accesorios bmw r 1250 gs

Accesorios bmw r 1250 gs motorcycle front engine protector

Accesorios bmw r 1250 gs

The engine Accesorios bmw r 1250 gs protector prevents the aggregate of the motorcycle from severe damage caused by whirled stones or touching the ground. For those who are absolutely sure that they will never drive off-road, we offer an easy-to-handle engine housing protector made from stable aluminium, as alternative to the big engine protector. The protector is mounted with two screws to the sensitive front of the engine and prevents it from any damage.

accesorios bmw r 1250 gs new
accesorios bmw r 1250 gs new

Type: Engine Housing Protection. Color: Black
Material: High quality Nylon
Installation: Easy to install, No installation instruction



Forget the clever engine tech for a moment, because from the comfort of its skyscraper-tall cockpit, all you need to know is that the ride-by-wire controlled ‘Shift Cam’ simply gives you a GS with more low-down grunt than ever, with the softest throttle pick-up this side of a factory race bike. As a result, the BMW R1250GS has so much grunt that sixth gear is all you need around town, on the open road or even powering out of slow, uphill hairpins.

Yoga teachers Accesorios bmw r 1250 gs struggle to be as flexible as this engine and it’s impossible to feel the Shift Cam doing its thing. There’s no step, jolt or hesitation, just a flood of perfectly delivered power and a nice, throaty exhaust note.

bmw r 1250 gs review
bmw r 1250 gs review

But pile on the revs and the BMW becomes less pipe-and-slippers and more crowbar-and-Dr. Martens – fast by any standards with enough poke to clutch-up easy third gear wheelies with the electronics turned off. It may still not have the power of its big orange rivals, but the BMW has more than you’ll ever need on the road.

For 2021 the engine Accesorios bmw r 1250 gs is tweaked to satisfy Euro5 and gets a new knock sensor to look out for misfires and let the engine run on lower quality fuel when needed. It also has an additional ‘Eco’ riding mode, aimed at improving fuel economy, which tester Jon Urry tried when he rode the 40th anniversary model around the MCN250 in December 2020.

He said: “It gives a softer throttle response and slight limitation on the engine’s torque. On straight roads at constant speed the muted power delivery isn’t too much of a nuisance, but I did find the green bar, which indicates how eco you are being and is displayed on the TFT dash, distracting as it flutters back and forth.

“I don’t really see the point in it, if you want to be more economical just ride slower, you don’t need an indicator to know that! I guess it is a neat function that might save a few quid in fuel, but I can’t see owners selecting it on anything other than motorway-style roads as it saps a bit of the boxer’s spirit on fun B or A-roads.”

Engine bmw r 1250 gs
Engine bmw r 1250 gs

Shift Cam: How it works

To give the 1254cc Boxer twin its seemingly magic powers, each of the boxer twin’s inlet cams have low and high-lift cam lobes sat next to each other.

The Accesorios bmw r 1250 gs camshafts continuously slide from side to side across the top of the engine (in five milliseconds), via an electronically controlled shift gate, depending on revs and throttle opening. Below 5000rpm (around 80mph in top) the engine is in a mild state of tune, with lots of lowdown grunt, but when the rider asks for a lot more power its high-lift cams come into play for maximum acceleration. Above 5000rpm the motor stays in full fat mode.

Capacity is increased from the R1200GS’s 1170cc thanks to a bigger bore and longer stroke (from 101mm x 73mm, to 102mm x 78mm) and the inlet valves are staggered as they open, to create swirl in the combustion chamber for a better burn. Power is up from the 1200’s 123bhp to 136bhp and there’s 14ftlb more torque, delivered 250pm lower in the revs.

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