A90 supra body kit

A90 Supra body kit fiberglass spoiler wing diffuser front lip quality

A90 Supra body kit


The original wise-body full aero kit has appeared with HKS traditional time attack machine method. The continued involvement of HKS in motorsports has provided the constant data and knowledge which are utilized in the development of new products. The A90 Supra body kit is created the first of the original aero kit by HKS. The aerodynamics feedback is from the experience gained through past HKS time attack machines, such as “CT230R”, “TRB-03” and “TRB-04.

Kit Includes:

  • Front Lip
  • Rear Fender R/L
  • Front Fender R/L
  • Rear Duck-tail
  • Side Sill R/L
  • Rear Canard R/L
Body kit A90 supra best
Body kit A90 supra best

Features A90 Supra body kit

This kit made from glass-fiber reinforced plastic.(Black gel coat finish on the surface)

The bodyline inherit the successive race cars.

Fenders and rear canards that take into account the effect of rectification to the rear of the vehicle will stabilize running .

Rear down force can be secured by installing GT wing.

This product is designed to obtain an optimal downforce by performing CFD analysis to take into account aerodynamics.
HKS has been pursuing durability and downforce in the ultra-high-speed range by conducting tests on high-speed circuits.


A90 Toyota GR Supra Review

Years after being previewed by a concept car and following a relentless teaser campaign, we finally saw the final production rebirth of a legend. It revived a name we hadn’t seen on a new car for the best part of two decades, and expectations were high. And for many, those lofty expectations weren’t quite met.

I’m not talking about the A90 Supra body kit. Nope, I’m referring to the hybrid Honda NSX, a car with which Toyota’s new sports car can draw many parallels. It’s another Japanese performance machine resurrecting a badge that has an almost terrifying level of adoration attached to it, and which has arrived after a similarly lengthy gestation period. On paper, nothing about it stands out as extraordinary, so is this going to be another NSX moment?

Toyota A90 supra body kit driver
Toyota A90 supra body kit driver
  • After finally driving it, we’d have to say no, but not because it does anything that tears up the rule book.
  • What we should note from the off is that it does, despite sharing a platform and engine, drive quite differently to the BMW Z4. Which is a good thing. While the BMW feels ponderous and less-than willing to change direction quickly, the much more rigid Supra hides its weight brilliantly. It tips the scales at a relatively porky 1570kg, but you’d swear it’s a couple of hundred kilos less.
  • In fact, it turns in rather beautifully, a surprisingly active rear end – so long as you’ve switched to ESP Sport – making the car feel all pointy. It’s actually quite feisty, the meaty mid-range of that B58 inline-six often overpowering the 275mm-wide Michelin Pilot Supersports out back.
  • Damping is, on the whole, very good, letting the Supra shrug off ill-placed yumps on corner entry, and you don’t feel like you’re about to be spat off into a barrier. In Sport mode the low-speed ride isn’t the smoothest, but that’s about our only complaint.
Overview Toyota A90 supra best
Overview Toyota A90 supra best

The steering is very 2019, by which we mean it’s all fast and darty off-centre, but a little light and not exactly feelsome. We can live with it. The 335bhp engine, though? Perhaps not.

The whole inspiration behind the A90 Supra body kit project was BMW’s inline-six. The car’s chief engineer Tetsuya Tada took the idea of a joint relationship with Munich as a ‘sign’ that the new Supra should happen, BMW being the only mainstream company making high-performance straight-sixes.

The trouble is, the B58 is weirdly lacking in character. It has neither the boosty attitude of its 1M-powering N54 ancestor, nor the outright aggression of the S55 found in the M stuff. You never really want to rev it out, as at anything over 5000rpm it feels strained and almost breathless. Most of the time you’ll end up keeping it in the mid-range.

A90 Supra body kit – It’s a turbocharged inline-six, nicely matching the engine configuration of the fabled, nay, worshipped MkIV Supra, but it’s far from a remarkable engine. It’s a shame Toyota didn’t at least engineer some pops and bangs on the upshifts to add some drama.

On the subject of the gearbox, it’s a similar story to the engine. The quiet and efficient eight-speed ZF torque converter is perfectly adequate for the job, but nothing memorable. It’s a little reluctant on down-shifts too. A manual was never on the cards, but a snappier DCT – for both the Z4 and the Supra – would have been more befitting.

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