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70mai car charger

Our jump starter is very smart and multifunctional 70mai car charger, built in a 5V/2.4A USB charging port and LED flashlight. USB output charging port can be used to charge mobile phone, tablet, camera and so on, it’s very necessary when your electronic equipment is dead. Whether
you need light to change a tire, inspect an engine, or need to warn oncoming traffic that you are broken down on the -roadside, theultra-bright flashlight have you covered, and it has three lighting modes: lighting, SOS, flash.

70mai car charger promotion
70mai car charger promotion

Built-in LED 70mai car charger Indicator Light, Waterproof and fireproof design:4 small led battery indicator lights show the remaining battery, smooth surface without leaving fingerprints, fire-proof and waterproof material design,

Temperature Protection and Smart Clamps:
Temperature protection design provide full protection to ensure the safety of usage from overheating. Eight protection smart clamp: Short-circuit protection, Over-voltage protection, Over-current protection, Over-charge protection, High-temperature protection, Reverse connect protection, Over discharge protection, Reverse filling protection.


70Mai Jump Starter Review

Xiaomi produces not only smartphones or other smart devices but also useful devices for your home. Today lets talk about a new device called the Xiaomi 70Mai Jump Starter.

As you can understand from the name – this is the starting device for the car. An inexpensive device from Xiaomi can start your engine at any convenient time, even if the car’s battery is completely discharged.

Inside the box, you will find the following elements, such as the starting device itself, crocodile Clip with a voltage converter, a black short Type-C wire for charging the device, and a brief instruction. The last one is a durable gray cover, into which you can neatly fold the entire kit.

The appearance of the car buster or starter is made of black high-quality plastic with a soft-touch coating, but the upper front part has a glossy insert and it looks really nothing. It is very nice to hold it in your hands and in size and weight is almost the same as a large bank.

A battery with a capacity of 11,100 mAh was installed inside the case. This is not a standard lithium-ion battery, but a lithium polymer battery is used here. It is 4-5 times more powerful than a regular lithium-ion battery.

70mai car charger quality
70mai car charger quality

In terms of functionality, the buster is not very rich, but lets pay a little attention to control.

On the upper side, the Xiaomi 70mai car charger Jump Starter received one mechanical power button, a USB port with 5V and 2.4A, through which you can additionally charge a smartphone or other devices. Also nearby is a Type-C port for charging the launcher itself and an LED flashlight.

On the front of the glossy panel there are four LED indicators. One division is a multiple of 25% of the charge level of a lithium polymer battery.

The company took care of the consumer very seriously, for example, the case elements associated with high currents are well recessed into the case and protected by a silicone plug.

The pole contacts are well disconnected and have only one single key for connecting the voltage converter.

In addition to the buster itself, the kit includes a clip. They are made of very high-quality plastic, have a rigid spring, the contacts are made of copper and a gear profile.

70mai car charger
70mai car charger

Also, a thick and high-quality cable will provide a high load when starting the engine. The wire is made of copper with a cross-section of 10 AWG or 5.5 mm.

The total length with a wire and a crocodile clip are about 28 centimeters. Of course, the wire is not long, but this is done on purpose since resistance and energy loss should be minimal.

There is also a car booster or starter control unit on the base. It is made of black plastic and has one mechanical device start button.

There are also two lights – red “reverse” and green “correct”, they serve to indicate the protection of the polarity of the connection. On the side, you can see the blue contacts that need to be connected to the battery case.

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