70mai Dash Cam Lite 1080P GPS Speed

70mai Dash Cam Lite 1080P GPS Speed Function

Introducing the 70mai Dash Cam Lite 1080P

Dashcam has become an indispensable accessory for car drivers because of the extremely practical benefits that it brings. The most outstanding is the international version 70mai Dash Cam Lite 1080P, which is interested by many customers. Today, let’s find out if the 70mai Dash Cam Lite 1080P automotive dashcam has the special features.

70mai Dash Cam Lite 1080P promises to have a large number of customers by the design, has been updated speed, this is also the first Xiaomi Journey Camera to have enough speed indicators. The stability and design of 70mai Dash cam products is always attractive to consumers.

70mai Dash Cam Lite 1080P
70mai Dash Cam Lite 1080P

Outstanding features of 70mai Dash Cam Lite 1080P

1.G-sensor technology

  • G-Sensor in 70mai Dash Cam Lite 1080P collision sensor is widely equipped in the type of journey cameras to detect the impact on the camera impact. With the dashcam, the G-Sensor plays a very important role, helping to protect the video when a collision occurs.
  • Specifically, in the process of moving our cars there may be bumps or collisions even accidents. When a collision occurs G-sensor will be activated and remember the time of the collision on video. Videos marked with will not be overwritten during use.
  • In addition, the G-sensor can automatically activate devices and record, which is really useful when you want to prevent parking theft when parked.
  • When there is sufficient external force on the vehicle, the camera will automatically activate and record. After a period of time the camera automatically shuts off when no force is applied.
70mai Dash Cam Lite 1080P Wifi
70mai Dash Cam Lite 1080P nice

2. 1080P HD dashboard camera for high-quality videos

  • This product possesses full HD 1080P image quality, along with a wide angle of rotation to 130 degrees. These are two extremely important factors when choosing Car Dashcam. The images and movies recorded and taken from 70mai Dash Cam Lite 1080P bring sharpness, vividness and equally true.
70mai Dash Cam Lite 1080P 130FOV Night Vision
70mai Dash Cam Lite 1080P 130FOV Night Vision

3. SONY Starvis sensor helps to improve image quality

  • With the addition of this sensor, you can easily balance the light of the device so that images and videos you want are extremely simple and easy even in dark or light conditions. not strong enough.

     Super compact design

  • With the advantage of a compact design that takes up only a very small space in your vehicle, it is both useful for recording journeys without affecting your driving vision and work. Top priority cruise camera

4. 24h watch and protect vehicles

  • Even if your vehicle is parked. If there is any movement around it is recorded by the Dashcam 70MAI LITE. From there, you can monitor and protect your beloved vehicle 24 hours a day.

      WiFi connection

  • The wifi connection feature of 70mai Dash Cam Lite 1080P enables users to download cruise videos to their phones. This product, supports both Android and IOS phone phones.

      Device language

  • In the 70mai Dash Cam Lite 1080P Dashcam, there are 5 supported languages: English, Russian, Japanese, Korean and Spanish.

5.Supports GPS

  • The international version has GPS support.
    Car navigation camera GPS navigation to avoid traffic jams
70mai Dash Cam Lite 1080P GPS Speed
70mai Dash Cam Lite 1080P GPS Speed


To bring such outstanding features, the 70mai Dash Cam Lite 1080P has certain specifications to ensure to create those advantages. Specifically, those advantages are as follows:

Dimensions: 82 x 58.2 x 40.5 mm
Model: Midrive D08Connectivity: Wifi, Usb 2.0, supports memory cards up to 64Gb
Input: 5V 1.5A
Battery capacity: 500mAh
Sensor: Sony IMX307
Rotation angle: 130 degrees
Aperture: F2.0
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Support system: IOS 9.0, Android 4.4 and above
Working temperature: -10 degrees C to 60 degrees C

What is the prestigious address for installing the genuine 70MAI LITE automotive dashcam?

  • The sophisticated development of device imitation is no stranger. And the 70MAI LITE Car Dashcam device is no exception. Many suppliers are willing to sell shoddy goods for illicit profits. So finding an address to install the reputable Dashcam product is a difficulty for many customers.
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