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Feature A6 c6 headlights

Each Feature A6 c6 headlights bulb has 6 piece high power CSP 3030 LED chips.
Lumens output for each bulb is 10000 Per bulb (in white)
Our LED bulbs are engineered for superior performance, exceptional looks, and increased safety.
Longer lifespan: last up to 100,000 hours

a6 c6 headlights best
a6 c6 headlights best

Used for Daytime Running Light, Fog Light.
Color Temperature: 6000K-6500K xenon white
Easy installation; Plug n Play technology; for some European vehicles, it may require to avoid the load resistor or decoder to avoid the error code on the dashboard or malfunction.


AUDI A6 C6 Review

Awarded World Car of the Year in 2005, the Audi A6 c6 headlights introduced a wealth of new technology, including the revolutionary Multi Media Interface (MMI) and Fuel Stratified Injection. It remained in production between 2005 and 2011. The lighting technology used in this car is however more than 20 years old today.

Factory-fitted options included H7/H7 halogen and D2S/H7 (D3S on the facelift) Bi-xenon headlights, both manufactured by Hella.

The halogen version features a H7 reflector, which produces an average light beam even when new. In many cases, its light output has been further compromised as bulb heat and general ageing cause the reflective layer to peel off.

The bi-xenon A6 c6 headlights setup features a 3.0-inch projector, designed in the late 90s. These projectors are known to lose their reflective layer right to the point where they become black inside, causing dangerously low light output.

Needless to say, buying new or used original headlights for your Audi A6 C6 is not recommended. But there is fortunately no need for that. Whether your car was factory-fitted with H7/H7 halogen and D2S/H7 (D3S on the facelift) Bi-xenon headlights, there are upgrade kits that will fit inside your existing headlights.

a6 c6 headlights deal
a6 c6 headlights deal

These complete A6 c6 headlights retrofit kits not only provide you with superior brightness and durability; they are also more affordable than average Audi A6 C6 xenon headlights with bulbs and ballasts, and since all components are brand new, they come with a 2-year warranty.

Additional benefits over OEM headlights include Canbus-proof designs and effortless halogen-to-xenon conversions. What’s more, the levelling systems will work without any adjustments to the headlight connectors, and you can use any ballasts that you might already own to save further on xenon upgrades.

No matter which retrofit upgrade kit you pick, you will improve the light output considerably, making for safer and more enjoyable driving. And, of course, your Audi A6 C6 will look awesome with the luxurious bright light of the latest xenon technology.

This Audi A6 C6 kit contains everything you need to swap your old, blacked-out projectors for powerful new bi-xenon projectors. Using the exact same mounting points, it makes retrofitting quick and easy. And, most importantly, it will take your A6 to the next level – just check out the test pictures! This is way beyond what the majority of OEM projectors can achieve.

a6 c6 headlights quality
a6 c6 headlights quality

The EvoX-R 2.0 A6 c6 headlights is without a doubt the brightest bi-xenon projector our light meter has ever gauged, enabling you to use D1S, D2S, D3S and D4S OEM bulbs, including the most powerful options from Osram and Philips. You will literally outshine the competition. With available colour temperatures ranging from 3,000K to 6,000K, the crystal-clear 3.0-inch lens throws a wide low beam with a solid hotspot and sharp cutoff. As for the high beam? It’s like the sun.

Such a light output would not be possible without efficient ballasts. If you’re happy with the ballasts that you’ve already got, simply leave them in place. Alternatively, add a set of our Aharon digital 35W ballasts to your order.

The Aharon ballast has – as opposed to many other aftermarket units – been tested to generate a full 35W. It comes in a rugged and extremely compact housing perfect for retrofitting, and its in-wire starter warms xenon bulbs in as little as five seconds.

The Aharon ballast is also Canbus-proof, so you won’t get any bulb failure readings on your display, and the original beam level system will not require any adjustments. It’s the perfect ballast to complement the included Audi A6 C6 wire harness, which connects directly to the original wiring. Power supply is strong, steady and reliable.

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