle headlight bucket

7 inch motorcycle headlight bucket housing mounting bracket

7 inch motorcycle headlight bucket

Beam:High/Low. Material: Diecast aluminum housing, 7 inch motorcycle headlight bucket
Size:7INCH. Housing color:Black/Chrome. Color temperature:6000K
Lumen:High beam lumen:3600lm,Low beam lumen:2200lm

7 inch motorcycle headlight bucket best
7 inch motorcycle headlight bucket best

Made of high quality steel with a satin black finish
Includes the light housing, rim, and retainer ring (Headlight Not Included). Material: Aluminum Alloy. Aftermarket Lamp Shell with Clamps,fit for all of our 7 INCH LED Headlight.

Fit any motorcycles with 28~42mm fork tubes. Fits most Motorbikes, such for Honda CB400/CB1300/CB250/CB600F/CB919 Hornet, Suzuki, Yamaha, or any other Motor which fit 7 inch Headlight;Fits For FXWG, FXDWG, and FXST models with 7″ LED Headlight 2004-2014 Sportster XL883 XL1200


Retrofitting SuperBrightLED’s 7-Inch LED Motorcycle Headlight

In a previous post, I mention the benefits of LED bulbs in motorcycling. Drawing significantly less power, lasting far longer and activating instantaneously, LED motorcycle headlights are becoming more common in the sport touring market. is answering that demand, making a variety of shapes and sizes available. They’ve even provided the most basic of assemblies in the form of a 7-inch round headlamp with dimensions that are typical to UJMs and others. Said assembly is an excellent prospect for our flock’s 1988 Honda Hawk GT.

The Hawk GT, my local rider, also functions as my wife’s long distance sport tourer. Unlike most ST bikes, “Big Bird” has a naked profile (no fairing) and a fork mounted light housing. With stock-respectful modifications in mind, none of the bike’s parts are hacked, ground or repurposed. Whenever we note a change we’d like to make, the stock part is carefully removed and stowed before being replaced by whatever modern installation we’re focused on. Within that logic, SuperBrightLED’s H6024 fits the bill.

Optionally intended for use as an automotive rack light, 7 inch motorcycle headlight bucket new every package includes easy-install mounting hardware. Motorcycles having their model-specific differences, any attempt to use this mount with a standard light bucket overcomplicates things. Finalizing a new mounting scheme for your motorcycle may take a few attempts, complete with the occasional mistake.

7 inch motorcycle headlight bucket new
7 inch motorcycle headlight bucket new

Fortunately, I’ve dodged and eliminated the more obvious pitfalls, arriving at what I believe to be the most simple and sensible installation process of the lot. Let’s begin! First, you’ll want to have the following items on hand

Before installing the LED headlight, consult your motorcycle owner’s manual for instructions on how to remove the stock assembly. You may find it worthwhile to remove the stock headlamp bucket entirely for cleaning. Electronics cleaner might prove useful should the wiring be dusty.

To prepare the LED headlight for installation, one minor alteration must be made to it’s wiring. First, install your t-tap connector onto the motorcycle’s low beam circuit. Then, remove (cut away) the smaller blue wire connector from the LED assembly itself, replacing it with your newly purchased quick disconnect.

This adaption allows the motorcycle headlight’s LED circuitry to detect wether or not your low beam is active. Because directional LEDs are less visible to oncoming traffic than the latter, LED strips above and below insure you’re more conspicuous.

7 inch motorcycle headlight bucket
7 inch motorcycle headlight bucket


Before we finalize things, cellular rubber weather stripping acts as an impressively functional dust seal that’s aesthetically pleasing to boot. I mention this having tried a number of other options including adhesive foam strips as well as vacuum hosing. Applying this to your headlight bucket’s outer ring before gently working it over the LED bulb is a simple process, albeit a little slow going.

Now it’s time to torque things with a mechanic’s feel to “aluminum tight”. Don’t over do it! Our LED headlight assembly has aluminum threads with limited depth, meaning that it’s not through-and-through. Rather, it has a flush limit which marks the end of how far our 70mm bolts can go.

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